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Fairy Tail: Chapter 100 August 28, 2008

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My, my! I’m so surprised with the outcome following the 99th chapter where we all thought Erza would actually die!!

I was thinking she’d be a sacrifice but I was amazed…how did Natsu saved her?

My predictions for this chapter were all trashed, but I am happy that her character wasn’t killed in the story unlike many predictions I’ve read.

What’s certain among my expectations is that Erza would turn out alive and unscathed!  And furthermore, I always thought Natsu to be her ‘Knight in Shinning Armor’ or should I say ‘Dragon Knight in Shinning Scales Armor’? *heheh* which was held true considering how many times did he save her.

Hmm…I am a bit dismayed for I expected more from this chapter looking on the teaser way back.

Sorry, ‘got a little carried away! XD

You see, there are a lot of colored pages and they’re really nice but I expected the chapter to be a lot longer.  Maybe a chapter of more than 30 pages still left me wanting for more…!  It’s just me I guess.

At least we were fed with a flashback on Erza’s past and my wondering how did she get her eyes healed when it was with some sort of an eyepiece before, thankfully was answered and we also did find out how was it restored.

One thing I’m so eager to know about is that, what did Natsu do in order to get them both out in that deadly mess?!  Nah…each chapter leaves me hanging each time but overall it’s a very nice one, good transition and worth following! :)

Finally, I really wanna know how Natsu feels now for Erza.  Was it just because she’s a comrade or ‘nakama’ for that matter?  Or had he developed a more intimate affection for her to the point that he’s up to saving her over and over again.

I really hope to see more developments on this aspect though! *Sigh*

To tomorrow!  Cheers!


Vampire Knight Season 2 Official Trailer

Vampire Knight ~ Guilty ~

TV Tokyo.

6th October 2008.


Our world will be drenched once again in blood as Matsuri Hino’s creation, Vampire Knight the 2nd Season Animation premieres!

VK fans have been patiently waiting for this and now we could see dear Kaname, Zero and Yuuki in full colored motion!

Weeeee! XDD

Though we’ve been closely following the series with its manga releases and even watched the first season anime installation a while back and despite the fact that we have quite the idea of what Vampire Knight chapters will be covered this season, I still am excited!

I bet there are many must see scenes here too or maybe there are a lot of twists that are about to happen here a little opposite in the manga.

‘Seen Ichiru in ponytail too!  and Kaname…he’s all over it!  Kyaaaa!

A while ago I visited the VK’s official website and saw the second season trailer!  I suppose it has been there for several days but I saw it just now! I hope I’m not too late! :[[

But anyways, I tried to look for the same so here goes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vampire Knight Guilty.

Can’t wait! XD *anticipating*


Bride of the Water God August 27, 2008

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Amazing!  I’ve never read any manhwa before save “The Tarot Cafe” by Sang-Sun Park but I may just add one more title to my list!

The Bride of the Water God (하백의 신부 “Habaek’s Bride”) — a manhwa by artist Mi-Kyung Yun inched its way to be my most favorite manhwa ever!

Actually, I haven’t wrote a thing here for many days since I busied my self reading and re-reading the same.  I really can’t get enough of it! XDD

I like this manhwa for so many reasons and I’ve been dying for this series to conclude but until now, Dark Horse, the English publisher of which has only released the first two volumes! :((

I’ve only read scanlations made available on the net by generous scanlation groups up to the 39th chapter; more or less on the 6th volume already.

I’d like to enumerate according to my observation the plus factors of this manhwa.

Let me see…

  • Creator Mi-Kyung Yun is a very talented illustrator and an excellent story teller for a first timer?
  • Excellent, detailed and very elaborate graphics and not so usual plot — so it’s refreshing!
  • The characters are well-defined and each has their story to tell
  • The excitement, the anticipation and the wanting for this series to finish are building up on me!

About the negatives,

  • It’s taking so long to finish, I can’t wait!
  • Scans are really scarce since Dark Horse had it licensed *unless you’re resourceful*
  • I want to complete my collection but only two volumes are available so far :X

Okay, I can’t do anything about this but recommend it!  Everyone should try reading The Bride of the Water God and see how it’ll change your outlook towards Korean manhwa.

Here’s an Overview

The Story

When Soah’s impoverished, desperate village decides to sacrifice her to the Water God Habaek to end a long drought, they believe that drowning one beautiful girl will save their entire community and bring much-needed rain. Not only is Soah surprised to be rescued by the Water God-instead of killed-she never imagined she’d be a welcomed guest in Habaek’s magical kingdom, where an exciting new life awaits her! Most surprising, however, is the Water God himself . . . and how very different he is from the monster Soah imagined.

The Author

Mi-Kyung Yun received the “Best New Artist” award in 2004 from the esteemed Dokja-manhwa-daesang organization.

Source:  Dark Horse

Where to Read

Finally found somewhere with updates:

@ Manga Gamestotal

Where to Download

Scanlations courtesy of Entrophy, RC Scans and Chiresakura can be found here:

@ Manga Temple @ Manga Traders @ VNManga

Get hooked now! XD


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 163 August 22, 2008

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Still caught up in the conversation with Haruka, however we’ve discovered something really awesome considering Doumeki’s attitude! :)  He only would eat one thing unless he really wanted it and he likes Watanuki’s cooking!

About this, there are some thoughts floating about my head pppft! XD  Should I say it?

Clue…Something fishy…okay I’ll spill!

Maybe CLAMP is insinuating some kind of special realtionship with the two, Doumeki and Watanuki — not in some friendly sort of way but kinda man to man attraction or what!  Forgive me, my mind’s dirty hehe! :P  But honestly it looks like it.

I really am enjoying each time they bicker with each other :))  And the things they’ve been through in the past are not simple things to just throw away considering the bond they have made out of those occurrences.

And Yuuko’s outfit, wow!  She’s the best dressed manga/anime character I have ever seen.  Such lavish, intricately decorated and all unique designed outfit of hers really rocks!  She is really fit to be called the Witch of Dimensions.

CLAMP could have been excellent dress designers, agreed?!

Now, Watanuki’s finally headed for a cooking lesson!

But what is this?  Maybe Watanuki was lead into another dimension?  Remember, he could not find the exact address until Mokona took scene.

I suspect like I said last time that this isn’t gonna be a simple cooking venture.  None of Yuuko’s customers are normal right? Hehe!  And why is Mokona there, when all it takes when cooking is Watanuki’s expertise, if it’s not something odd’s gonna happen at all!

And that strange girl…her hair, her aura, scarrrry!  One look at her, I think her hair looks like Medusa, hair of snakes!  Eww!  Or maybe not?


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 197

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Wow, thanks CLAMP for at last a new refreshing chapter! But a long break after? Whatever.

Two lives. Two futures. Syaoran has the key to them all with each decision he comes up with — his choices. Poor him, what sin had he committed to deserve such pains in life?

In this chapter, he decided to ask Yuuko a pass back to Clow country that he may save Sakura. The price, his happiness and the possibility of not returning to his own world and he may never see his parents ever again! Huhu! It pains me to think of it but, though Syaoran felt it too, I am impressed with his strength to give up everything just for the purpose…a promise to protect.

Now, what did Yuuko mean with “A choice where either option brings a painful future”? Could it be that if Syaoran chooses to save Sakura, he will still have pains in his heart from the parting with his parents forever. And if he choose to let things be and let Sakura die and go back to his own world he’d still bleed… for it might be that he already loved Sakura? Hah! Choices.

And where does Watanuki fall in? Still groping here! :((

Okay no Tsubasa for the next two weeks…I hope more exciting episodes to come and can we see Fye already? :P


Fairy Tail: Chapter 99 August 21, 2008

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As I thought it would be, now here’s Fairy Tail Chapter 99’s scanlation!

That was fast! XD

O_o I have this premonition it would turn out this way, judging form the title “Titania Falls” way back Fairy Tail 98’s next chapter spoilers! Erza did sacrifice herself afterall! I didn’t believed she’ll be in any danger than that, not with Natsu with her.

So far that’s what’s important in this chapter, Erza saving everyone else by fusing herself with the aetherion since it’s going wild and is threathening to cause much damage to the sorroundings as expected. ^^;; It’s more scarier than Gerard is!

I presume on the 100th chapter, we will be greeted by Erza’s revival; maybe she would have been fused with the aetherion but made it alive and unscathed quite similar with Natsu’s resistance to it. Instead of being doomed, it would make her the strongest among all guilds like a living weapon or what?! *stronger than their master?* Or maybe she’ll have the aetherion purified??? with her untapped powers! Well, Titania means somebody with immense power and of great importance, so it may be just that way.

Natsu’s such a cute cry baby ehehe!


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 63 August 12, 2008

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Ootoro! Ah errr, kyaa!

Once again, we were dragged into Tamaki’s ever sad past and the unhappiness binding him up to the present.

Huhu, his life was like a sad roleplay afterall and I pity his father the same :_(( *he doesn’t like this kind of life for his son, right?*. Geeze, that grumpy, evil grandmother of his! But, let’s hope for the best. It isn’t gonna be like this forever right?

As always, the Host Club rejoices on simpler things, a shallow measure of happiness like exchanging obento with Haruhi?! And Kyouya, the ‘shadow king’ always finds a way to spice things up!

Hikaru on the other side, to mask his melancholy as a result of having been rejected by Haruhi, keeps on provoking Tamaki to help him realize his true feelings toward the girl in question. How manly, yeah, ‘real man’ is his middle name alright and a good sport at that! Cheers, Hikaru!

Upon his lead, they all went to join the competition and each determined to win for Haruhi — the ‘who-can-make-Haruhi-happiest-at-the-shops-at-Asasuka-Temple-game’!

I guess, it was a way to show how they support her and a push to Tamaki as well.
A wonder why everyone knows how he feels for Haruhi yet he’s too ignorant of his own feelings. Wake up Tamaki! Ugh!

Hmm…what’s this? I thought for one moment Tamaki’s gonna confess to Haruhi! So, he’s been having some fleeting thoughts on how he feels about her but it’s always been spoiled by the ‘family’ thing as he considered the club one. Can’t blame him for he wants to fill the lack he has in his life though. And at times like this, Tamaki is shown to also have some serious and mature side too *but doesn’t last long, tehee!*. He’s an idiotic type like Haruhi thinks he is! :))

I assume Haruhi must have been waiting for Tamaki to make his move too and is quite dissapointed when he said otherwise. It might be a cue she ahd been waiting for her to decide on her feelings the same…just as he had bought her a commoner’s ootoro ring identical to his own! Sheesh, he missed again!

Wait, who’s had Haruhi abducted? Was it still a part of the club’s plan? It’s too incomprehensible to kidnap Haruhi who doesn’t have any riches! *tangible-wise, I mean*.

Maybe the plot is to kidnap her before Tamaki’s very eyes so that his heroic instincts and the feelings he long suppressed for Haruhi would finally surface. And if he would come to Haruhi’s rescue, she’ll realize she had the same thing going on for Tamaki. *just a few thoughts*

Or is there another ground?

Waah! How good it would be if Tamaki’s gonna snap out of his family thing idiocracy!

Moving on… *waits for the next chapter*