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Shugo Chara!! Doki [72] February 27, 2009


Tadase and Amu met Kairi once again in a school related activity!  It’s so good to see Samurai Soul again! :3

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Amu's Taken By Force!

Ikuto~! T~T

Adorable Chibi Lulu!

Episode 72: T”All Shook Up! The Grandmother Appears!!”

I can’t really write much about this episode for the week. I hardly caught up to it! T~T

Anyways, from what I’ve seen (not heard) Lulu’s granny came to Japan and her father and mother were trying to impress her all they could. Even Lulu was having a hard time putting up with her.

She went to the Royal Garden unexpectedly and the Guardians failed to please her… or maybe she was just lookig for a perfect friend for Lulu?? *not so sure bout this* She then drags Amu out and talked with her at the park reminiscing how Lulu was when she was younger.

Amu found herself at Lulu’s house and they went out together to some place where lots of food stalls could be found.  Takoyaki!!! :3

Okay, Lulu for some reason had this urge to call out the embryo once again. Or maybe her granny doesn’t favor much of her mom so… and she caught up with a girl that’s qualifies as a perfect prey! Didn’t get what the tranformation name is but she has the capactiy to turn everything else into Takoyaki but Amu easily talked her out of it and was returned to normal.

Oh and before that, Ikuto was really in a very sorry situation and the violin at last reacted with the gadget that was in the Easter lab! They possibly could have figured out his location already! Poor guy! T~T

Okay back to granny, she went back from where she came from (France probably) with Lulu and Amu seeing her through the airport.  She was really happy but left Lulu the strangest question ever… “What is your dream?” that, if I wasn’t mistaken. ^^;

Random Babblings…

I was having my voice lessons the moment I was watching this serie! I could hardly make out what was being said! But the next time, Ran, Miki and Suu’s having a misundertanding? What could possibly get them at peace with each other once more??


11 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [72]”

  1. Tryrisha Says:

    omg! how can Amu possibly be in a diet when she is soooooooooo thin!!! :s oh, and thanks for the episode! ^^

  2. stranger Says:

    I’m so sad that Miki’s sense of fashion was criticized by Lulu’s grandmother. I see Lulu likes her grandmother.

    Lulu’s grandmother went to Royal Garden to check on Amu to see if she’s good for Lulu’s friend. *Sigh* Yaya, you overdid it by making Tadase the “prince” attitude… That’s why she scolded him…

    Lulu’s grandmother told Amu that young Lulu’ve been telling her what she wanted to do in the future, and last night Lulu said that was when she was young and didn’t understand what she meant. Lulu’s grandmother “saw” that she was confused about her dream. (She asked Lulu what she want to do and Lulu was confused)

    I think they went separate way after Amu met Lulu the second time.

    >Lulu for some reason had this urge to call out the embryo once again.
    After the person gave Lulu the flyer and two kids mimicking Lulu’s mother’s commercial, she thought that her dream (the one her grandmother asked her last night) is to restore her mother’s glory as an actress. That’s why she needs to get embryo no matter what.

    Later Lulu’s grandmother told her mother that she understood why they moved to Japan (for Lulu to find her own dream). And she actually wanted her dream badly but was forced to be that kind of person. It seems like she likes that miso nikomi udon, too!

    That girl transformed to “En nichi Dream” (The translation wrote “Temple Festival Dream”). Yeah, this is pretty random because Lulu randomly chose her so that she can get embryo quickly.

    It seems like Amu knows Lulu’s out there when she told that girl about “Dreams are for people to find out by their own”.

    Before leaving, Lulu’s grandmother reminded her to find out what she wanted to do (and not what she wanted to do for her mother). She then told Lulu she will find out, and laughed when looking at Amu.

    I don’t think they realized whereabouts of Ikuto is, though.

    Sorry for the long comment this time.

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Well said Stranger-san. I still couldn’t watch the whole episode even with the subs on and I really am so happy to read your comment! Hehe, thanks! Maybe you should guest write on my blog sometime? XD

  3. stranger Says:

    I cannot write it before your provide on the ep., so I should be the one to thank you.

  4. Mike Says:

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  5. stranger Says:

    ep. 73 is out in youku.com

  6. stranger Says:

    I don’t know where to post my summary to ep. 73, so I’m posting here:

    All three of them are arguing because Ran ate Miki’s cake that Miki enjoy looking very quickly, then Suu tried to stop Ran and Miki’s argue by say good kids should be eating cake quietly. Ran and Miki both said Suu is being shrewd (pretend to be a good kid). So they are arguing also in the next day during the shugo chara’s meeting. (wow, they are fiighting over something like that?) They all think they are the best for Amu.

    Suu went out in the middle of the fight during the meeting and met the girl who likes cooking in the cake shop the other day. She can hear Suu’s voice but cannot see her. The girl’s name is Mimori Morino. Mimori wanted to be a food critique instead.

    In the meantime, Easter is still searching for the violin, and Ikuto’s still in pain.

    Amu and the others are searching for Suu. Amu was thinking of what x Dia said earlier and thought it was her fault that Suu went missing. They all encouraged Amu about shugo chara except Nagihiko (you know why)

    Yoru was caring for painful Ikuto. Then, Easter people is near by!

    Miki and Ran are still mad at each other. Other shugo charas were trying to make them make up but failed, so they went private meeting. Then Dia reappeared a bit from the crack of her egg and talked to Miki and Ran so that they make up. Dia egg then goes out. Even though Ran and Miki are still mad at each other, they went out to find Dia, leaving three of them behind.

    Friends of Mimori called her about teaching them stew, but she made a wavering face.

    Keep arguing, Ran and Miki “helped” each other searching for Dia, and saw her talking to Nagihiko. He was jealous of Amu to have a wonderful shugo charas, so he said it would be fine, except he was waiting for his two shugo charas. Dia tried to comfort him.

    It turns out that Mimori’s not good at cooking! Her friends said it’s ok and they will cook it themselves. Just tell them the recipe will be fine. Suu realized why Mimori said she wanted to be food critique instead (but she really wanted to be a cook).

    Nana and Lulu found them, which Mimori became the target of ? egg for this time. All of them, in different places, felt ? egg and went search for it. Amu herself found Mimori standing and said “I can cook meal deliciously!” Thus she became Delicious Dream. She forces people to eat what she made out from her magic and said “delicious!” The rest of them caught up later. There was a little moment where Ran and Miki were fighting over who to chara-nari with Amu, who she chose Ran first. However she couldn’t chara-nari with both of them. Nagihiko said that their heart didn’t go together that they couldn’t chara-nari. With Mimori’s attack, all of them, except Amu, Ran, and Miki were trapped (w. Rima and Nagihiko trapped together, if you’re a RimaxNagihiko fan). Suu, then, appeared and tried to talk with Mimori, but Mimori thought Suu as an ingredient for cooking.

    To save Suu, Miki thought of a plan and Ran agreed with her (she approved Miki as a planner and herself as fast “speeder”). Miki and Amu went (without chara-nari) to talk with Mimori, while Ran secretly go to save Suu. Suu saw Ran, so she also go with the flow and talked to Mimori to make Ran chance to save her.

    Suu was the one who said sorry to Ran. Then rest of them said sorry to each other. Suu said something like “we’re all ingredients to the meal, we made up to complete each other.” (not a complete translation, but meaning is like this). After making up, Amu chara-naried with Ran first (for speed and flying), then Miki (for Colorful Compass), finally Suu (to tell Mimori to slow down, and “Negative heart ni lock on”). (Open Heart! was said by all four of them).

    All of them eating cake together is so cute!!

    On the way back from eating cake again, Yoru rushed to Amu and said Ikuto’s in trouble (while Ikuto’s lying on the open field, feel painful).

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Thank you as always Stranger! <3 I have been really busy I’m sorry I didn’t get to update this week! :(
      Could you possibly email me at the address found on the front page? I’d like to offer you a proposal! Thanks, I’ll be waiting! ^^

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