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Shugo Chara!! Doki [72] February 27, 2009


Tadase and Amu met Kairi once again in a school related activity!  It’s so good to see Samurai Soul again! :3

This Episode…

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Amu's Taken By Force!

Ikuto~! T~T

Adorable Chibi Lulu!

Episode 72: T”All Shook Up! The Grandmother Appears!!”

I can’t really write much about this episode for the week. I hardly caught up to it! T~T

Anyways, from what I’ve seen (not heard) Lulu’s granny came to Japan and her father and mother were trying to impress her all they could. Even Lulu was having a hard time putting up with her.

She went to the Royal Garden unexpectedly and the Guardians failed to please her… or maybe she was just lookig for a perfect friend for Lulu?? *not so sure bout this* She then drags Amu out and talked with her at the park reminiscing how Lulu was when she was younger.

Amu found herself at Lulu’s house and they went out together to some place where lots of food stalls could be found.  Takoyaki!!! :3

Okay, Lulu for some reason had this urge to call out the embryo once again. Or maybe her granny doesn’t favor much of her mom so… and she caught up with a girl that’s qualifies as a perfect prey! Didn’t get what the tranformation name is but she has the capactiy to turn everything else into Takoyaki but Amu easily talked her out of it and was returned to normal.

Oh and before that, Ikuto was really in a very sorry situation and the violin at last reacted with the gadget that was in the Easter lab! They possibly could have figured out his location already! Poor guy! T~T

Okay back to granny, she went back from where she came from (France probably) with Lulu and Amu seeing her through the airport.  She was really happy but left Lulu the strangest question ever… “What is your dream?” that, if I wasn’t mistaken. ^^;

Random Babblings…

I was having my voice lessons the moment I was watching this serie! I could hardly make out what was being said! But the next time, Ran, Miki and Suu’s having a misundertanding? What could possibly get them at peace with each other once more??


Fairy Tail: Chapter 124 February 24, 2009

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Gazille and Natsu were teaming up against Luxus! Are they gonna make it?

This Chapter…

Theres not much to talk about this chapter, at least for me. I really am terrible when it comes to fight scenes, I’ve nothing much to say… T~T

So… the two dragon slayers attacked Luxus alternately giving their best putting Luxus on the edge…

However, he manifested into his real self.  That very magic he was told to keep a secret!  He’s a dragon slayer too himself! And what a monstrous power!

Now that he’s out to exterminate everyone… does Fairy Tail stood a chance>

Random Babblings…

I am very much eager to know of what Gazille’s true motives are. And could they still do something to keep Luxus sane before it’s too late for Master Makarov?

But the next chapter looks promising! I’m keeping track! ^^


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 214


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Looking back…

Not one feather should be left out in order to realize Fei Wong Reed’s evil wish… bringing back the dead into life!  The feather in Tokyo has been taken back into Sakura’s body distorting and severing links to the different dimensions!

This Chapter…

Determined not to fail this time, Syaoran desperately reached for Princess Sakura’s hand while Fye and Kurogane protects him against Fei Wong Reed’s attacks.

Thanks to Fye’s magic and Kurogane’s strength that he was able to buy time in order to complete his goal.  However, the evil guy’s powers were a bit stronger than them.  It caused Kurogane came flying to the ground and Fye got really exhausted and scathed.

It has been going that way until Syaoran finally held the princess’ hand! Eventually, he managed to get her out of that black thing which could have swallowed her when FWR least expected it.

But what the heck is happening to Sakura? And it’s affecting Yuuko in the other dimension!!  She grew buttefly wings! O.o

Babbles… Babbles…

What’s gonna happen to Yuuko now? I wanna know so much what’s her connection with Sakura and what kind of worse thing’s gonna happen hereafter.  And Watanuki?

I’m just glad there’s this crossover with xxxHOLliC once again! ^^


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 69 February 23, 2009

Chapter 69

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The rally has finally ended and as a result, Tamaki finally realizes and embraced the whole fact that he loves Haruhi even before and didn’t just know how to figure it out.

This Chapter…

Just some spoilers! ^^

The chapter started with Tamaki waking up into reminiscing the talk that has happened between him and Hikaru.  Suddenly he felt really great, blushing and exuded a breezy atmosphere leaving Antoinette, his dog and the servants shivering from the cold and shocked!

Why wouldn’t he be? It’s his birthday (technically, Tamaki’s rebirth) and he’s in love! :3

He went to school in a stand up scooter and saw his friends particularly the already flustered Haruhi, grabbed her face towards him and… oops!

He also said something egoistic again (the usual King Tamaki way) which led Hikaru flaring in intense rage (just an exaggz) and the rest of the Host Club appalled while Haruhi stormed off ahead of them first!

Alright then, it’s party time! Tamaki had for himself a birthday cake, so much to Hunny’s delight!  It was such a wonder how fast did Tamaki has gotten over from being a lackluster for sometime… now, he’s overly dazzling and hyper! He’s in love!!

Haruhi seemed to get along with Megumi very well accompanied her to the library and soon as she gets to the Music Room, she found everyone else on a party mood. Tamaki sudenly froze and hid himself at Haruhi’s presence.  He would have wanted to give Haruhi some cake too but Hunny did it first. Okay, jealous much and trying to impress her probably, he added some more cake on Haruhi’s plate! Hee!

The clash between him and Hikaru flared up again and oh, Kyouya got a phone call! Who could that possibly be? And what’s it all about? Sounds fishy! ^^;

Babbles… Babbles…

Kyaaaah~! Finally, the chapter is out and it’s sooo good!  All I can say is that Tamaki’s back to his old self and the fun continues!


Updates on Ouran Chapter 70 and so forth can be found at my new site:



Bride of the Water God: Chapter 54 February 21, 2009

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Looking back…

The plot of leading Hooye away from Nakbin had been quite a cinch! All the townspeople conspired against them but under whose orders? It couldn’t possibly have been Habaek’s?!

This Chapter…

Nakbin had been thrown in prison and was made to believe that the Water God ordered for her ill fate!  Meanwhile, Hooye sensed something different while on the way to where the errand’s supposed to be, so he turned his way back home.

Ju Dong and Habaek had a few exchanges and it revealed a little something of why the Emperor wanted him so bad!  He is the the sole God to determine who will go victorious in the fight against Shin Nong.  He’s interested in his powers and was willing to woo him at his side but the Water God isn’t just up to it and playing neutral.

Hooye however came a little too late.  Nakbin has already been taken and he knew who’s really behind the farce!  There was the Emperor admitting to his crimes and offered help? And what’s this? He was their father? oO.Oo

Random Babblings…

Habaek’s easy-going ways probably had been the very reason why he was put into the current situation he was in.  He might have had declined the Emeperor or anyone else and stick to his decision, therefore, no one if according to the prophecies had been declared the winner.

I’m not a bit surprised if the Emperor is Hooyee and Nakbin’s father the hints had been dropped piece by piece as the volume went. And I am constantly  to the opinion that Nakbin is not just an ordinary human. Probably she might have had felings for Habaek before the incident happened and the false rumor might have had ignited her fury against him and chose to plot with the Emperor and Hooye.

Poor Habaek! T~T


Vampire Knight: Chapter 48

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After the mess, the Night Class’s identities became more evident to the Day Class students but refused to have their memories erased.  Yuuki meanwhile went with Kaname leaving Zero behind with such a heavy heart.

This Chapter…

Luca, Cain and Aidou decided to head home while they were wondering where Kaname, Yuuki and Seiren went off to and worrying if they’d be just okay.

The chapter was mostly a continuation of the flashback while the three were just kids and their first encounter with Kaname. The Chibi Kaname as usual is the cutest!

Luca I guess was the most sensible ones at all times and for that I adore her.  She got genuine feelings towards Kaname and she had been willing to sacrifice herself for him.  Cain, however, chose to watch from sides, hurting but maintained that he should at least be happy for her and content himself with that.

Luca too was some sort of a heroine having saved Yuuki unconsciously before.  She had pacified Kaname’s hunger for Yuuki’s blood which could have ruined everything he had worked so hard for!

Babbles… Babbles…

I’m not gonna dig deeper into details.  I’d like everyone to find out how good this chapter is! *~*

I’ve got only three things to say…

I love Kaname. I adore Luca. I’m liking Cain even more!


Shugo Chara!! Doki [71] February 20, 2009


It’s Valentine’s Day and yet another filler about a girl named Yukina and her unrequited feelings towards a boy named Daisuke. Amu managed to create her own chocolates under the instruction of Lulu’s dad who’s a chef.

However, the thing which was supposed to be for Tadase went into the more rightful hands (in my own opinion) which is Ikuto’s! :3

This Episode…

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Episode 71:  The Arduous Path of Truth! Kairi Returns!

I’m not just so sure if it was  a school trip or what but definitely, Nikaido sensei, Tadase and Amu were there.

I did see Kairi sneaking behind Amu and Tadase until Miki made her way to him and Musashi.  He tried to restrain her to let the others know, however it’s too late, he’s found out! They ended up in a cafeteria *?* and talked for a while.

Kairi was responsible for conducting the kids’ training in there and he resolved to do his best confident of his abilities.  It just so happened that it is normal for kids to have this short span of attention and they started to make noise and have gotten restless to Kairi’s dismay. Tadase saw the paper airplane the teacher was holding and it gave him an idea. The Guardian charas rode on the paper planes towards Kairi on stage drawing the kids attention.

Later, while the three were talking, Kairi turned into a sour mood and excused himself. He had this brief talk with Tadase about Amu and Amu heard them alright.  She gave him a little lecture then!

The skies grew dark and the storm seemed to be approaching but a kid in the training camp had gotten lost as he ran after a rabbit!  Amu and the rest came to search for him.  She almost fell in the slope if not for Tadase. But they all were saved by Kairi from the falling logs!

Kyaaaah~! We’ve got to see Samurai Soul again! ^__________^

Fufufufu! Watch for yourselves to know more don’t want it spoiled much!

Babbles… Babbles…

Okay, I was a little late and too busy I was far away from the monitor to hear exactly what was being said… :( I hope I’ve gotten the details sort of.. right? *sigh*

Oh, and it’s about Lulu’s  granny next time! ^^