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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 214 February 24, 2009


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Looking back…

Not one feather should be left out in order to realize Fei Wong Reed’s evil wish… bringing back the dead into life!  The feather in Tokyo has been taken back into Sakura’s body distorting and severing links to the different dimensions!

This Chapter…

Determined not to fail this time, Syaoran desperately reached for Princess Sakura’s hand while Fye and Kurogane protects him against Fei Wong Reed’s attacks.

Thanks to Fye’s magic and Kurogane’s strength that he was able to buy time in order to complete his goal.  However, the evil guy’s powers were a bit stronger than them.  It caused Kurogane came flying to the ground and Fye got really exhausted and scathed.

It has been going that way until Syaoran finally held the princess’ hand! Eventually, he managed to get her out of that black thing which could have swallowed her when FWR least expected it.

But what the heck is happening to Sakura? And it’s affecting Yuuko in the other dimension!!  She grew buttefly wings! O.o

Babbles… Babbles…

What’s gonna happen to Yuuko now? I wanna know so much what’s her connection with Sakura and what kind of worse thing’s gonna happen hereafter.  And Watanuki?

I’m just glad there’s this crossover with xxxHOLliC once again! ^^


6 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 214”

  1. ggctuk Says:

    About time, but the Clone Sakura disintegrating was Fei Wong proving the original was who he would use to fulfil his wish… if that tube scene shows up, we now know it will be C!Sakura in the tube (I think) since R!Sakura is pretty much safe now.

  2. wrdo Says:

    I don’t think those were wings that Yuuko were growing… I think that was her obi. With the wine glass next to her, it looks like it’s going on during that scene with Watanuki in the last chapter of xxxHolic. maybe Yuuko’s the one Fei Wong wants to bring back…?

  3. Quinn Says:

    Based on this chap of TRC I think Yuko is the one on the verge of death and frozen in time. How strange…..I think she is the connection to the man who dreamt of being a butterfly OR was it really the butterfly who dreamt of being a man.

    Either way I still don’t think it bodes well for Watanuki.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      This is getting more and more confusing as the revelations are slowly being let out of the bag. For some reason I don’t have a clear idea of what’s going on now! ^^; I seem so lost! :'(

      And Quinn-chan! I’m using one of the Holic gifs you sent me at the forums! I love that sake one, hihi! Thank you so much!<3

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