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Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 3 January 5, 2009


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This extra chapter is a walk down memory lane, back to the time when Ryuuki and Shuurei were both very young.

We’ve got to see how the Emperor- to-be fared with everyday life and how the Kou princess had been an icon of strength at such an early age.

Ryuuki, as we all are aware of and as portrayed in the anime had been a battered kid, mentally, physically and emotionally while Shuurei was all surrounded by love and she herself has this innate good nature which could influence others, therefore, a potential for an excellent future leader.

I was so deeply moved by Shouka and his ordeal losing the ones he loved.  His wife, the maker of the large manjuu buns died and he really shed tears in front of Ryuuki!

The young one did his best to steam the buns in the hope to make him feel better… so much like Shuurei!

While there’s so much emotion flowing from this  story, Ryuuki was so cute in his mischief… using General Soh’s helmet to steam the buns!  But he’d been expert at it since then.

The very good thing that’s revealed in this chapter is the fact that Shuurei’s father favored Ryuuki so much for Shuurei and hopes that they might as well end up together someday!

The manjuu buns had been a witness to it all! Who knows good things might actually happen!

Ah, so cute! :3


Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 2


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Shuurei sure is a worrywart, too responsible and the one who would look at the future with positive vibes.  Her utmost concern is the welfare of her family having been impoverished though they are still considered among the highest of stature just by belonging to the Kou clan.

Now at Kiyou, the decree for a Men-In-Drag contest in connection with the activities for the Harvest Festival pumped up the princess of the Kou.  Who wouldn’t be when a 100 sacks of rice for the first prize is at stake!

As always, ever obedient Seiran was compelled to join but it created a conflict with his assignment at the palace that very day!

Therefore, Shuuei had to take the responsibility reluctantly but would only agree to it if Koyuu would be joining in too! The angry and unmotivated Koyuu suddenly got  inspired by Shouka-sama (he’s a big fan of his) that he’s fired up so miraculously!

Why, they all look so beautiful!  The Anonymous Three! That would be Shuuei, Koyuu and eh? Ryuuki?! *pfft!*

Maybe we can now figure out why Seiran’s out to stand guard.

Meanwhile, an unexpected Anonymous number 4 appeared, simply pretty without make up, what a pure beauty,  stealing all their chances for the first prize! That’s Chamberlain Kou Kijin for you! ~.*

The Emperor got fourth! But Shuurei gladly accepts his prize as a gift for he worked his ass off to earn it.  Ah, the almost kiss … or not! ^^;

Well, in the end Shuurei got all the prizes from first to the fourth for herself!  Nice going princess! XD


Saiunkoku Monogatari: Extra Chapter 1


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We’ve read the first two Saiunkoku Monogatari volumes alright but after the anime concluded the manga had been slowly progressing too.  Currently, about fifteen chapters… Isn’t that lovely? :D

Actually, there had been 14 volumes or so and 3 side stories released in the light novel versions and I’ve seen some earlier scans in Chinese about a year ago yet I can’t recall where those are now… but I found somebody who had been patiently translating them for everyone (probably she’s got Japanese references)! I’ll be affixing the links in the later posts.

Let’s get started with the manga first with an extra chapter about Reishin.

Kou Reishin, Shuurei’s uncle.  The one who’d comfort himself looking at Shuurei from afar and  deliberately hides  his identity despite the fact that it wouldn’t hurt to come out in the open and let their relationship be known.

He’s such a creepy guy in the anime not to mention his doubtful gender and it wasn’t explained much clearly why the attitude but the manga has it and he’s such a pedo! Eeek!

He was in love with the very young Shuurei, you know, love in some higher degree apart from being kins and he wanted her to marry him! >~<  Absurd huh?

Anyways,  I always want to read the extras first for there lurks some secret  about many things we might have been missing while reading the manga and most side stories are fun!