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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 203 October 30, 2008

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Looking back…

Syaoran was taken into Fei Wong Reed’s custody as payment for the wish he’d made while Watanuki opens his eyes for the first time and that scene became the first thing he ever saw.

This Chapter…

At the ruins, Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona were there… figuring out how their fates had been woven for the fulfillment of FWR’s one selfish wish.

Fai, rather Yui still carries the guilt of what had happened between him and his twin Fai.  Kurogane’s mom was killed under his watch and so is his father in battle with the monsters leaving him all alone and outraged!  Syaoran knew of this and it was all that evil FWR’s doing as a part of his master plan.

Partly, Syaoran felt responsible for all these.  Hadn’t he committed a taboo in order to save an important person, he thought that it might have been the other way around, that Fai might not have been born with a twin and Kurogane’s parents might not have died at all.

Ouch! and Kurogane punched him! Why Daddy?! But Mother Fai is so understanding consoling little Syaoran like that. After Syaoran’s revelations, now they have more reason to chase after FWR!

Random Babblings…

Fai’s story is the most tragic of all three, I cried really well remembering those earlier chapters I’ve read.  Despite those happy smiles there’s a vast amount of pain and guilt he carries with him and I was so glad there had been a closure to his story at the cost of Kurogane’s arm.  While we have known how did our tough guy Kurogane became like that is because he was forced into the situation like everyone else.

I wasn’t convinced of the reason before why the others agreed into accompanying Syaoran into FWR’s lair aside from rescuing Sakura and now that they have put the pieces together, no matter how painful it is, they now have the solid cause to get back at that three-eyed monster!

Mokona Modoki’s always so sweet and sensitive!


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 168

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Looking back…

Yuuko was scouring on the mountain of treasures in her storage, all stocked for that most anticipated day to come.

We learned of Watanuki’s parents’ death and the reality of the existence, he and Syaoran shares!

This Chapter…

Yuuko continues her monologue now on the connections of the mishaps occurring to both Watanuki and Syaoran!

When Syaoran was badly hurt in the battle with his clone in Tokyo it was revealed that it is almost the same time when Watanuki took a fall from the upper level of the school building that almost caused his life due to that little tap on the back by Himawari.

It seems that the two Mokonas were made especially for the two of them, the White one for Syaoran and the Black one’s for Watanuki.

Random Babblings…

A theory just came to me about why Watanuki is no longer wearing glasses after his accident.  Syaoran has regained his other eye from the clone at the cost of Fai’s.  Maybe those glasses symbolizes something that compensates to what was missing from a body part particularly Syaoran’s and that loss affected Watanuki unconsciously as well.

I figured that out during the introduction back then revealing that Watanuki shares the same existence as Syaoran and our Wata doesn’t wear glasses back at that time.  Now that Syaoran regained his other eye so glasses are of no use to Watanuki the same! XD


Fairy Tail: Chapter 109 October 28, 2008

FT 109

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Luxus’ Fight festival began turning Fairy and Fairy against each other!

With Erza and the others’ lives at stake, Natsu and Makarov were trapped in the magic barrier set up by Fried! Oh no! O,O;

This Chapter…

Miss Fairy Tail Contest is open for public voting! (contest still on-going? ^^;) Lucky five voters will be  receiving a signed illustration of the character they voted for with deadline on the 5th of November. So, care to join?

The Raijinshuu are really powerful people taking many against one! Cool!

Reedus got intercepted by Fried before he could seek help from that old witch in the Eastern Forest that Erza and the others could be revived from petrification!  But what’s with Fried taking on against someone who’s weak and I guess not much worth of the time?! Poor Elfman his power couldn’t go up against Evergreen’s stone turning gaze!

Only 41 members are still left standing! (At least that’s what I get.)

Random Babblings…

Evergreen’s and Fried’s powers are magnificent. They don’t sweat it and fights with poise! *-*  Is the battle gonna be with Bixlow and Grey? That’s not what I’m hoping for! :{

Fight matches I want to see:

  • Fried vs. Grey
  • Natsu vs. Luxus
  • Erza vs. Evergreen

I don’t care who Bixlow’s gonna be up against with, he’s not to my liking! :P

But…are Natsu and Makarov really that hopeless and would continue to do nothing? Natsu, come on!


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 4 October 27, 2008

Looking back…

Hanabusa secluded himself from the rest of the Night Class refusing to spend vacation at home with them, plotted his mini-runaway scheme and ended up pestering Yuuki and Zero. Yuuki with her growing anxiety towards uncertainty thinks of accepting Kaname’s offer to be a vampire which Zero dissed right away and vowed he’d never let her even if he would make Kaname his enemy and Yuuki should she hate him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 4: The Devil’s Quickening ~Libido~


This Episode…

Senri went to see his father whom he thought was long dead for the first time and Seiren, Kaname’s self-imposed bodyguard came and brought the news of Rido’s awakening.

Whenever Yuuki tried remembering the past it only would result into a bloody vision haunting her.  Determined, with Kaien, Yagari and Zero they headed for the Hunters Association headquarters to seek for clues about her past. Digging up at the records Yuuki discovered Kaien was once a ferocious vampire hunter himself and when she laid eyes on that page containing the data from that snowy day ten years ago, it burned as if it doesn’t want to be known.

Locking up in her room while trying to figure things out, Zero came to feed? Well, at least he openly swore allegiance to Yuuki with his remaining wasted life.

The Night Class returned to the Academy after the break and Kaname brought Yuuki a present, a rose which blooms only every ten years preserved in resin for her and a cursed doll for Zero which was rejected right away.

Takuma went to visit his grandfather and was shocked to see Rido, probably now in Senri’s body.

Random Babblings…

That giving of presents thing when in the manga is a lot more funny.  Zero had stepped on it and said it was good at relieving stress! XD

So far with the fast pacing of the story, I think most details were left out when compared to the manga.  I guess it started with Chapter 27 and so forth.  It felt like they’re making the gothic story more lighter here in the anime?


Shugo Chara!! Doki [55] October 25, 2008

Looking back…

Lastly on Episode 54: Amu rescued Manami’s dream to become an excellent florist someday.  Lulu however managed to turn Manami’s egg into a wishing egg which gave way for her to transform into Flower Dream.  Amu’s Humpty Lock powered-up pom-poms enabled her to purify her new friend’s egg.  New transformation sequences for Amulet Heart!

This Episode...

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 55: Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!

At Easter after the presentation meet, Lulu tried to get along with Ikuto by offering him a handshake which was openly rejected.

Amu met at the grocery store a Hoshina Utau fan and finds herself caught up in a promise to have the two, Hitomi and Utau meet in person. After seeking help from Utau’s manager and was declined of her request she met the person downstairs as if by coincidence.

While at a refreshment the Guardians sensed a wishing egg and Utau was left no choice but to follow.  Hitomi who sings like Utau after Lulu’s manipulation, cast the people nearby in a deep sleep and everyone else who hears her singing including some of the charas except Miki and Eru.  Transforming into Singing Dream, Hitomi battled against Amu’s Amulet Spade which is no match for her.  Again a new power-up happened and Amu’s Colorful Canvas turned into Music Prism which eventually worked.  Utau tranformed herself into Seraphic Charm and her Angel Cradle turned Hitomi’s wishing egg into an X egg which Amu finished off purifying.

Ikuto has has gone missing when the Embryo appeared, only to find out when he reached home that his violin was missing and probably was taken by Kazoumi who’s vehicle was seen leaving from his residence.

Random Babblings…

It is a relief that Ikuto has no interest with the new girl Lulu and speaking of her, I haven’t seen her in the classroom yet!

Though I like the new transformation sequences being shown each new episode, how I wish there could be some new additions to Amu’s garments.  This is already second season you know…

Poor Ikuto his going against Easter is costing him too much. His freedom has long been curtailed and now his only precious thing, his violin was taken?!

Nadeshiko is back as Nagehiko! Wai, I’m so looking forward to it! Are we going to see his cool new chara? All that in the next episode!


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 43

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Looking back…

God of the Winds Bi Ryeom after coming to the Water Palace to collect his reward from Habaek for the favor he and Soah owed him for their passage home from the West Side forest, came face to face with Mura once again whom he was witness to her impossible and unfortunate love for the Water God.

Soah found Mui wating for her in her chamber and he made her promise to trust him no matter what happens from that time on.  Then came Yeowha (Nakbin), who threatens to divulge Mui’s secret for coming out only at night!

This Chapter…

Mui was caught in the middle because of Nakbin’s unwelcomed interference with his moment with Soah and was kept still as if he was anticipating his deepest secret to be revealed in that manner by that foxy lady.  However, she did not and made up her story diverting from the issue.  She also made Soah feel bad accusing her naivete as a tool to grab hold of both Mui and Habaek at the same time.

Soah now suspects the connection between Habaek and Mui but she was so scared to know the truth but she found herself asking Mui his whereabouts during daytime and Nakbin answered for him which makes the poor girl fled hurting.  Habaek violently pinned Nakbin to the wall and warned her never to cross his line again and that provoking Soah is as good as provking his wrath as well, that she vowed to get back at him.

Nakbin tricked the Water God using Mura’s potent herb scent which would make him fall in love with the first person he sees when he wakes up.  Soah then received an unsigned note bearing just the time and place only to find out to her dismay both Nakbin and Mui there in an unsightly scene!

Random Babblings…

Nakbin, that scheming witch! I could crush her! She doesn’t truly love Habaek by the way and what price is she going to get if he could kill Habaek?  I just hope Soah would take Mui’s word to trust him.

Bi Ryeom I suspect is not just there to collect his reward but Habaek might find him useful as he had promised Mura before to help the Water God as she’d help him.  I think he wasn’t at the Emperor’s side and maybe he sees himself in Habaek’s situation before that he wanted to be of aid to him to go even against the Emperor but for a cost he only can determine.

Does the Emperor like Soah that much or is he just toying with Habaek and what happened back then which caused the curse upon him? What more horrendous things would happen next?  Will Habaek totally forget Soah and send her back home once again?


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 65

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Looking back…

Due to mistaken identity Haruhi was kidnapped by a bunch of idiot guys who worked for a closed down laundromat formerly affiliated with the Suoh’s Company. Hikaru’s provocation for Tamaki to realize his feelings towards Haruhi seemed to have been working really well and its radiating through our little heroine by means of the ootoro ring!  Because of that kidnapping incident, Tamaki’s chances of moving in to the main residence with his grandma looks very promising!

This Chapter…

Tamaki’s chivalry continues as he saves a lady schoolmate called Megumi from being trampled upon by a whining horse during the club activity’s horseback riding lessons at the cost of his own body.  Grateful, the lady did as much as she can to return the favor and eventually found herself falling for him.

Tamaki trying to figure out his feelings seemed to be lost in his deep thoughts casting the zesty character of him aside.  He started out giving attention to that damsel in distress making Haruhi unawarely jealous!  Cute!^^

Random Babblings…

That girl! She looks like Haruhi, the female version though!  Maybe that’s why Tamaki felt comfortable with her in the first place and nothing more!  She just keep pushing herself to him though it’s impossible.  I like the recent developments in this chapter since Haruhi is gradually realizing her own feelings towards Tamaki as well.

For someone in love, it hurts to hear from that special someone that you are different from each other though it’s only meant as a meaningless remark and I guess that probably what Haruhi felt when Tamaki did that.

And that girl, what a nerve to have confessed like that? As if Tamaki would buy it…b-but what if he does when she’s the Haruhi of his dreams?  Poor (real) Haruhi! *huhu*