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xxxHOLiC: Chapter 172 January 22, 2009

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Looking back…

Cooking lessons were at Yuuko’s shop and the menu was never complicated and can be done even with the eyes closed…riceballs!

This Episode…

The lady client freaks out more as Watanuki continued to talk her into opening up and making her realize her own ‘disgusting” issue.  She is despises to taste what she has cooked because she fears to know herself better, that according to Watanuki.

The next thing is, Watanuki told her more about himself and how his ordeal is so similar with hers.  He deemed that it’s more scary not to know further one’s self much less being ignorant about it.

Watanuki now finally realizes how the people around him appreciates him and found him important and it was shown by the way they react to his cooking.  Those very reasons are the things that might want him to strive on living.

After his award-winning monologue, he invited the lady to make the rice balls together that they may know each other well but she ran off.

In the end, instead of learning a lesson from him, he was taught instead. He grew in him the will to journey towards his true self, the find out the purpose he serves and the importance of his cooking and the people closest to him.


I was amazed how matured Watanuki was in this chapter!  He sounded like Yuuko qouting her “hitsuzen” thing!

Still, there was no closure to the cooking arc and the chapter’s so short that instead of getting enlightened a bit, it made me more confused.

So much like what Quinn has observed!

I know this series’ gonna be ending soon but still…! :(


8 Responses to “xxxHOLiC: Chapter 172”

  1. Quinn Says:

    I really feel that W is going to be the sacrificial lamb. Nice to have you back. ^ ^

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Yeah I am too! Have you read the latest Tsubasa? The clone has just died but the real one is still alive. There’s a possibility that Watanuki won’t die but in the Chinese forums they’ve got a thread that says otherwise like your opinion. :(( Noo! I hope it isn’t going to be true!

  2. grmchild Says:

    Yeah, but it might be more of a “since you’re part of him you should be reunited with him” sort of thing. You know, that could actually be a bad thing since W has so much going for him in this series.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I wonder if everything ends and Sakura could be brought back to life, that distortion would heal itself. If that’s the case, let’s prepare to say goodbye to W for real! T~T

  3. Quinn Says:

    That’s what I have always thought esp. when the big reveal happened that W was NOT S’s brother but S split in two.

    When time is restored and the wish granted the break in time will be restored but time has to still be alered. I wonder if W will become a whole individual and be shown in one of the other worlds as a reborn infant?

    CLAMP are starting to tick me off with Holic’s schedule. No new chaps. into Feb. Come on already!

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I’m so sick of their schedule either! :\ The wait’s already a pain in the ass. CLAMP really… and they just give us a few paged release after! Grrrr!

      I fear for Watanuki and what would happen to him. The clone in TRC has just vanished and Fai got his eye and magic back. If the distortion is no more what would the turnout be? Will he continue to exist?

      Btw, Quinn-chan, how would you like to join us in the forums? That if you’ve got time. It’s here: http://ongaku.senakunes.com

  4. Quinn Says:

    Now I feel like an ass. >.> I just read at Chibi-yuto’s site that the delay is due to one of them being sick.

    That is one question we will have to wait for CLAMP to answer. I keep thinking it will end with me cursing CLAMP for killing my fave character, but who knows till it ends. Which is soon. TT

    Thanks for the link. I am now registerd as Quinn. How odd to actually get the one name I constantly use. *U* I will check the forum out latter this evening.

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