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Meru Puri: Another Matsuri Hino Genius! September 26, 2008

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Meru Puri. The Marchen Prince.

Heard of it?

I really am in love with this series!  The artwork is gorgeously incredible and the story line is perfect!  This 4-volume manga series precedes Mastsuri Hino’s popular Vampire Knight series though unfortunately it wasn’t made into anime.

Find out more of the series here.

The story revolves around Hoshina Airi and the love of my life Aram, Astelle A Daimonia Aram!  So cute and so handsome!  Falling into a romance, fantasy and comedy genre, surely it is heart-warming and you just can’t erase the smile on your face.

As for my part, I’ve read it thrice, everything of it just in one day! An oh, did I mention that this series has concluded?  I’m expecting my order to arrive very soon and I’m so excited about it…the newest addition to my manga collection! *__*

This has really increased my admiration towards Hino sensei, such a beautiful mind and a crafty hand!  No wonder, she toppled CLAMP from the first spot of my favorite mangakas!

The series’ artwork is quite distinct from her other works especially Aram, he’s like no other! Every tip of the hair tell some story and the fingers are drawn extraordinarily!  Find that out why too.

I love the suspense and just expect the unexpected.  This isn’t your regular fairy tale, it’s more than it.

But do you know that Kaname and Zero could be found here too?  heh! Read on and spot them yourself! XD It’s here!

Gotcha! Not necessarily Zero and Kaname per se but just look at Lei and Razu!  Can you relate?

This series is the very reason why I’m not really into animation at the moment.  I am busy cooking something up for this lovable series and would be posting that if its ready. :P

Remember the Bride of the Water God?  A manhwa with a similar plot but not too similar, too different in a sense.  But they’re a must read titles, both of them!

I don’t recommend something lesser to read and this sure passed my quality control! *hehe*

So, I recommend it, for the love of my prince! *Moe!*