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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 174 March 4, 2009


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Looking back…

Watanuki was seeing Yuuko fading away before his very eyes! What could this possibly mean?  Is this even real or was just a dream?

This Chapter…

Yuuko did vanish before Watanuki could do anything.  He opened his eyes still reaching out for her… but the only remnant of her is a single butterfly that was caught in his hands but it soon too it vanished into thin air making him wonder if he’s still inside a dream.

Unable to grasp the meaning of it all and the fact that he can’t find Yuuko and the others in the shop at all made Watanuki grew really worried and has the gut feel that they’re meeting again no more.

However, if that’d be the case, he is determined to do his best and grant whatever it is that Yuuko wishes.  He’s not giving up either on the mysterious lady’s case!

Babbles… Babbles…

Alright, I know this is so much late a rambling… but it’s better late than never!  I got a little caught up with real life and work so…

Anyways, the HOLiC chapters are getting more and more serious as it reveals inch by inch the mysteries enshrouding it.  I am a bit impressed now with CLAMP for it seems that they finally had resumed the their famous “crossover” concept as depicted in Tsubasa.  We have to read both titles now to fully understand the whole thing.

I really felt bad for Watanuki and I fear for the future of the shop and Yuuko.  I have a foreboding that all those were an illusion but I’ve never thought of a possibility that Yuuko could be something like that too.  It’s too early to tell really, so we have to wait and see.

That reminds me, what is that very wish of her? And the lady client? Can Watanuki do something for her or she might bring something else that’s much of a relevance in the story? A big development maybe?

Gosh! All these are gonna be ending soon! Not yet…  T^T


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 173 February 18, 2009

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Watanuki’s Lady client walked out of the cooking session having been hit bull’s eye by his very words!

This Chapter…

*I’d like to reserve my opinions soon as I can get a grab of the translations!*

Gosh! This chapter is… absolutely stunning, revealing and oh sheesh!  I’m going crazy!

I have this suspicion before that the lady Watanuki was meeting has this connection with Yuuko!  And this chapter… sort of confirmed it?

And nooooo~!  Yuuko’s fading away! *sniff* I don’t want all this to end!

Not now, not ever!

Random Babblings…

I’m so excited to know what exactly was Yuuko and Watanuki were talking about in the last part. Did she revealed herself to Watanuki yet?

Damn why does it have to be Chinese!

It’s scanlated! That’s good! ^_____^


Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish?? January 26, 2009

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Yuuko's Wish

While we have a lot of speculations upon Yuuko’s true identity, it made me think a lot of another mystery entailing her existence…

The time and space witch as she had been frequently referred to has the ability to grant other people’s wishes at a price equally corresponding to the weight of the wish itself.  Nothing’s lesser, nothing’s excessive, there always should be balance.

From her own words, the meeting with Watanuki was a ‘hitsuzen,’ a thing that was bound to happen but why?

The old diviner from before dropped some hint of Yuuko’s big change since Watanuki entered her life…because?

What really is Yuuko?  Is she somebody whom we are not expecting her to be? Have we all mistaken about her?  And what is Watanuki’s role in her life?

Wish granted those who are willing got pay the price but Yuuko’s wish, who would have the power to grant it?

Obviously,  with a power like hers, there’d always be limitations and going beyond it is committing a taboo which would reap unwanted results.

If Fei Wang Reed’s desire is to bring somebody back to life, then what is Yuuko’s and it seems Watanuki is a vessel towards realizing it?

If that’s the case, the distortion that was caused by Syaoran’s wish was extremely beneficial for her as well?

Anybody who has the slightest idea?


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 172 January 22, 2009

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Looking back…

Cooking lessons were at Yuuko’s shop and the menu was never complicated and can be done even with the eyes closed…riceballs!

This Episode…

The lady client freaks out more as Watanuki continued to talk her into opening up and making her realize her own ‘disgusting” issue.  She is despises to taste what she has cooked because she fears to know herself better, that according to Watanuki.

The next thing is, Watanuki told her more about himself and how his ordeal is so similar with hers.  He deemed that it’s more scary not to know further one’s self much less being ignorant about it.

Watanuki now finally realizes how the people around him appreciates him and found him important and it was shown by the way they react to his cooking.  Those very reasons are the things that might want him to strive on living.

After his award-winning monologue, he invited the lady to make the rice balls together that they may know each other well but she ran off.

In the end, instead of learning a lesson from him, he was taught instead. He grew in him the will to journey towards his true self, the find out the purpose he serves and the importance of his cooking and the people closest to him.


I was amazed how matured Watanuki was in this chapter!  He sounded like Yuuko qouting her “hitsuzen” thing!

Still, there was no closure to the cooking arc and the chapter’s so short that instead of getting enlightened a bit, it made me more confused.

So much like what Quinn has observed!

I know this series’ gonna be ending soon but still…! :(


Who really is Yuuko? January 12, 2009

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Yuuko's Mystery Identity

It’s just like asking who Fairchild is! :P

Anyways, since the HOLiC’s conclusion is dawning near, I think this is the right time to ponder on this mystery.

Sure, HOLiC as a whole is mysterious but about who Yuuko is, is another issue shrouded in an enigma.  Could we get to uncover things as her real name, nature and origin at the end of the series?

I for one am dying in anticipation!

Whether are we going to be happy about it or get ourselves overly disappointed is CLAMP’s problem. But how about laying our wild guesses in the open right now?

Actually, this post was inspired by a Chinese thread by  湛忆 which opened the topic on guessing Yuuko’s identity.

Among the many possibilities she presented,  I’d like to agree on some and they are as follows:

  • Clow Reed’s distant relative

She and Clow knew each other and is possibly blood-related.  So, she and Syaoran were kins?

  • Clow Reed’s lover or partner

She and Clow made the mokonas together as well as Maru and Moro.  Yet Yuuko openly declares her disgust for the other in contrast to the statement that they haven’t met yet.  So how would she know what kind of person is he if she hadn’t been closely linked with him? Hmm…possibly, who knows?!

  • A mirage, an illusion or soul of a deceased (scary, but could also be)

The usual, a soul with an unfinished business that not until she gets to grant the wish from somebody she’d had contract with, she couldn’t be at peace or could continue to where she definitely is headed.

There were other choices as well.  Check those out using the pic on the right as a portal, then be the judge and tell me what you think!


CLAMP: Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen January 6, 2009


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Holy Moe! :3

I wasn’t expecting to see this over MangaHelpers earlier.  I thought this one shot comic will officially be published on the 7th over Shounen Magazine Dragon and that’s tomorrow!

Because I’m not really so sure about it, I did some research first and confirmed this really is it!

Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen… Well, literally if my Jap doesn’t defy me then it would mean, Private Holitsuba (Holic & Tsubasa) Academy!

I’ve listened to the Drama CDs from before and I really enjoyed it and I hope somebody will have to translate this sooner!

Y’know I really suck at it and it would probably take weeks though it’s only five pages! Haha!

I just can’t convince myself yet that these two great series would be ending so soon!  I’m going to miss them all!

I particularly like Fai in here.  He looks great in that Yuuko’s clothing?  With the butterflies and all, it should be hers!

Kuro-pon and Yuuko sure were funny too and so are the rest of the gang!

Hmm…with this, can we expect a good ending in both novels?

Dareka onegaishimasu!! ^~^


Good heavens! See the scanlations here [ Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen ]

Thanks to Quinn for the link! ^^


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 171 December 17, 2008

This way to FH Scanlations!

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Looking back…

The inevitable meeting between Haruka and Yuuko took place.  This might be a sign for the near end to come so soon?

This Chapter…

Colored pages!

The lady client came to Yuuko’s shop for another cooking session with Watanuki.

Yuuko must have consented the lessons to be done there so she could have a taste of Watanuki’s cooking too, if he’ll teach the woman his recipe from before.

At the kitchen, the lady was surprised of the menu Watanuki wanted to teach her.  Rice balls?! She insisted that she could make it without any further instructions but he said he wanted her to eat them.

Doumeki and Mokona helped themselves with the food that was served by Watanuki and a good wine to go with it.  He was the first to come to the shop at an invitation and while the lesson is ongoing, Himawari and Kohane came too!  Uninvited? Geh.

Himawari has business with Watanuki and Kohane’s visiting Yuuko’s shop anyways.   Both wore a different hairdo and Kohane especially, she looked rather cute but matured.

At the kitchen, the client was hesitating until Watanuki told her his situation about how he couldn’t remember a thing about the taste but he just knew it was the right thing since his body seemed to remember how to do the cooking.

He said that it isn’t just enough that one can cook.  It should be good that others could have a taste of  one’s cooking in a way to further know the person even better and that certain person too has to eat what he made in order to get to know himself better too.

Random Babblings…

Later too, gomen ^^ enjoy the scans! Scanlations are out!  Looks like I’ve got some err in the spoilers somewhere. ^^;

Anyways, that’s how Watanuki learned, the lesson that is.  I can’t believe how he’d grown so matured and could make decisions on his own.

I have observed that he isn’t that pissed at Yuuko’s jest as he usually did at her whining… sure our Watanuki-kun’d grown!

Will his words now convince the lady client?  It seems that the tasting part is quite hopeless for Watanuki himself since he’s got no memories but I hope he will come to remember them once again even just that part.

Thanks to Quinn-chan for the link! XD