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xxxHOLiC: Anotherholic January 2, 2009


xxxHOLiC Novel

×××HOLiC ANOTHERHOLiC Landolt-Ring Aerosol (×××HOLiC アナザーホリック ランドルト環エアロゾル)

Has anybody read this? Was it good or was it really good?

I’ve been considering this for a while but I’d like to solicit opinions from everyone else before opting to buy this out!

I’m treating this differently since it’s HOLiC so I added this to my must-buy list for the year.  It’s way better than listing down New Year’s resolutions isn’t it? XD

Publisher Del Rey had already been out with the English version of it which according to the Wiki, was officially put into sale just October of last year! The original was published in Japan sometime in 2006, so I am sure thousands and thousands might have already read this.

I was intrigued by the fact that the same author who wrote the Death Note: Another Note novel (a friend was freakin’ crazy about it), Nisio Isin, adapted the original story by CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC obviously.

The illustrations included in it were done by CLAMP the same, so this is some kind of a collaboration between both parties. Must be cool!

Just a quick product info for me and for those who haven’t known of it yet:

Nothing could have thrilled Kimihiro more than stumbling upon the bizarre wish-granting shop of the beautiful but unnerving Yuko Ichihara, who solemnly promises to make the spirits plaguing Kimihiro go away just as soon as her fee – rendered in daily afternoon chores at her shop – is paid in full.

Of course, the thrill wears off as soon as Kimihiro realizes that his payment plan bears a disturbing resemblance to indentured servitude… eternal indentured servitude. Still he soldiers on, ready for whatever number of adventures lie ahead. But in Kimihiro’s case, three may not be the charm!…

Read more about the product here: [ xxxHOLiC Novel: Anotherholic ]

By the way, it’s a 208 page novel so it’s worth $16 or so and if the story’s really that good then gotta grab one for myself! :3

Any thoughts on this would be a great help! So please and thank you! ^^


Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana October 21, 2008

Grab it here!

Grab it here!

We were intrigued the last time a Vampire Knight light novel was published, remember the ‘Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi” (Vanpaia Naito: Aisu Burū no Tsumi) or the (Sin of Ice Blue) featuring Fuuka’s obsession with Kaname but it turned out she ended up with Aidou instead?!

Anyways, story writer Ayuna Fujisaki along with Matsuri Hino’s craft has published on October 3 another installment entitled “Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana” (Vanpaia Naito: Nowāru no Wana) or (The Noir Trap).

Consisting of 3 mini chapters, the novel features the story of Zero and his decision of attending senior high school.  It also has attributed a chapter to Shindo, the girl who offered Zero chocolates during Valentines day and the last story was dedicated to the Class representative of Zero and Yuuki’s class. See more details here.

It has been out in the market and since this one’s so new, of course no scanlations are available yet.  Sorry ’bout that.

I wonder if Kaname-sama’s got a big role there? Just maybe but I’m grabbing this one when already published in English, for now let’s polish our handful of Japanese! XD

Stay tuned for more updates on this!


Vampire Knight Novel September 6, 2008

Ice Blue No Tsumi This Way!

In the advent of Vampire Knight’s 7th volume release last April, another novel was launched alongside it.

Based on the Matsuri Hino‘s original creation, an author named Ayumi Fujisaki wrote the “Vampire Knight: Ice Blue No Tsumi” which may bear various English translations but I’d rather use “The Sin of Ice Blue” since many were using the same.

It consists of 196 pages with illustrations by Ms. Hino and it came with a tankobon-like packaging just like a regular manga which cover could be found left.

The story’s plot falls within the serie’s time line probably following the establishment of the Night Class at the Cross Academy.  Somehow, it’s some sort of a sealed past, a story within the story that was untold.

The book’s compilation also includes another story about Zero’s past ~~ “Setsuna no Toki” rather “A Moment in Time”

Unfortunately, there had been no English version released yet since it went available last April but for those that could understand Japanese you may be able to get a grab of it here.

Personally, I don’t want to read this because I have seen many fan translations and I can’t believe Kaname would possibly fall for another girl besides Yuuki! ;((

I bet the girl’s name here was Fuuka! Noooooooo!

Was she the reason why he only visits Yuuki once in a blue moon before, because he’s so busy with girls?!  I’m gonna hate him for that so I decided I wouldn’t read it for hell’s sake or else his image would look tainted to me. *I’m a Kaname-Yuuki die hard just for the record! XD*

The second story would be okay since it was when Zero was still a young boy, training to be a hunter and his friend Kaito in their somewhat quest to be a skilled hunter.

Okay, I actually read the translations but… I’m having goosebumps right now remembering what I’ve read! Darn it, my heart’s aching so miserably! :_{

I was wondering if I should quote here the translations I happen to find around here.  *lost in a deep thought*

Well, I guess it won’t hurt but no! Bleh! :P


Vampire Knight: Noir No Wana is here!