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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin] December 29, 2008

Looking back…

Shall I say the Vampire Council is no more?  But I hope Takuma is still alive!

On this note, the crumbling of the Council signaled Kaname’s end of mission and that leaves only Zero to take care of the other… preventing Rido from getting his hands on Yuuki on his behalf.

This Episode…

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Final Moments

Consoling Kaname

The Farewell

Episode 13 : Vampire’s Knight

Despite Zero’s attack, Rido had gotten loose.  He tried to escape and fed himself with the lowly vampires to regain his strength but Kaname tracked him with Zero coming after shortly.

The duel began between Kaname and Rido and Zero finishes the evil guy at once.  Coordinated much? But it’s so cool!  Then, it’s good riddance Rido!

After all the trouble, Kaname praised Zero for a job well done but Zero pointed the Bloody Rose at him.  Good thing that Yuuki came in time to stop him!  Kaname left them alone just like in the manga to say their farewells.

I won’t mention less important stuff anymore so let’s get to the juicy part!

Yuuki indeed bit Zero as it was in the rumor! Alright but that was probably the last time they can talk and probably see each other as he declared to kill her the next time.  They hugged and that was that!  Bye Zero!

Now, Kaname was so hurt as he felt what Yuuki has just did and was quite uncertain of what her decision would be.  He got himself ready to leave with a resolve that he’ll respect whatever Yuuki decides.  But Yuuki came to his room already dressed up and my God he had fallen on his knees.  Maybe he felt so relieved that Yuuki has chosen him! :3

The Cross Academy wasn’t totally wrecked as I thought it would be.  It’s good to know Yagari and Kaien were alive, just exhausted from the battle but unscathed.

Aidou managed to joke  now that everything’s over.  That lapis lazuli before is his keepsake and a reminder that he’s friends with Kaname.

Rima and Shiki went to the Vampire Council’s place which already had fallen into ruins as Takuma offered his life for it and only his sword had lived to tell the tale. *sniff* Shiki took it and of course Rima as usual with her pockies! Are they already an item or what?

The Night Class decided to leave the academy and follow Kaname.  But before that the emotional farewell between Kaien and Yuuki took place (but there’s a comedy before, see!).  The day class people were told the situation is over and Yori wasn’t able to bid Yuuki goodbye.

Zero is back to his normal state and resumed his duty as a guardian and while looking at the Moon Dorm’s gate he reminisced the Yuuki he has ever known, the Yuuki he’ll never see again.

Yagari couldn’t believe the damage the school had incurred but then the people from the hunters association came and there goes the help!

The episode ended up with the Night Class, Kaname and Yuuki leaving the academy grounds to where? *tehee* Of course home!

Random Babblings…

Okay, it was thirty minutes late! I was forced to see a bunch of commercials! Grrrr! At least it was finished and it’s really good!

All’s well that ends well.

With the rate the anime has ended, I’ll bet there will not be another sequel to this!

Whatever. I’m so happy with the turn out of events, I thought it’s gonna be Zero’s show and thank heavens it isn’t!  So can we expect similar ending to the manga?

At least Kaname and Yuuki in the end and that what matters to me.  Don’t hate me okay! XD

But my question hasn’t been answered… Who’s the Vampire’s Knight?

Zero, I think…what about you?


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 12 December 22, 2008

Looking  back…

Zero and Ichiru’s reconciliation may come a bit later but at least and it even paved way for Zero to compose himself and execute what he needs to do.

This Episode…

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The Kuran Ancestor?

Rido & Yuuki

Morphing Zero

Episode 12 : The End of the World

Could it be the Kuran Ancestor?  But were shown Kaname among the throng of people and with such a long hair.  This led into the flashback when he and Yuuki were still kids.

Yuuki felt responsible for the things Rido has been doing in the academy and decided to let herself in the open and fight him for she’s the target afterall.  The Night Class people backed her up despite the risky decision she had made.

Because of the turn out of events, vampires keep rushing into the academy and they’re too many to handle that even the skilled vampire hunter Yagari was a bit scathed.  Kaien jumped in to the rescue and tore off the academy’s crest to block off the approaching sea of vampires.

It was quite emotional with the Yuuki and Kaien scene when he asked Yuuki not to call him Chairman but father do suffice.  It was an inspiration before going off to a fight.

Rido managed to seize Yuuki and was about to rob her of her powers running in her blood when Yuuki’s Artemis powered up and turned into a scythe.  It injured Rido.  It is unfortunate though that  Rido’s much powerful than all of their powers combined seizing Yuuki once again.

But Zero appeared and fired the Bloody Rose at the perpetrator.  Yuuki had been freed from Rido’s grasp but he was unaffected by the bullets that hit him.

Kaname went to the Vampire Council’s territory vanishing everyone he met along the way.  When he finally targeted Ichiou, Takuma asked him to do the favor in his stead.  He ended up challenging the old man and there goes the end of the Council I suppose.  I hope Ichijou didn’t die as well.

Zero has been feeling terrible with his left hand tending to have some morphing on it.  Unable to stand the scene and at Zero’s request, Yuuki came running towards him and tried to cut the part of his arm where the grotesque bulge could be found.

Rido just laughed himself out but it was another story when Zero picked the Bloody Rose from the ground.  A strong wave of light emanated from it to everyone’s surprise which caused them to fall back squinting.

Kaname returns to the academy and met Kaien along the way and together they saw that strange light nearby….  the thing from the Bloody Rose.

Random Babblings…

Argh! I didn’t get to screencap even a single scene I really forgot!  Damn me and I didn’t even got to see the very first scene of the episode.

Blame that gag show of some sort before VK, it made me feel sleepy! :(

Anyways, haven’t seen Zero’s vines yet.  The morphing hand of his seemed like a lobster claw to me.

I know everyone’s having a hang over still with the latest manga *tehee* the fun’s nowhere closer.


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 11 December 15, 2008

Looking back…

Yuuki was determined to resume her duties as the academy’s guardian but the Artemis rejected her as she’s now a vampire it was created to repel.  Rido has been revived and Kaname bid Zero to kill him on his behalf.

This Episode…

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Zero's Pistol

Bloodsucking Spree

Ichiru's End?

Episode 11: The Life of Two

The episode started with Yuuki holding the pistol Zero gave her before to be used against him should he went out of control while Kaname’s alone in the woods and pondering on things.

Zero could now feel Rido’s presence from the cell he was held in and at the recollection of Kaname’s words, his hand started to go crazy as if there’s something it would like to become but Ichiru came and points the bloody rose at him.

Shiki regained his consciousness from where Takuma left him and visited the wounded Rima at her room.  Pockies it is!  Meanwhile, Ichijou was heading somewhere for a mission and the Night Class have decided to continue the fight to protect the academy.  Kain has just saved Ruka’s back from a lowly vampire attack.

Rido is having a blood-sucking spree for he might have been starving for quite sometime.  More and more vampires came to attack the academy while the students grew more listless.  It was weird but the Hunters Society President came with a despising proposal for Kaien ending up in a fight but the coward then fled.

Kaname asked Yuuki to go with him so he can stay away from harm but she declined and back at Zero’s cage Ichiru did shoot him.  It was found that Rido had him hurt.  It paved way for the two’s reconciliation remembering the past and it was him that urged Zero to fight back.  Zero drank Ichiru’s blood before anything could happen and went out with something in his shadow that has been morphed.  I wonder if he really would die in here…Ichiru.

The Night Class did send off Kaname, though it is unexpected for him to go alone but he left an assurance that Zero will have to take care to the matters at school and there’s someplace he needs to go.

Random Babblings…

Wow, so many unforeseen twists in this episode!  Rima gaining consciousness, Zero and Ichiru’s reconciliation and Zero drinking his blood were a few but hell, there’s no Kaname and Yuuki kiss! Oh, darn! :\

No good! :P


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 10 December 7, 2008

Looking back…

Kaname revealed that he is the ancestor of the Kurans and Rido came to wake him up from his grave for the purpose acquiring for himself the strength and power brought about by the strongest blood of the Kurans, Kaname’s!

This Episode…

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Protecting Yori

Kaien & Yagari Comedy

Kaname Bids Zero Farewell

Episode 10 : The Overture of Battle ~Prelude~

The sun rays weren’t gentle as it used to towards Yuuki. It’s been hurting her since she has awakened.

Cross Academy is not a peaceful place it was before.  Preparing for the inevitable, the Chairman announced that classes were temporarily cancelled and ordered that none of the students should be allowed to stray from the confines of the building for their safety.

Among the stream of students Yori kept on wondering where Yuki was because she haven’t seen her since. She managed to escape to the dorms but was cornered by Rido’s minions who have started attacking the academy particularly the Day Class students hunting preys for their master.

Just in time, Yuuki and Aidou came to her rescue but the Artemis rejected Yuki and it came flying to the ground. Aidou then finished off the vampires in her stead. Yuki was probably amazed how Yori came to accept her for what she really is.  She worries more about not being able to see her best friend again and she got the Artemis back into Yuki’s holster.

Vampires and Hunters alike came to the academy for Zero and for food but the Night Class people were there to protect them especially the Day Class.  Each of the noble vampires possess distinct powers which were showcased here.  The Chairman and Yagari as well has decided to act accordingly.

Zero has been anticipating the awakening of someone evil and indeed Rido’s slowly came into conscious after Kaname hastened his resurrection. Even Yuuki felt that and has even dreamed of Shizuka giving some sort of a warning.

Ichijou left Shiki alone with a resolve to settle issues of his own and finally Rido has been revived!  Ichiru was the very first person to welcome him back.

Kaname visited Zero in the dungeon where he was being held and bid Zero farewell and that he’s taking Yuuki with him. He said he has allowed him to live not out of pity but for Yuuki’s sake and for that he couldn’t betray her no matter what.

Random Babblings…

Did Shizuka appeared in Yuuki’s dream in the manga? Can’t remember very well.

Well, as I’ve said they too are hastening things out.  Are we running after a deadline here? Probably, there’s only three episodes left for this series so no wonder. *sniff*


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 9 December 1, 2008


Yuuki fed on blood for the first time! Not just from some cheap punk vampire but on Kaname-sama’s! Sweet!

But wait, what the hell is wrong with Zero aiming the Bloody Rose at Yuuki like that?

This Episode…

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Episode 9 : Revival of the Mad King ~Emperor~

Despite of the recent occurrence which led to the revelation of what Yuuki’s true nature is, still she decided to go and see Zero in his room only to be be driven away by Zero’s snide and threatening remarks.  She admitted that she no longer is the Yuuki he knew as her vampire side had already eaten her human side, came rushing out of the building to Aidou and Kain’s surprise and barefoot!

Aidou was left no choice but to run after her with a pair of step-ins Ruka had brought for her.  Funny that he turned instantly blue thinking Kaname would kill him as Yuuki seemed to hurt her foot. The pureblood princess was in her old self again joking at the spoiled brat noble and then seen shedding tears the next.

Meanwhile, Kaname headed to where Rido’s coffin is and found Ichiru on watch.  He denied him access at first but given the ability of the purebloods to instill obedience, he opened the casket for him. Then Kaname told him about the tale of the  Hunter’s Cursed Twins and commented on how lucky for Ichiru to have survived.

Ichijou came in with the unconscious Shiki and tried to stop him as he took Ichiru’s sword and plunged it into his hand atop Rido’s body. Kaname has just infused his own blood into Rido’s corpse, the strongest blood among the Kurans with Takuma in the room feeling helpless but can only watch but he did make his move in the end.

In between the scenes were flashbacks of the fight Rido had with Haruka back then showing how guile Rido had been bringing a hunter’s weapon in battle.  Kaname witnessed the end of his father in his arms and enraged, he tried to stab the perpetrator but was stopped at his tracks.  He just couldn’t kill Rido yet for some reason! He instead shattered his body into thousands of pieces considering Yuuki’s welfare.

Ah, and there goes the hateful Hunter’s Association president and Ichiou of the Vampire Council talking about how Zero’s no longer a threat as he issued a cease and decease order for the human turned vampire.  But before that, Yagari came back to the Academy with the order and Zero submitted himself in willingly, ended locked up in a cellar dealing with the truth that the two pureblood’s blood now lives within him.  Kaien was so cool!

Random Babblings…

OMG! I’m in a daze right now! I’ve just found the link to TV Tokyo’s live streams! I’m so happy!

Here’s the unlinked link: mms://waryas.ath.cx/tvtokyo

I think the anime’s rushing things a bit?


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 8 November 24, 2008

Looking back…

Yuuki was freed from the protective spell cast on her.  She was like Sleeping Beauty awakened by her Prince Charming Kaname with a kiss, er…bite!  Seriously, this was supposedly a very romantic moment for the both of them.  So, kyaaa!!!

This Episode…

– – –

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Episode 8: The Spiral of Recollection

– – –

From where we left off last episode, Kaname reveals Yuuki’s real identity to Zero who was all infuriated and confused at the same time.  Meanwhile, Yuuki did recall her past up to the point where his father and mother have given up their lives in order to protect her and in the process did shun away the vampire side of her.

Kaname brought Yuuki to the Moon Dorms and was greeted by Aidou and Kain who were in  shock upon knowing the truth.  She was his sister after all and the secluded princess of the Kuran, born to be his intended.

Ruka came into realization and accepted defeat in herself after finding out about Yuuki.  Ichijou on the other hand is somehow feeling the guilt and Rido taunted him for betraying Kaname.

Yuuki must have finally come to her senses and her vampiric craving grew and Kaname allowed her to do as she pleased with him.  Her memories got even more clearer as a result.  She also came to the realization and blushingly admitted that she was in love with her brother all this time.  Kaname dismissed her of her thoughts and said that there’s nothing wrong with that since they were fiancees after all then he licked the speck of blood off her face!  Uwaah!

Yuuki smelled a familiar hateful blood in the air and her fear and anxiety was released for the first time shattering the windows.  It was Rido and Rima in a bloody confrontation as she hoped to drive away what’s been possessing Shiki but she ended up getting badly hurt.  She almost got successful bringing out Shiki to consciousness but Rido has stopped him from fighting back.

Ruka met Kaname in the hallway apologized for her selfishness.  She intended to get herself useful for him and got Kaname’s trust in return.

Yuuki went to Zero’s room against the protests of Kain and Aidou but she wasn’t welcomed like she was before.  Zero’s aiming the Bloody Rose at her behind the door!

Random Babblings…

I may seem to be biased but why do I feel that the whole animation sucked?  The chibi Kurans and their parents were supposedly adorable-looking!  The artwork just failed me not to mention the alterations! Gah!

As expected, this episode covered about Chapters 35-37 of the manga (which is much to my preference).


Results are this way! – – – > What’s gonna happen in VKG8? Thanks for everyone who’d cast their votes! ^^


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 7 November 16, 2008

Lastly on Episode 6…

Yuuki-sama, as what the noble vampires call her spent her day being followed around by the usually nocturnal beings.  She, the lover of their Pureblood King!

Shiki on the other hand returns with Takuma to the Moon Dorms.  Rima suspects he isn’t his usual self and is indeed!  Rido has taken over!

This Episode…

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Episode 7: Thorny Kiss

Rido has finally come face to face with his nephew which he coined ‘The Fake Successor.”  A huge fight would have erupted if not for Takuma and besides, it was innocent Shiki’s body he’s taken over so it’ll do no good if he perished along with Rido.

Yuuki’s haunting visions were getting really, really worse that she seemed to falter at anytime.  Her gruesome and bloody ordeal almost cost Zero’s life as she attacked him so boldly.

Like we all predicted, Kaname took her away, freed her from her protective spell and gave her a kiss of life!  Zero hadn’t stole any at all! (so jealous that he pointed his Bloody Rose at Kaname) Hahah, just joking! XD

Random Babblings…

Ah, I love Ruka and Kain’s scene in here.  His unrequited love for Ruka is showing and I hope she realizes that soon and shake off her hopes with Kaname already (coz he’s mine! *,..,*).

Kaname-sama, suteki!  I really love him this episode and how I wish I were in Yuuki’s place! XD  The kiss… it tells all!  *faints*

Poll Results…

Thanks for taking part in the polls to predict what’s gonna happen this episode.  Results are this way! XD – – – > WP 624995

Don’t know how to close it though, had a mistake straying it from my PD account and can’t even have it edited. :(

But hey, thanks everyone of the approximately 193 who voted, that was fun!  Let’s do it again sometime!