Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 124 February 24, 2009

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Gazille and Natsu were teaming up against Luxus! Are they gonna make it?

This Chapter…

Theres not much to talk about this chapter, at least for me. I really am terrible when it comes to fight scenes, I’ve nothing much to say… T~T

So… the two dragon slayers attacked Luxus alternately giving their best putting Luxus on the edge…

However, he manifested into his real self.  That very magic he was told to keep a secret!  He’s a dragon slayer too himself! And what a monstrous power!

Now that he’s out to exterminate everyone… does Fairy Tail stood a chance>

Random Babblings…

I am very much eager to know of what Gazille’s true motives are. And could they still do something to keep Luxus sane before it’s too late for Master Makarov?

But the next chapter looks promising! I’m keeping track! ^^


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