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Who really is Yuuko? January 12, 2009

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Yuuko's Mystery Identity

It’s just like asking who Fairchild is! :P

Anyways, since the HOLiC’s conclusion is dawning near, I think this is the right time to ponder on this mystery.

Sure, HOLiC as a whole is mysterious but about who Yuuko is, is another issue shrouded in an enigma.  Could we get to uncover things as her real name, nature and origin at the end of the series?

I for one am dying in anticipation!

Whether are we going to be happy about it or get ourselves overly disappointed is CLAMP’s problem. But how about laying our wild guesses in the open right now?

Actually, this post was inspired by a Chinese thread by  湛忆 which opened the topic on guessing Yuuko’s identity.

Among the many possibilities she presented,  I’d like to agree on some and they are as follows:

  • Clow Reed’s distant relative

She and Clow knew each other and is possibly blood-related.  So, she and Syaoran were kins?

  • Clow Reed’s lover or partner

She and Clow made the mokonas together as well as Maru and Moro.  Yet Yuuko openly declares her disgust for the other in contrast to the statement that they haven’t met yet.  So how would she know what kind of person is he if she hadn’t been closely linked with him? Hmm…possibly, who knows?!

  • A mirage, an illusion or soul of a deceased (scary, but could also be)

The usual, a soul with an unfinished business that not until she gets to grant the wish from somebody she’d had contract with, she couldn’t be at peace or could continue to where she definitely is headed.

There were other choices as well.  Check those out using the pic on the right as a portal, then be the judge and tell me what you think!


11 Responses to “Who really is Yuuko?”

  1. […] bookmarks tagged portalServing 10000 websites – web hosting india since 1998 Who really is Yuuko? saved by 3 others     mastersensai13 bookmarked on 01/13/09 | […]

  2. Quinn Says:

    You sure know how to find difficult topics,Fairchild.*U*

    I have to vote for ex-lover of Clow Reed. But have no idea what SHE is, since she has contacts in the demon world maybe she is also a demon? But, I don’t think she is dead because Doumeki has always been able to see her.

    Since CLAMP has only shared snippets of facts and a lot of false(?) or misleading info. I think we have to wait for the end of Holic =( and hope that all the questions will be answered.

  3. ggctuk Says:

    Well, I think she is not human, because she’s always talking about the human race as though she’s not part of it.

  4. s_sama Says:

    I also vote for ex-lover.
    For a split second a while back, I was thinking that Yuuko could possibly be the Madoushi from the first CCS movie. Just watch it and think about it. I know they look totally different but, it’s CLAMP. Maybe before they started to do XXXholic they went, “HEY REMEMBER THE FIRST CCS MOVIE? Lets make make a whole series based on that but cover it up with a bunch of other stuff to distract our readers!” and went from there.

    I mean really. How many girls did clow reed have?

    *shrug* you asked. :D

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I thought of the same as you but I didn’t think it would be considered as an option so I didn’t add it. How nice! XD

      And yeah, I haven’t considered Clow as any saint either! ^^

  5. Quinn Says:

    Hi, Fairchild.

    RL interfering? your falling down on updating the site with Holic & TCR.=)

    The last scene in Holic has me worried. But the death at the end of TRC was expected from the start IMO.

  6. Roland Mcrea Says:

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  7. raven Says:

    hi guys. ive been sooo confiused latly. i havent read the last 3 olumes sooo yea. andways i think shes around 200-300 years old. in a way the fisrt volume of CCS connects to holic and tsubasa. idk if CLAMP meant for that but…..andy ways i dont think shes a demon. but also not human. and her real name is such a mistery. if you can plase?? i would really like to hear back about this and id when ima check back hear so email me??? GothicStereoTypes@gmail.com

    THANKS!!!! =^-^=

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