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What’s Up? October 18, 2008

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Fairchild's Raging Domain


Upcoming CLAMP Releases October 17, 2008

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Grabbed from Chibi Yuuto’s! Thankies ^^

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Google Translation Flags Widget Update August 20, 2010

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I previously had the codes up for translating English blogs into other popular languages but I received so many emails asking how to translate from another foreign language to English, say, Japanese  to English.

We just need to edit a bit of the codes as provided on the translation widget available for download on this page.

Notice in the document containing the codes the highlighted words in bold as shown below.

<a href=”http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&amp;langpair=en|ja&amp;u=https://fairchildonrage.wordpress.com/” title=”Japanese“><img border=”0″ style=”cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;” width=”24″ alt=”Google-Translate-English to Japanese BETA” src=”http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9e/Flag_of_Japan.svg/800px-Flag_of_Japan.svgxx.png” height=”18″ title=”Translate English to Japanese BETA“/></a>

1. Interchange the following: en/ja to ja/en (en = English /// ja= Japanese)

2. Rename the title “Japanese” into “English

3. Rename “Google-Translate-English to Japanese BETA” into “Google-Translate-Japanese BETA to English”

4. Replace the Japanese flaglet’s URL to that of the UK or American flag, say, http://UK/US.flag.jpg

5. Finally edit “Translate English to Japanese BETA” into “Translate Japanese BETA to English

6. Make use of the text widget on your dashboards to display on your sidebars and you’re done!

For other legends: (just for the languages I’ve used in this widget)

ar = Arabic ///zh-CN =Chinese Simplified /// bg = Bulgarian /// zh-TW = Chinese Traditional /// hr = Croatian ///cs = Czech /// da = Danish /// nl = Dutch /// fi = Finnish /// fr = French /// de = German /// el = Greek /// hi = Hindi /// it = Italian ///ko = Korean /// no = Norwegian /// po = Polish /// pt = Portuguese /// ro = Romanian /// ru = Russian /// es = Spanish /// sv = Swedish

Have fun tweaking the codes!


Whos.Among.Us on your WP Sidebars

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Fairchild here, yoroshiku!

I never thought I’d be posting something here again on my old blog, how nostalgic. It’s just that I’ve been receiving email inquiries on how to display Whos.Amung.Us Counters on their WordPress blogs. I also have sneaked into the forums about the issue but it won’t work for the many of us since WordPress indeed does not allow javascripts on their platforms, only HTMLs.

Truth is, Whos.Among.Us made a tutorial on how to in this outdated post –> How To – WordPress Installation and if you would notice a year or two ago, they were still offering a choice of java-script and non-javascript codes so probably I didn’t fuss about the issue back then.  It worked for me no less but it isn’t the case this time with the many who were interested to use the same widget on their blog too since they no longer offer the same options.. only javascripts!

Wait, don’t despair yet!  I’m gonna be sharing with you two simple tricks and you can use WAU widget right on your blog in seconds!  I’m not an expert on htmls and javascripts or anything closer than that, lol.  It’s just out of curiosity that I have rediscovered these tricks and it’s worth sharing I guess.

Method A.

This is kinda simpler, if I were to be asked..

1. Learn the steps on how to add the WUA Widget on WordPress by checking this article — WordPress Installation.

2. Go to the front page of the site — Whos.Among.Us

3. Next for Trick No. 1, scroll down to the Getting Started area and find a dialogue box containing a javascript like the image below:

4.  Look for your tracker code. In this case, it’s lw191dcgtiv, usually following the word “tab” and enclosed in parenthesis.

5.  Edit this HTML code ideal for our WP.  This was the non-java script code WAU offered users before.

<a href=”http://whos.amung.us/stats/xxxxxxxxxxxx/”><img src=”https://whos.amung.us/widget/xxxxxxxxxxx.png&#8221; width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ title=”Click to see how many people are online” /></a>

6.  Replace the “xxxxxx” with the tracking code and proceed with Step 1.

7. Voila!  Enjoy your Widget.

Method B

This is for those who wanted a more complicated setup..

1. Follow Steps 1 & 2 as stated above.

2. Scroll further down to the “More Widgets” area and click on “Showcase” or simply click on the “Showcase Nav Tab” on the upper left side of the WAU front page and you will be led into this:

3.  Notice that yo will still be provided with the same javascript as on the front page but this time you will be given an option to post on several sites that the widget can be used on and it will show you this:

And since we’re on WordPress choose the WP icon and enter your data as follows:

After filling in details, click on Post.

4.  Check on Your WordPress blog and a Post would have been published. (Though it took a while in my case, but it depends.)

5. Use custom methods in editing WP posts which looks like this:

6. You may copy the whole text or just simply start copying from <a href=….

7. Paste on the WP Text Widget and you’re done. See step 1 of  Method A for more reference.

But remember we can’t use those cool maps, just the counters, unless you are on a self hosted blog I suppose (not sure though, haven’t tried).  Also, check on this forum topic for more helpful ideas.

That’s all folks!  Hope you will have that handy little widget on your blogs the soonest!


Kobato: Episode 2 October 13, 2009

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Another Kobato episode is out today! Ureshiii~! <33
Kobato Episode 2

This Episode
Kobato’s contemplating on the bottle Ioryogi had just awarded her and was thankful that she had passed the test given to her.  Meaning there’s a big chance in making her wish come true.  Once again, her innocent dawdling made the little blue fellow spat at her and bid her to start working her ass off collecting wounded hearts.   But the dense girl ended up asking everyone she met on the street resulting into a crestfallen Ioryogi.

Exhausted from her fruitless endeavor Kobato ran into a couple of young kids playing and ended up caddying for their game.  But then she bumped into Fujimoto after helping out another mister who was weary giving out tissue samples to the public.  Only then she realized that he was the same guy who saved her from before.

By some dumb luck she also met Sayaka sensei and thus, she found herself inside Yomogi school with the kids.  The comedy began when Kobato and Fujimoto met once again! Suspense! Watch it!  Very cute scenes after! ^^

Kobato got her first wounded heart collected, that which took her by surprise until Ioryogi told her the real score behind.  It was from the kid at the nursery whom she helped  cheer up unknowingly. She got a 100 mark from the magical fella as well for the accomplishment.

Random Babblings

The Ioryogi crawling out of Kobato’s bag reminded me of Sadaku breathing fire! Also whenever that fellow talks, I honestly hear Kurogane everytime!  Think about it, both of them were short-fused right and obviously the same voice.  Why do I have the feeling that Kobato is straying away from the manga?  A new character will appear in the next episode, probably from one of CLAMP’s works but is it not too early to butcher the promising anime story? :\




Fairy Tail The Anime Kicks Off! October 12, 2009

A few minutes ago, one of my favorite manga serial’s anime adaptation went on air for the first time, 7:30 pm, Japan Time.  That was so exciting!  I never would have thought I could watch an anime in real time again considering my schedule but I’m so glad I made it!

Fairy Tail TV

This Episode

The premiere episode mostly focused on the manga’s first chapter which gave a little backgrounder about the legendary Fairy Tail as a guild and the introduction of  the two of the main characters in the story Natsu and Lucy.  Well, Happy included but does it count like one?  Thought not, but it plays an important role too! ^^;

It all started with the nauseated Natsu, motion sick caused by traveling from any transportation, in this case train.   He and happy came to a town where he hoped to find Igneel.  He came across Lucy who saved her from the cheap charm casted by the man claiming himself as the Salamander but was a phony as Natsu had confirmed it.

The blonde girl Lucy can into Harjion (?) for it is said to be famous for magical stuff stores but was dismayed to have found only one.  She was kinda insulted that despite flaunting of her natural charm wih the scrawny store keeper, a meager discount is all that she got.

Thanking Natsu, she paid for the food he and happy devoured gratitude.  She also told them of her desire to be a part of Fairy Tail to be lined up among the most famous mages.  The same wish made her accept the offer of the phony Salamander as he claimed to be a member of Fairy Tail and would help Lucy with her passes in.  It turned out that his group thrives on beautiful ladies and selling them as a merchandise for bucks.

Natsu overheard about the claim on Fairy Tail and that he cannot let pass.  He came to the rescue and found Lucy there too.  After a brief  wave of motion sickness again, he taught  the guys their lesson.  Lucy with Happy’s help tried to escape but as the flying transformation magic of the feline wore out, Lucy fell in the water where she found her stellar keys that fake mage had thrown.  She called for snooty Aquarius and she washed the ship onto the shore flushing Lucy and happy along.

Meanwhile, Natsu amazingly displayed his fire eating ability and showed a bit of his dragon slayer moves making a statement not to mess up with Fairy Tail’s name.  He sure saved the captive girls including Lucy, took care of the fake Salamander’s group but he overdid it a little throwing the port into chaos and right there and then the town authorities arrived.   Natsu grabbed Lucy and sped away asking if she want to join Fairy Tail and without a thought Lucy gave  him a resounding yes!

Random Babblings

I can’t totally say about the animation quality because I can only manage an LQ streaming unfortunately but it sure is well written for the first episode.  It captured the fun mostly like in the manga but why is it that I am irritated by Lucy’s voice!  I like Natsu’s!  The seiyuu’s voice fits the role very well!  Happy’s? Erm, just fine, I guess.  Why do I like the ED Theme rather than the opening?

Anyways, this is just the first installment.  Meaning,, we have a lot more episodes to critic on!  Hoping the story would stay loyal in the manga as it is now!

Quick Update

Watch Fairy Tail Episode 1 (Subbed) [ HERE ]


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Kobato ~ The Premiere Episode October 6, 2009

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I thought I wouldn’t have time to write about Kobato’s first episode which finally came in today after a long wait!  It took me three hours trying to wrap up my classes as fast as I could and so here are my thoughts.

Check out the episode here!

Check out the episode here!

A little overview:

The anime started with Kobato’s arrival on what appeared to be a park’s playground where Ioryogi, her mystical buddy stuffed in a blue canine toy, gave her a  pep talk pertaining the mission they are about to carry out.  Innocently airhead Kobato seemed to anger her usually cranky partner and always ends  up receiving the wrath and a blow of fire from the fellow.

As the day went on, she met different kinds of people under various circumstances: a lady on the run who missed out one of her garbage bags from a collision with Kobato, a situation which made her qualify for a flock of raven as prey.  Easily deceived by kind words, she almost got into trouble with two guys whom Iroyogi perceived to have an ill intention against her.  Fujimoto came in to her rescue, thus, the first informal meeting.

Fate must have really been at work since our heroine came to work at the very same food stand Fujimoto’s working at.  It so happened that she broke something from the  stand while trying to help out the kids get their  ball back.  She is awesomely clumsy!  The funny thing which happened next was that she was asked by a customer to do the nabe (hot pot dish) for them.  She had it all wrong and hey is chocolate even an option for the recipe?  Despite having been horrified by the way she made the dish, the customers and even her boss thought she had just created something that tastes out of the ordinary, thank goodness.

Her last encounter for the day is with an old lady sitting for a wailing baby.  Kobato tried to help but scared the baby even more until she gave out a very soothing song  fit for a baby’s lullaby.  On the process, people gathered to hear her sing.  And on a detour, Ioryogi finally gave her a winged bottle for her to use as vessel for the mission.

For the first time, I felt nostalgic thinking about Cardcaptor Sakura since this is a Madhouse production.  Cuteness is inevitable! True to their word,  CLAMP aided the anime to at least look much similar to what was being illustrated in the manga, though of course minor flaws are observed  from time to time, Kobato’s noticeably ragged and bristly hair for example.  Ohkawa is on the script if I’m not mistaken, so, Yay!.

Kobato’s voice suits the role perfectly in contrast with Fujmoto’s which is kind of unexpected.   I so  love Ioryogi’s best!  Kurogane? Haha, magnificent!

Kobato as an anime is really refreshing!  It has a balanced theme of comedy and the episode doesn’t have dull moments and considering the many events taking place in a matter of 20 minutes or so.  Nice!  I’ll try to watch it on real time if I could because I sense hope in this anime considering the not so great ending of both xxxHoliC Kei and Tsubasa Chronicle most especially.  Hopefully, the momentum could be kept.

Lastly, Maya Sakamoto really rocks!  I  love the Opening theme though it could have been better as I hoped but it matches Kobato’s character in a sense.  The ending is kinda slow, not that notable.


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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ~ The Epilogue October 5, 2009

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

A few seconds after the ultimate CLAMP-holic Chibiyuuto posted his broadcast on Twitter, I was given the chance to take a look at the the latest raw scans of the TRC Epilogue.  Thank you!  They’re still in Japanese and I don’t really have that much time to dissect on it.  So I just looked at the pictures and somehow I understood what’s going on.  Also  some familiar Japanese characters I learned a while back proved to be a little helpful.

I didn’t get to write my insights on the final chapter (232) since I honestly was disappointed of how CLAMP  sort of cut the chase short.  Following the series for years was worth it until the last chapters. We all would agree if I’d say that we expect something to turn out real right but to my amazement, the already super complicated manga plot was  made even more perplexed.  I bet that left most of the fans fuming about the lack of concrete explanation from CLAMP… a tragic but happy ending but definitely with issues unsolved till the end.  It felt like taking the plunge and never fully surfacing again.


Anyways, the epilogue somehow explained a few things about Syaoran and Sakura and the rest of the gang, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona.

It goes a little something like this:

Things had turned out almost normally in the Clow country.  The vanishing people vanish no more making the place full of life again.  Syaoran still came to that old home when he was with Fujitaka.  Because of the choices the clones took, they sacrificed themselves and paid the heavy price of having their existence in every dimension erased (probably as I’ve understood it), no wonder why the supposedly Syaoran’s family portrait has only him and the empty chair where Clone Sakura (mom) used to sit and Clone Syaoran (dad) used to stand.  Sad.

Sakura resumed life normally in the palace, back when Touya wasn’t still king and this time Nadeshiko (mom) was still alive and Fujitaka (dad) whom Clow Reed once stood for assumed his rightful role as King and father to Sakura.  Wait, not in the present Clow I presume…?

Syaoran and Sakura met once again and finally settled that thing from before, the word.. I love you that was left unsaid by their other selves.  The group geared up for travel once again through the help of a Mokona earring (was it Modoki’s? I’m lost, but seems like it hopefully) but this time, Sakura wasn’t able to come by choice believing it would be best judging from the dream she had.  Both wanted to meet the other them once more though they have the clones’ memories inside them. And hey, am I just hallucinating or they did just revealed both their names are Tsubasa? And Fai and Kurogane’s just tag-a-longs now.


I hope I have gotten the gist right and hopefully scanlated version would be out soon!  Nonetheless, it was a satisfactory finale for TRC.  Now, I only have hopes for xxxHOLiC (so lackluster nowadays :C ) for some decent answer and I’d wager we’d see more crossovers of them in some CLAMP’s latest and ongoing works.


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Taking Obsession to New Heights! March 11, 2009

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It’s been about eight months since I started this blog and it has been a blast for me every time!  I have had nothing but happy memories in here so I feel really blessed.

What’s supposed to be a personal blog became a medium for meeting various people from different parts of the world!  I have loved the interactions which had taken place in here, the many unexpected commendations, they sure are heart-warming.  This place has made for itself a mark somehow, the ever growing readership, the honors achieved, the positive reviews, the backlinks, they’re what every blogger wishes for!

I haven’t thought of all those when I started scribbling in  here but you made me feel so very special! Therefore, I want to thank all the more than 185 thousand and counting followers, readers and visitors who made their way to this site.  I owe you all so much!

Honestly, I feel guilty about not writing any posts lately but I really feel reluctant when I know the next article I’m going to post in here would be the last one…

But! Remember I’ve been dropping hints about the “great move”? This is supposed to be a happy news, isn’t it?  I’m going self-hosted with WordPress still as the platform! I feel I could customize my blog in any way I want!  And besides, a good friend Sena-kun generously offered this dedicated site for me:


Yes, you can find me there from now on!

And speaking of friends, that is the most amazing thing this endeavor has brought! Meeting cool people and great friends! Lord Ryvius of the Ongaku, Madi-chan of MadiZor, Link-san of the Healing Touch, Sena-kun of Senakunes.com of course! How can I forget Chan-chan, Minnie and more… It’ll take forever if I am to mention them all! ^^; And oh, MrB and the very special Kay-kun…

Dearest Quinn-chan will be joining me in there as well as Taka-san as fellow authors. That means, we’ll have to cover much more stuff than I can handle alone.  The new site still has some glitch here and there from the move but it’ll be fixed in no time.  Overall, I’m pretty excited!

Thank you so much everyone for the trust I’ll try my hardest to still live up to that and I do hope to see you all there!  <3

I remain