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Elfen Lied Anime: Nyuu!! :3 December 29, 2008

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Done!  I’ve watched it and I loved it! Actually, it was a week or two ago and I did a re-run today!

The Rave…

Indeed, this has the most artistic, symbolic and the most beautiful opening I have ever seen so far!  You wouldn’t really understand it’s relevance if you aren’t gonna look closer and have no idea what the story’s about.

And the music, I can feel it seething through the inner core of me!  Lilium, so mysterious and marvelous, ah…superlatives!  It’s super!

Here, found a creditless opening.  See?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have written in one of my posts earlier that I already have read the manga and I’ve been in love with it.  Here in the anime, the characters were made as an exact replica of what was in the manga.  Only they seemed so alive and in full color!

I was amazed how they were able to fuse the whole 107 chapters of the manga into this series.  Of course, many scenes were taken out and the plots were twisted a bit and some were completely different but just the same it was sewn into one beautiful masterpiece!  Shall I say, the best anime I have ever seen in 2008!

I was glad they didn’t picture Nyuu here as some pervert like she was in the manga! *hehe* Everything were made so subtle so I have no complaints.  In fact, she was so cute in here.

Lucy too is a bit tamer here than in the manga and she had only four vectors while she had multiple in the latter.  Didn’t see Anna here either but there’s just the mention of Eve. Even Lucy’s come back is so different and even the manner in which she died.

Read and watch both that you’ll see what I mean.

If the anime’s ending was so emotional, the manga is a couple of times worse.  But it’s a good thing to have watched the anime first than reading the manga so you’ll be no whiner like me! XD

The Rant…

My sister kept on complaining the first time she watched it with me cause the first seven minutes or more were all about splattering blood, torn body parts and nudity.

I had my ears full of complaints and after a few she just quieted herself up and was engrossed too!  So like the first time I watched it, I was very much like that!

The only thing I’d like to complain about is that the anime’s so short that it lacks the depth I was looking for having read the manga again.  Can’t quit comparing can I?

It was such a waste, the story’s so beautiful that it deserves to be having a sequel or at least they could have made it into a 26-series one and not just some shorties and an OVA! :(


Elfen Lied December 20, 2008

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Elfen Lied

I usually rely on recommendations from friends on which manga or anime to read or watch (too lazy) though I would be the critic in the end.  I really missed my Stage6 friends… “I told you” I can hear them say.

Alright, I finally had my hands on Elfen Lied, corresponding to German term which means “Elven Song.”

The Rave…

Save from the violence and nudity, God I love this manga! Nyuu! :3

I have had mixed emotions while at it and  I was like glued to my seat and read all the chapters all in half a day!

I was mentally protesting, “No more of this, enough of this!” but still, I am so eager to know what’s gonna happen next.  Pathetic am I not?

I like how the story was made balanced in all the aspects and I think there hadn’t been a single issue that was left unanswered!

The Rant…

This manga is an eye-opener for me of some sort though I must admit that this is nothing but a fiction.  The plot is somewhat closer to the reality confronting us all these days. Working in the media, I must say that I am fed up of all these issues concerning deceit, exploitation, manipulation, killings, etc. but we can’t run away from them…

I just pity those Diclonius species and the humans who have given up their lives like they’re but pieces of trash for a single soul’s selfish ambitions.  Nah, I just can’t help but think of things like these while I was reading but enough of the serious talk!

Now, back to the manga, I can’t say the illustration’s that notable but it excels in gruesomeness at times with all those splattering blood, flying body parts and that Anna…eek, gross!

I was really moved by the story especially the part when Kohta needed to kill Nyuu to get rid of Lucy as well except for a scene in the finale part.  Remember that Bandou-san with half his body slashed out was still alive?  Is it only me who thinks that part was ridiculous?

I have watched the anime before of about three episodes but I wasn’t up for it.  But having read the manga, I might give it a second chance and I wanna hear what the Elfen Lied sound like.