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Fairchild and Gen 13 November 30, 2008

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It took me long to decide and show the world my craft, well sort of, if it could be considered that.^^

Among the dozens of sketchbooks I have containing hundreds of sketches I’ve made over the years, I have instinctively picked the ones with the Gen 13 characters on it.  Why would they be relevant? Fairchild…does that ring a bell?  My nom de plume!

I have scanned a couple of sketches below and slightly adjusted the contrast but it wasn’t Photoshopped or whatever, it’s just the pencil is so light I have to make them more visible but as you can see they’re untouched and just the way they were when I have drawn them ten years ago?!

Yeah, they’re kinda vintage I know but guess how much I’ve improved now? Haha.  Haven’t been drawing for a while so I can’t tell myself.

Well, I just thought I’d share my own version of the Gen 13 goodness, thanks to Quinn for the push! Sorry, if they weren’t even close to the real ones for I usually sketch something out of memory.




My most favorite character when I was younger was Caitlin Fairchild, strong, independent and a woman of surprises.  My sister chose Roxy Spaulding (Freefall) as she is free-spirited like her.  I also love Sarah Rainmaker, the girl’s got attitude!

I was a collector of Gen 13 before I was even a fan of animes and mangas.   The first ever anime character I’ve drawn was Kenshin, the Samurai X?

Do check out this guy’s page for more of Gen 13.

Okay, I’ve prepared myself and you can tell me you don’t like them! Just kidding! >////<


Shugo Chara!! Doki [60] November 29, 2008


Utau is having a concert but since she no longer is connected with Easter her career had fallen big time back to scratch!  Eru asked Amu and the other guardians help, filled the small auditorium with people making Utau’s golden voice re-discovered once again!  Ikuto came briefly and wounded to the concert to Amu and Utau’s delight but with his condition unknown.

This Episode…

– – –

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Episode 60: When You Confess, it’s Your Lucky Day!

– – –

At breakfast, Amu and her family were watching television where fortune forecast is being shown.  Amu might get lucky in love today to the horror of her father!

At Seiyo, Amu’s classmate Kuyomi (?) was portrayed to be having an expertise in foretelling luck through the Zodiac and most of the female classmates flocked around her to have a reading themselves.  Amu had Rima lined up to have her luck predicted but she only would agree if Amu should come first.

Koyumi (?) met Lulu along the way and asked that she predict her fortune that day but it seemed nothing good could happen to her today just like the forecast on the television earlier.  She dismissed the poor girl’s readings and instilled doubt on her as to the accuracy of her forecasts.

The following day, a classmate asked for her fortune to be read and ended up confessing to Tadase. Amu and Kuyomi (?) were sneaking behind the bushes to see what’s gonna happen and when Tadase graciously declined her confession, Kuyomi (?) started to run away thinking her predictions were actually false!

Then appeared Lulu and again, she made Koyumi’s (?) confused self transform into Fortune Dream.  She created chaos by causing misfortune for everyone she could spot.  Su character changed with Amu showing a powered up Honey Bubbles, erased whatever Fortune Dream has caused and eventually purified her classmates’ egg.

When everything was back to normal, the classmate who had the confession with Tadase earlier thanked Kuyomi (?) unaffected by the rejection to her relief.

Random Babblings…

Amu’s having a bad luck!  Nobody did confessed to her after all!  I thought I’d see Ikuto and Tadase confess to her but nada!  That would come later for sure! :)

Nothing’s really interesting this episode. No Ikuto, no fun! XD


The Bishies of the Golden String ~ Moe!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with mangaka Yuki Kure’s La Corda D’oro and I’m so rooting for a second season of the anime! Love it! Over the holiday a while back, I’ve done some marathon anime viewing and I’ve just finished reading the manga.


Bishounen Overdrive!

I do like Kaji’s character here.  He’s way too cute and perfect! Lucky Kahoko, she has all these pretty guys wrapped around her little fingers!

The characters were distinct and sure Miss Yuki’s really good and consistent in her artwork not to mention all the zesty twists and turns of this story.  Its really hard to keep up with multiple characters and deal with altogether at once.  Some artists may have just dropped them or let them die down leaving the audiences no clue and wanting but she was kinda different and that looks really promising.

The anime was a cliffhanger but the manga is up and running so I’ll try to keep the updates on my next posts.  I’ve been missing a lot of happenings not to mention that Kaji’s not seen in the anime! So I hope there had been plans for the second installment! Most La Corda fans already have missed one half of their lives not knowing how cool the story have gone to this time! :3


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 46 November 28, 2008

Chapter 46

Click here to read!

Looking back…

Soah learned Mui’s secret the hard way…he is no other but the cold and vicious Habaek!   But in truth, it was the Emperor afterall, disguised as the Water God who plans on using Soah as an ace against Habaek… as she is the deity’s favored one.

This Chapter…

Off to the Emperor’s country Habaek and Nakbin went and the host was delighted as the news of their arrival reached him.

Drawn in an intricately designed carriage driven by two enormous dragons (probably Habaek’s) they were greeted by a lady called Chun-whoo who introduced herself as their guide.

Random Babblings…

Now, there are a lot of new faces to watch out for in this volume and if you’ve noticed, this Chun-whoo girl is an example.  There’ll be more in the later chapters.  Who is Chun-whoo?  Na-i-sho! :P Let’s find out together but I tell you she plays a significant role in Habaek’s life.

More secrets will be unveiled considering most of the characters’ past , Habaek’s, Nakbin’s and Chun-whoo’s.  I wonder where does the Emperor’s participation fall on these. Speaking of which, the Emperor sure is good looking but he has been drawn only side views! :(   And remember Tae El Jin’s riddle to Soah?  What happened to Habaek’s other wives? Sure you do have a clue! XD

I’ve spoiled enough! :)


Vampire Knight: Private Show November 27, 2008

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I was rummaging through my hard drive just now (for unwanted files) and I happen to spot this image among the thousands there are.  I realized I saved this from a Chinese forum site sometime last year or early this year (can’t be more accurate than that) and completely forgot about it.  I have never expected it would earn a spot among my posts today!

This colored cartoon script was obviously a fan-made and all credits goes to whoever owns it.

VK Private Show

Warning: Not suitable for Adults! :P

Let’s have the Zero fans go Moe for once!  A yummy turkey fit for Thanksgiving?!

Hey, happy Thanksgiving everyone! XD


Fairy Tail: Chapter 113 November 26, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

Looking back…

Erza went victorious in her match against Evergreen.  The petrified ladies broke free from the spell much to Makarov’s advantage.  The numbers and the table have turned with Luxus and the two remaining of Raijinshuu to deal with them.  Does this spell defeat for Luxus?

This Chapter…

Luxus couldn’t believe Evergreen was defeated.  But it seems that this man doesn’t know when to give up!

Silly Natsu wanted a Fairy Tail Battle round 2 and even challenged the girls for a fight!

Instating another rule, Luxus surrounded the guild with display boards and activated the Hall of Thunder!  The battle must conclude in 1 hour and 10 minutes but hell that he’s using the townspeople as shield!

Thunder Lachrymas were seen floating about powered with vast amount of magical lightning that when discharged were capable of engulfing the whole town with thunder strikes!  The terrible thing is any attack made to those is just the same as attacking yourself.  It bounces back any advances made!

Levi would probably prove herself useful this time with her capacity to undo the enchantments that Natsu and the others could pass through the invisible kekkais.


There’s not much action here and we still haven’t seen Mistgun. Is he gonna be completely useless?  Then why had he returned to the guild in the first place?

I’d like to see Erza one more time up against Justin but I guess somebody might do that now.  Gazille could take on Bixlow or Natsu could go against Fried, that’d be cool.  Lastly, I think it probably would be Luxus and Makarov since they are the root of all these crazy fights.


Seen the Holic Fanbook Yet? November 25, 2008

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Take a peek here!

I just did!

Scouring the web for HOLiC 170 so far turned out really frustrating since I can’t find any till now. :((

However, I came across this site with the Official xxxHOLiC Fanbook scans on it. I doubt if it’s all there is to it since I suppose there are missing pages and the image on the left meant to be the cover of the said publication.

Another old news, if you put it, but many millions of HOLiC fans, me included would want to have even a glimpse of it too and it seems that site has the only comprehensive scans on it, the best I could find.

The fanbook was made available in 2005 but it is already 2008 and I haven’t had my hands on it! Honestly, I didn’t know there was one out! Geeez!

I am currently waiting patiently  for my VK fanbook to arrive (couldn’t resist am I? XD) which hopefully could writhe free from the succeeding holidays Japan is having.  I learned from my shipper that they did celebrate the Kinro Kansha No Hi, a thanksgiving sort of, and a celebration for kids of certain ages,  so I figured it out and conclude it has something to do with the HOLiC delay.

So far, I’ve skimmed on the pages and I found it very interesting.  Lot’s of features and mostly colored but not too colorful pages but judging from the contents, it so rocks!  I suppose it contains vastly what we need to know about xxxHOLiC.

This is so gonna be my next project!  XD