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Shugo Chara!! Doki [72] February 27, 2009


Tadase and Amu met Kairi once again in a school related activity!  It’s so good to see Samurai Soul again! :3

This Episode…

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Amu's Taken By Force!

Ikuto~! T~T

Adorable Chibi Lulu!

Episode 72: T”All Shook Up! The Grandmother Appears!!”

I can’t really write much about this episode for the week. I hardly caught up to it! T~T

Anyways, from what I’ve seen (not heard) Lulu’s granny came to Japan and her father and mother were trying to impress her all they could. Even Lulu was having a hard time putting up with her.

She went to the Royal Garden unexpectedly and the Guardians failed to please her… or maybe she was just lookig for a perfect friend for Lulu?? *not so sure bout this* She then drags Amu out and talked with her at the park reminiscing how Lulu was when she was younger.

Amu found herself at Lulu’s house and they went out together to some place where lots of food stalls could be found.  Takoyaki!!! :3

Okay, Lulu for some reason had this urge to call out the embryo once again. Or maybe her granny doesn’t favor much of her mom so… and she caught up with a girl that’s qualifies as a perfect prey! Didn’t get what the tranformation name is but she has the capactiy to turn everything else into Takoyaki but Amu easily talked her out of it and was returned to normal.

Oh and before that, Ikuto was really in a very sorry situation and the violin at last reacted with the gadget that was in the Easter lab! They possibly could have figured out his location already! Poor guy! T~T

Okay back to granny, she went back from where she came from (France probably) with Lulu and Amu seeing her through the airport.  She was really happy but left Lulu the strangest question ever… “What is your dream?” that, if I wasn’t mistaken. ^^;

Random Babblings…

I was having my voice lessons the moment I was watching this serie! I could hardly make out what was being said! But the next time, Ran, Miki and Suu’s having a misundertanding? What could possibly get them at peace with each other once more??


Shugo Chara!! Doki [71] February 20, 2009


It’s Valentine’s Day and yet another filler about a girl named Yukina and her unrequited feelings towards a boy named Daisuke. Amu managed to create her own chocolates under the instruction of Lulu’s dad who’s a chef.

However, the thing which was supposed to be for Tadase went into the more rightful hands (in my own opinion) which is Ikuto’s! :3

This Episode…

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Episode 71:  The Arduous Path of Truth! Kairi Returns!

I’m not just so sure if it was  a school trip or what but definitely, Nikaido sensei, Tadase and Amu were there.

I did see Kairi sneaking behind Amu and Tadase until Miki made her way to him and Musashi.  He tried to restrain her to let the others know, however it’s too late, he’s found out! They ended up in a cafeteria *?* and talked for a while.

Kairi was responsible for conducting the kids’ training in there and he resolved to do his best confident of his abilities.  It just so happened that it is normal for kids to have this short span of attention and they started to make noise and have gotten restless to Kairi’s dismay. Tadase saw the paper airplane the teacher was holding and it gave him an idea. The Guardian charas rode on the paper planes towards Kairi on stage drawing the kids attention.

Later, while the three were talking, Kairi turned into a sour mood and excused himself. He had this brief talk with Tadase about Amu and Amu heard them alright.  She gave him a little lecture then!

The skies grew dark and the storm seemed to be approaching but a kid in the training camp had gotten lost as he ran after a rabbit!  Amu and the rest came to search for him.  She almost fell in the slope if not for Tadase. But they all were saved by Kairi from the falling logs!

Kyaaaah~! We’ve got to see Samurai Soul again! ^__________^

Fufufufu! Watch for yourselves to know more don’t want it spoiled much!

Babbles… Babbles…

Okay, I was a little late and too busy I was far away from the monitor to hear exactly what was being said… :( I hope I’ve gotten the details sort of.. right? *sigh*

Oh, and it’s about Lulu’s  granny next time! ^^


Shugo Chara!! Doki [70] February 13, 2009


It was Rima’s really cute filler episode! First love? And she just turned into uhm… sorry I didn’t get her age but definitely it was her birthday!!! ^^

This Episode…

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Chocolate Dream!

Tadase x Amu

Chocolates from Heaven!

Episode 70:  I Hate These Stupid Chocolates!?

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Amu’s Class underwent a special chocolate-making session under the famous French Chef, Lulu’s Dad, not to mention that there’s a contest on the V-Day itself!

Amu came into fancying lots and lots of chocolates Tadase would be receiving.  She definitely is not the best in cooking, rather it’s her weakness (reason why Suu was born in the first place) but she tried her hardest!

Yukina, a classmate had this huge crush on Daisuke on the same class but he openly declares to be hating chocolates.  Though discouraged, she kept trying to make the best chocolate she could for him.  But each time, she got turned down by the guy’s action.  Dejectedly, she almost gave up.

Lulu of course took over and so…Chocolate Dream appeared, spreading and turning things into chocolates and alluring people to eat chocolates.  However, she couldn’t make them a bit happier. Amu made her realize what she did and managed to turn her as she was.  That, in exchange of the chocolates she worked so hard for intended for Tadase.

Meanwhile, Utau was depressed for the fact that she couldn’t locate Ikuto and hand him her present.  There he was in an area drained out and wasted because of the X-energy from the violin with no one but Yoru and the cat friends as company.

Back at school, a Valentine’s special was being held…sort of a match-making game and finally the winners for the chocolate-making contest was announced.  Yukina did won and unexpectedly Daisuke cheered up on her too making her very happy!  He came to accept her chocolates in the end while Amu couldn’t give anything to Tadase because of the incident. Haha!

The good thing is,  Ikuto received the chocolates which came from heaven, the one that flew out of Amu’s pocket during the fight!  Moe! But poor him!

Random Babblings…

Poor Ikuto…! And how long will these filler episodes last?

Ah at least I see Kairi back on the next episode! Yayyy! Missed him! <3

Happy V-Day everyone!!! ^_____^


Shugo Chara!! Doki [69] February 6, 2009

Looking back…

The self-proclaimed idol at Seiyo Gakuen who despises Amu and treats her as her ultimate rival definitely wants to be Amu herself?

This Episode….


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Happy Birthday Rima!

Rima's First Love Confession?

The Joyous Birthday Girl!

Episode 69: First Love? Love Attack!


The episode started with Rima meeting some guy along the way to school and the air smelled fishy for a while. Something’s going on…what could it be?

At school, the Guardians gave Rima the paper works that needs to be taken cared of while they take care of the matters at the Royal Garden first. And so, it was Rima’s birthday and they are preparing a surprise party for her!

Here comes the guy entering the Royal Garden looking for a Guardian and it was soon found out that he gave Rima a loveletter and was anxious enough to know her reaction.  The guardians ended up helping him figure out ways to express his feelings towards Rima personally.

Rima was contemplative of the letter she had received but was determined to finish the paper works as had been asked of her.  The teacher offered her help but Kusukusu shooed him away.

Now the time has come to set up a date between the guy *didn’t get his name…Sushima…whatever! ah, Kirishima! (thanks stranger…was doing something else while watching) * and Rima for the confession to take place but while waiting, he grew more and more anxious that Lulu got to him first and turned him into Heart Dream First Love Dream (I’m exceptionally deaf today, my bad)!  His powers could make everyone blurt out unwillingly their innermost feelings and secrets particularly in love. Nagihiko almost said aloud of him being Nadeshiko if not for Tadase who was struck by the spell too himself!

Amu managed to turn him back with Rima’s help and so the confession took place.  He finally said it but Rima graciously declined. Anyways, he got invited to her bash and everyone’s really happy.

Eru and Iru were present and some signed autograph of Rima’s favorite gag actor made her light up courtesy of Utau and she was delighted most with the boy’s gift!

Random Babblings…

Phew! I thought my Rima-Hiko delusion would be over! Haha!  Poor Nagi I know how hard it is to keep some deeper secret!


Shugo Chara!! Doki [68] January 30, 2009

Looking back…

Some UFO  fanatic appears! Filling the place with mystery circles which was believed to be UFO made!

This Episode…

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Saaya on the Reel

The Yamabuki Fanclub!

Amulet Clover?

Episode 68: Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki…

Yamabuki Saaya, such a brat who openly declares his affections for Tadase, considers Amu her ultimate rival!

Then comes her farewell bash as she was going abroad with her dad…  She deemed it is high time to show her worth.

She turned Seiyo’s gym into a party hall, prepared outrageous numbers for everyone and ended up challenging Amu into a one on one match.

Beam balancing, Ikebana, things as such but Amu made it through igniting Saaya’s rage even more.

She bid Amu to arrange some snacks with Tadase at the Royal Garden in which she openly flirts with him.  But Tadase felt nothing about her and got embarrassed instead for her uninvited advances.  She blames Amu for it and soon walked out the place and moped.

Lulu was nearby while Saaya consoles herself and wishes she could be like Amu.  Of course, she had been had!

It was surprising that her biggest frustration is to be really Amu!  Hinamori Dream and so she had been turned!

Amu herself did three chara naris since Saaya could do the same too and even stronger!  Ran, Miki and Suu were no match!  But in the end Amu did pacify her that she went back to normal.

The bad thing is, Saaya’s dad went but she was allowed to stay in the school which means… Amu’s cross has just started once again!

Random Babblings…

Cool filler episode!  But Nagi, how’s it going with you??

And Rima on the next episode has found her new apple of the eye?  What about Nagi?  So much for Rima-Hiko! T~T


Shugo Chara!! Doki [67] January 23, 2009

Looking back…

A cosplaying girl imitating her favorite anime character seized the show as she hoped to help maintain peace and order around.  However, instead of being much of a help she screws up every time causing more trouble than eliminating it!

This Episode…

– – –

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Ikuto in a Dream!

Mystery Circles

UFO Fanatic & Lulu

Episode 67: A UFO Girl Appears!

– – –

Amu found Ikuto dazzlingly staring at her  while she was on her bed.  She opened her eyes and realized it was nothing but a dream! :(

She has been worried about him for sometime and still spaces out during the meeting with the Guardians which makes them worry about her too.

Ikuto meanwhile is trying to hid himself from the search platoon, Easter sent to capture him.  Still he wasn’t feeling very well but continuously clings on his violin which is the culprit for draining his energy.

News of a mystery circle echoed Seiyo Academy and Yaya felt excited about it.  It was said to be done by some UFO!  The television too has been filled with such news.

Lulu took a stroll looking for some chances to lure the embryo out.  She accidentally came across some girl saying some chant in the middle of the field.

The girl notices her and they had this chat for a while about how she was looking forward to some UFO adventure.  Lulu was quite fond about her but the next time she sees her, grudgingly she turned her confusion into a more deeper confusion since nobody would ever believe UFO exists.

There appeared the UFO Dream casting magic circles around and entrancing people making them say chants to contact the UFO.

Amu happened to be nearby and dealt with the UFO girl at once.  She had two character transformations with Miki and Ran and everything went back the way it was.

Lulu wasn’t very happy of what she did since the girl was almost like a friend!  She didn’t bother watch the outcome and let the embryo pass her by again!

Babbles… Babbles…

Poor Ikuto! T~T

I’ve got not much to say since this is another of those fillers I’m so pissed about! Where are those lovey-dovey Ikuto and Amu moments?



Shugo Chara!! Doki [66] January 16, 2009

Looking back…

While everyone’s having fun playing in the snow covered school ground, Amu grew worried for Ikuto everytime and when she got home, the cat-eared guy turned himself to leave but Amu suggested for him to stay for a while due to his condition or for other reasons?

This Episode…

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Sleepless Nights!


Ikuto no more?

Episode 66: Uproar! A Cat-Eared Girl!?

Lying side by side with Ikuto gave Amu a fitful sleep that she even spaces out in the Royal Garden thinking about the guy.

When Amu left for school she told Yoru to make sure Ikuto wouldn’t be found out but later he awakens and felt his growling stomach.

Yoru helped himself in the kitchen and found some balls of yarn which he mistook for food just like before.  He got himself entangled on it and Ikuto too who helped him out of the mess.

The news of a cat-eared persona reached the Guardians and they found somebody by the likes of it in the park nearby on their way home.  It was a cosplaying girl who’s influenced greatly by an anime shown on TV.

The Nakayama girl wanted to do good things and heroic things and considered herself as a magical creature while clad in her costume.   However, she scared away kids when she wanted to cheer them up and mistakenly cleaned up a mural an artist had been working on as she thought he was some punk just helping himself in a graffiti spree!

As usual, Lulu messed up with her and made things even worse. She had this character change, I didn’t catch it but it’s sort of Magical….Dream!

The Guardians helped Amu return her to normal while the embryo showed up and this time Lulu’s prepared.  She had Nana run after it with a mini net for catching it but it just toyed with her and left.

Now as Amu returned home, she found Ikuto was gone.  She was kinda sad since they had this little argument earlier.


Fillers again? And where are those juicy moments in the manga? This is frustrating! :(