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Vampire Knight: Chapter 48 February 21, 2009

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After the mess, the Night Class’s identities became more evident to the Day Class students but refused to have their memories erased.  Yuuki meanwhile went with Kaname leaving Zero behind with such a heavy heart.

This Chapter…

Luca, Cain and Aidou decided to head home while they were wondering where Kaname, Yuuki and Seiren went off to and worrying if they’d be just okay.

The chapter was mostly a continuation of the flashback while the three were just kids and their first encounter with Kaname. The Chibi Kaname as usual is the cutest!

Luca I guess was the most sensible ones at all times and for that I adore her.  She got genuine feelings towards Kaname and she had been willing to sacrifice herself for him.  Cain, however, chose to watch from sides, hurting but maintained that he should at least be happy for her and content himself with that.

Luca too was some sort of a heroine having saved Yuuki unconsciously before.  She had pacified Kaname’s hunger for Yuuki’s blood which could have ruined everything he had worked so hard for!

Babbles… Babbles…

I’m not gonna dig deeper into details.  I’d like everyone to find out how good this chapter is! *~*

I’ve got only three things to say…

I love Kaname. I adore Luca. I’m liking Cain even more!


Vampire Knight: Chapter 47 January 23, 2009


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Looking back…

Kaname gave Yuuki and Zero time to say their last farewell.  He kissed her!

This Chapter…

Yuuki has been caught in a difficult situation particularly that part of her that has been attached to Zero.  It is too painful for her to be considered an enemy by somebody who had been like family for many years.  Just when she had discovered her true self she’ll have to sacrifice another precious episode in the process.

But it wouldn’t do any good if she will force herself onto Zero as it may mean her death and Zero’s future could be unpredictable that she decided to run away like an enemy so he could find some cause to live by hunting her down.

Only one thing remains unaltered, Yuuki’s life is dependent on  Kaname from the beginning as if he was the source of her life force. A flashback of her getting strength from (kissing XD) Kaname when they were little was so cute!

Yagari treated the night Class people with regard for making his job rather easy but warned them of the consequences of their actions.  However, it looked like they were all decided to side with the humans who are helpless victims of other vampires capriciousness.  They were confident that their parents would understand, afterall they were sent to the academy to learn how to live peacefully with the humans.

The hunters came looking for Zero but Kaien told them to give him time and space and said that he should take responsibility for everything that has happened to the school because of his pacifism ideals.

Aidou came to the Sun Dorms where the Day Class people were.  He was shocked that Seiren told him they already knew their real nature… vampires. For the first time, he felt rather dejected since she actually helped out not on a whim but because he wanted to.

They have come to erase the memories of the Day Class but they wouldn’t buy it, they wanted to stay that way so no more secret evades them.  It’s all thanks to Yori who broke the icy situation then the Sun Dorm president too who have a huge crush on Aidou.

Yuuki remembered that rose Kaname gave her. It was his promise from ten ten years ago.  She took it and left.

While Yagari and the Night Class were talking, Kaname appeared assuring them that everything’s alright since the Vampire Council is no more and that Zero has taken care of Rido.  Yuuki came from behind him and hugged him thanking him for keeping his promise.  He smiled so beautifully!

But Yagari pointed his gun on him while Yuuki braced herself in front of him.  He turned to leave protecting her and called out to Yagari that he is to take responsibility for his action, after all he has achieved what he aimed for.  He thanked everyone and went.

While on their way, Yuuki saw Zero carrying Ichiru’s corpse outside the building and he glared at hergiving her a heavy heart.  Kaname gently called on to her and off they go.

Random Babblings…

I can’t say anything than how I adore Yuuki and Kaname in this chapter!  They were so cute when they were kids and I especially like how they already were a couple from back then.  One couldn’t live without the other and that sort… Kyaa!!  A kiss on a cheek is enough to gather strength from the other but doing so by the lips is so sweet!

I love Kaname’s smile here, I’m melting!  So in love with him…Kaname-sama! ♥


Spoiler: Vampire Knight 47 January 22, 2009

Yuuki and Kaname

Yuuki and Kaname

<- – – Credits to Mini Frog @ BW.com for the scan!

Lovely chapter I must say but another heartbreaking one.

I’d like to mention some really juicy  points in a way before Sagakure would be out with her English scanlations.

* Chibi Yuuki and Kaname kisses! ^^

* I already smell the Sayori x Aidou possibility!

* Kaname x Yuuki intimate moments!

* More, more , more!

By the way, everyone might have want to read her full coverage summary of the chapter so this way please – – – >[ VK 47 ]

I’ll have to post a summary of my own soon as scanlations are out.  I’m just  so happy this chapter belongs to both Yuuki and Kaname.

It’s also interesting to note that the Day Class were all aware now of the presence of vampires in the academy and Aidou whom they adore so much is one of them!

Mini Frog has another scan containing the page with the kissing Yuuki and Kaname chibis and it’s so cool!  I can’t wait to see the rest of them soon!

Stay tuned for the updates! ♥


Vampire Knight Guilty: The Aftershock January 2, 2009

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, surely I’ll be the first to break them so I’d better not make one.  However, I just can’t leave some issues unresolved for the past year and so I’m making sure I have to settle it now.

But before that, Happy New Year Everyone!

No more putting up with sappy late night gag shows and no longer will I be battling keeping my eyes open while trying to stay awake for the early morning Vampire Knight Guilty show! What a relief!

Wait, did I say it was finally over?

Honestly, I was kinda half-hearted at the last episode but now as I think about it I just realized that I have so much to blab about!  I didn’t feel like it in my last post since I’ve been considering this stuff  as one of those routines I’ve fused into my weekly schedules.  But I was just struck by the realization that Vampire Knight Guilty is no more! *sniff* Delayed reaction much?

The One

The One ♥

It’s not that it’s the best anime I’ve watched recently, in fact, I have to make a fuss about it a couple of times.  I didn’t like one bit of those twists they’ve done desecrating the very essence of the story, how they hastened things up for I don’t know what and the crappy animation is overly a disappointment for me, that, except the 13th.

If not all my disappointments were gone, at least the last episode left me a satisfying feeling, as if it compensated for all those not so laudable things they’ve done in the past.  This time the story was stitched beautifully and I commend this episode to be such a good ending.

Zero. I really felt for Zero, I can feel his pain.  I’ve watched that scene with Yuuki over and over again. I like how his “love confession” was made.  It’s such a rare thing for vampires to say “I love you” literally right, expressing it is  more than that and it’s way deeper that no words could ever define.

Zero’s feelings got through Yuuki by means of his blood.  But wouldn’t that make her a traitor?  Remember she said he only wanted Kaname’s blood and that was one big sin she committed against him I suppose.

Kaname. He wasn’t a bit expecting such turn of events right?  He so thought Yuuki already decided on Zero so he was willing to set his precious one free and let her find her happiness. I was kinda uncertain of it either it left me hanging.

Yuuki. I think she somehow developed some feelings for Zero, though it wasn’t that strong compared to what she felt about Kaname.  They have been together for quite long so there might be some tiny sparks on their relationship and only Yuuki was too absorbed with Kaname to pay even a little notice.

I saw two things why she cried at that last scene with Zero.  One, for the sake of old times, as two friends and almost siblings who could never see each other again and the second  is that because she had finally learned of Zero’s feelings, gentle as she is, felt his pain and was so sorry she couldn’t return it.

I guess those were just the most important parts which defined the story as a whole.  We’ve come to know who the Vampire Knight in the anime  is.  Zero did prove himself at once.  Also it is said to be that this story is a bit much of a tragedy but I guess the tragic part is that Zero’s demise in love and not some other things.  We’ve seen that no one died except the uncertainty of Ichijou’s fate. Did he really died or what?

Season 3? I don’t think so at this point.  The last season had already been wrapped up though we can’t deny the fact that the ending was an open one which gives us a slim chance for a sequel in the future as there’s not enough materials available, now that the anime has gone past the 46th chapter of the manga.  But who knows?


Crazy for Kaname-chama! December 31, 2008


Chibi Kaname

“Suki da yo!” little Kaname says as I point the cursor on him!

Moe, suteki, suteki! ♥ I love you too!!

It’s so good to have him on my dektop!

Kaname-chama mascot is supposed to be Sagakure’s Christmas present for every VK fan out there but for me it’s for the New Year since I decided to download the program just now!

He’s so cute, what can I say?

He’s bound to do many cutesy things while making your time surfing the net and other things you may think of doing with your computer worthwhile!

With the different reactions you can generate from him, you will never be bored just looking at him, he does!  He sleeps on you when you haven’t done much activity but when you wake him up he just says I love you all of a sudden!  Hehee!

Why don’t you get to know little Kaname better and I’m sure you’ll gonna ask Sagakure and have her make Zero’s version! ^v^ Oh, it’s in the making! How could I have missed that?

The program’s so easy to install and this won’t take a lot of disk space either!

You’re sooo gonna love it!

Click on the pic and take a peek at my desktop!  Like what you saw? Then…

Grab it here @ Sagakure’s : [ Little Kaname Mascot ]


Vampire Knight: Chapter 46 December 20, 2008

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Looking back…

Kaname returns to the academy and found Zero pointing the Bloody Rose at Yuuki!

This Chapter…

Enraged by  the scene he witnessed following his return, Kaname vowed to wipe off Zero for the smallest reason such as pointing the Bloody Rose at Yuuki.  That, despite the fact that Yuuki might hate him for it even for a thousand years after.

However, Zero’s not-so-good-a-greeting caused Kaname’s wrist to be torn! Poor him!

Still entangled with  the Bloody Rose, Kaname called on to it and and uttered that there’s someone he’d like to protect.  It must have recognized his voice and it loosened him from bondage to Zero’s surprise.  But considering he is the new master he soothed the thing and re-affirmed of who the the enemy is. Worried that the fight would go any further, Yuuki jumped in their midst and managed to separate them at once.

She turned to Kaname and consoled him, enough for him to understand what she was asking.  She then licked the part where the torn wrist used to have been. Lovely!

At that rate, Kaname decided to give them time off to bid each other farewell confident that Yuuki already knows her rightful place.

Seeing the Bloody Rose sucked on Zero’s blood, Yuuki urged him to let go of the  gun but it rejected her as she’s a vampire it was made against, but she managed anyways.

For a moment, Zero glared at her and pulled her to him the next!  Kyaaaa!  He asked if the good old Yuuki he knew still exist but she told her two natures are one and the same….that only desires no one but Kaname’s blood and whose thoughts was always filled of him! *huff huff*

She still might have elaborated more but Zero stopped her midway and told that he only desires Yuuki’s blood too!  Right, he drank her blood and kissed her!  Whoah! >////<

Confirming that Yuuki’s been freed from any worries and fears unlike what she used to, Zero was kinda relieved to hear that and said that he might now focus on his real goal.  He bid her to leave and be with the man she could spend eternity with (refers to Kaname ♥) for the next time he sees her, he vowed to kill her.

Yuuki has really grown matured and sane enough for a vampire, proving Zero she hasn’t changed a bit. She even made a compromise to keep running away from him so that he’ll still have reason to live.  Sweet!

Random Babblings…

I am deeply moved by this chapter so much that I was on the verge of tears!

I felt for Zero a lot as Yuuki professed her feelings towards Kaname while wrapped in his arms but I’m happy that he somehow found the courage to tell her how he really felt for her in the end.

Ah, could say no more.  This chapter was so beautiful!

That reminds me, you may have noticed I’m not that kind to put up a very detailed account of every chapter.  Though I want to spoil everyone, I still maintain that there’s always something to look forward to by reading the chapter itself.   Check out Sagakure’s fangirlings too [ here ]!


Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X December 15, 2008

Had this in draft on the 10th but I just had to post this now.  Things weren’t that good for me last week but no matter how things went,  as always, good things come to those that were patient!  It’s never too late is it?  Blame my dawdling gadget! :/  So here goes…

Finally got my own copy of the VK fanbook! I’m so happy or was so happy but I still am!  Yesterday, that was the other day, I was out in the bookstore and bought Holic the 11th and 19th Tsubasa volumes and the next day, I got this lovely air packed present straight from Japan!  Thanks Reiko, it’s cool doing business with you! ^^

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X scanned by me! ◊ω◊

I had the glossy outer cover of the fanbook scanned for everyone. Mind you, the black things such as the X were supposedly silver embossed but the scan turned out just like that. Actually, I’ve scanned few pages more but it’s so LQ since I can’t even get the book flat.  Anyways,  I can see that there are a few people who have already scanned the whole thing so just scout around you’ll find them.  It’s just too bad they’re in Japanese. ~o^ I wonder what the book looked like after doing such!  Another copy might solve the problem! :)

While they have scans, I guess I could just dissect a little of the book on a personal scale.

Vampire Knight Official Fanbook X

I’m kinda confused what X meant, definitely it won’t be the tenth since this is the first so,  I just thought it could be the 24th Roman alphabet fair and square but somehow it came to me  looking at the back cover that it might be ‘Cross’. Why X?

Now, the fanbook is about half an inch smaller than the regular manga size, (W & L) a tankobon-like perhaps, wrapped in a glossy outer cover (see above) but has the original book cover beneath.

Turning the cover of the book, you’ll be greeted with an ID card which is Kaname filled out for the Night Class and a blank Day Class ID which we could fill out ourselves and followed by some glossy illustrations (most we already have seen). The whole fanbook is divided into chapters and a brief description were as follows:

Prologue. This part tackles more of the Cross Academy, its everyday affairs, student life in general, the uniforms and fanarts.  There were also some quick sketches and scripts by Ms. Hino, the ones Sagakure scanlated before.

Chapter 1. The Day Class.  It has the profile of the Day Class characters, Yuuki, Zero, Sayori and even Shindou including a brief bio of each.  Both Zero and Yuuki had their room layouts leaked and were followed by the messages from the fans and a Q & A portion which had the characters on a hot seat.

Chapter 2. The Night Class.  Like in chapter one, it contains the profiles of the Night Class, Kaname, Aidou, Kain… room perspectives (of course Kaname has the largest, fit for a King!) mostly have their rooms in solo except Kain and Aidou.  Just like the Day class, fan messages, Q & As…  Glossy pictures are after this.

Intermission Vampire Society. In here were Vampire Reports concerning the incidents that were vampire-related at the Cross Academy.  The incidents ten years ago and the Kiryuu massacre.  We are also shown the hierarchy of Vampire levels A-E and the interconnection of the VK characters in general.  Night Class people were in the B level while Kaname is in the A rank.

Chapter 3. Vampires and Hunters.  Got Rido, the Kuran Family, Shizuka, etc., on the part of the Vampires while the Hunters consists of Yagari and Kaien.

Chapter 4. The Making. It contains the author Matsuri Hino’s sketches.  It was kinda surprising to see how detailed the uniforms were.  From the pleats to the accessories, buttons, cuff links… they’re awesome!  I also love the sketches of each of the characters’ eye.  She was so consistent with each of them and not one were alike save for Ichiru and Zero!

In every chapters were fan arts and also there are poll results.  Things like your most favorite line in the series and the one which goes… who would you like to suck  your blood and more!  There are also pages devoted to the author found at the end part.

Unfortunately, I can’t read all of them but still, I’m trying!  How nice if I’d get better enough to take the Japanese proficiency test!  But I tell you this is a must-buy!

More Babbles…

I’m a Rima x Shiki fan now!  I love that spread where Rima was holding Shiki’s hand and kisses it. >////< Are they really just bestfriends or what!  Ah, pockies!  But most of all, I am deeply in love with Kaname now!  Whoah!