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Google Translation Flags Widget Update August 20, 2010

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I previously had the codes up for translating English blogs into other popular languages but I received so many emails asking how to translate from another foreign language to English, say, Japanese  to English.

We just need to edit a bit of the codes as provided on the translation widget available for download on this page.

Notice in the document containing the codes the highlighted words in bold as shown below.

<a href=”http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&amp;langpair=en|ja&amp;u=https://fairchildonrage.wordpress.com/” title=”Japanese“><img border=”0″ style=”cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;” width=”24″ alt=”Google-Translate-English to Japanese BETA” src=”http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9e/Flag_of_Japan.svg/800px-Flag_of_Japan.svgxx.png” height=”18″ title=”Translate English to Japanese BETA“/></a>

1. Interchange the following: en/ja to ja/en (en = English /// ja= Japanese)

2. Rename the title “Japanese” into “English

3. Rename “Google-Translate-English to Japanese BETA” into “Google-Translate-Japanese BETA to English”

4. Replace the Japanese flaglet’s URL to that of the UK or American flag, say, http://UK/US.flag.jpg

5. Finally edit “Translate English to Japanese BETA” into “Translate Japanese BETA to English

6. Make use of the text widget on your dashboards to display on your sidebars and you’re done!

For other legends: (just for the languages I’ve used in this widget)

ar = Arabic ///zh-CN =Chinese Simplified /// bg = Bulgarian /// zh-TW = Chinese Traditional /// hr = Croatian ///cs = Czech /// da = Danish /// nl = Dutch /// fi = Finnish /// fr = French /// de = German /// el = Greek /// hi = Hindi /// it = Italian ///ko = Korean /// no = Norwegian /// po = Polish /// pt = Portuguese /// ro = Romanian /// ru = Russian /// es = Spanish /// sv = Swedish

Have fun tweaking the codes!


Whos.Among.Us on your WP Sidebars

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Fairchild here, yoroshiku!

I never thought I’d be posting something here again on my old blog, how nostalgic. It’s just that I’ve been receiving email inquiries on how to display Whos.Amung.Us Counters on their WordPress blogs. I also have sneaked into the forums about the issue but it won’t work for the many of us since WordPress indeed does not allow javascripts on their platforms, only HTMLs.

Truth is, Whos.Among.Us made a tutorial on how to in this outdated post –> How To – WordPress Installation and if you would notice a year or two ago, they were still offering a choice of java-script and non-javascript codes so probably I didn’t fuss about the issue back then.  It worked for me no less but it isn’t the case this time with the many who were interested to use the same widget on their blog too since they no longer offer the same options.. only javascripts!

Wait, don’t despair yet!  I’m gonna be sharing with you two simple tricks and you can use WAU widget right on your blog in seconds!  I’m not an expert on htmls and javascripts or anything closer than that, lol.  It’s just out of curiosity that I have rediscovered these tricks and it’s worth sharing I guess.

Method A.

This is kinda simpler, if I were to be asked..

1. Learn the steps on how to add the WUA Widget on WordPress by checking this article — WordPress Installation.

2. Go to the front page of the site — Whos.Among.Us

3. Next for Trick No. 1, scroll down to the Getting Started area and find a dialogue box containing a javascript like the image below:

4.  Look for your tracker code. In this case, it’s lw191dcgtiv, usually following the word “tab” and enclosed in parenthesis.

5.  Edit this HTML code ideal for our WP.  This was the non-java script code WAU offered users before.

<a href=”http://whos.amung.us/stats/xxxxxxxxxxxx/”><img src=”https://whos.amung.us/widget/xxxxxxxxxxx.png&#8221; width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ title=”Click to see how many people are online” /></a>

6.  Replace the “xxxxxx” with the tracking code and proceed with Step 1.

7. Voila!  Enjoy your Widget.

Method B

This is for those who wanted a more complicated setup..

1. Follow Steps 1 & 2 as stated above.

2. Scroll further down to the “More Widgets” area and click on “Showcase” or simply click on the “Showcase Nav Tab” on the upper left side of the WAU front page and you will be led into this:

3.  Notice that yo will still be provided with the same javascript as on the front page but this time you will be given an option to post on several sites that the widget can be used on and it will show you this:

And since we’re on WordPress choose the WP icon and enter your data as follows:

After filling in details, click on Post.

4.  Check on Your WordPress blog and a Post would have been published. (Though it took a while in my case, but it depends.)

5. Use custom methods in editing WP posts which looks like this:

6. You may copy the whole text or just simply start copying from <a href=….

7. Paste on the WP Text Widget and you’re done. See step 1 of  Method A for more reference.

But remember we can’t use those cool maps, just the counters, unless you are on a self hosted blog I suppose (not sure though, haven’t tried).  Also, check on this forum topic for more helpful ideas.

That’s all folks!  Hope you will have that handy little widget on your blogs the soonest!


Taking Obsession to New Heights! March 11, 2009

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It’s been about eight months since I started this blog and it has been a blast for me every time!  I have had nothing but happy memories in here so I feel really blessed.

What’s supposed to be a personal blog became a medium for meeting various people from different parts of the world!  I have loved the interactions which had taken place in here, the many unexpected commendations, they sure are heart-warming.  This place has made for itself a mark somehow, the ever growing readership, the honors achieved, the positive reviews, the backlinks, they’re what every blogger wishes for!

I haven’t thought of all those when I started scribbling in  here but you made me feel so very special! Therefore, I want to thank all the more than 185 thousand and counting followers, readers and visitors who made their way to this site.  I owe you all so much!

Honestly, I feel guilty about not writing any posts lately but I really feel reluctant when I know the next article I’m going to post in here would be the last one…

But! Remember I’ve been dropping hints about the “great move”? This is supposed to be a happy news, isn’t it?  I’m going self-hosted with WordPress still as the platform! I feel I could customize my blog in any way I want!  And besides, a good friend Sena-kun generously offered this dedicated site for me:


Yes, you can find me there from now on!

And speaking of friends, that is the most amazing thing this endeavor has brought! Meeting cool people and great friends! Lord Ryvius of the Ongaku, Madi-chan of MadiZor, Link-san of the Healing Touch, Sena-kun of Senakunes.com of course! How can I forget Chan-chan, Minnie and more… It’ll take forever if I am to mention them all! ^^; And oh, MrB and the very special Kay-kun…

Dearest Quinn-chan will be joining me in there as well as Taka-san as fellow authors. That means, we’ll have to cover much more stuff than I can handle alone.  The new site still has some glitch here and there from the move but it’ll be fixed in no time.  Overall, I’m pretty excited!

Thank you so much everyone for the trust I’ll try my hardest to still live up to that and I do hope to see you all there!  <3

I remain



Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish?? January 26, 2009

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Yuuko's Wish

While we have a lot of speculations upon Yuuko’s true identity, it made me think a lot of another mystery entailing her existence…

The time and space witch as she had been frequently referred to has the ability to grant other people’s wishes at a price equally corresponding to the weight of the wish itself.  Nothing’s lesser, nothing’s excessive, there always should be balance.

From her own words, the meeting with Watanuki was a ‘hitsuzen,’ a thing that was bound to happen but why?

The old diviner from before dropped some hint of Yuuko’s big change since Watanuki entered her life…because?

What really is Yuuko?  Is she somebody whom we are not expecting her to be? Have we all mistaken about her?  And what is Watanuki’s role in her life?

Wish granted those who are willing got pay the price but Yuuko’s wish, who would have the power to grant it?

Obviously,  with a power like hers, there’d always be limitations and going beyond it is committing a taboo which would reap unwanted results.

If Fei Wang Reed’s desire is to bring somebody back to life, then what is Yuuko’s and it seems Watanuki is a vessel towards realizing it?

If that’s the case, the distortion that was caused by Syaoran’s wish was extremely beneficial for her as well?

Anybody who has the slightest idea?


Back for Good! January 23, 2009

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I have been slacking off for sometime  as real life requires but I’m definitely back and I have some great news I’d like  all  of you to know!

WoAM Portal

WoAM Community Portal

– – –

New Venture!

I’ve kicked off writing posts over Ongaku – The World of Anime Music at the Anime Music God, Ryvius’s invitation!  I was really excited to try new kind of things for a change.

Thirsting for anime music?  Catch us there!

– – –

A New Community Forum!

We can bring and discuss more our anime and manga stuff over the Ongaku Forums.  What does a Global Mod do? LOL

You will find anime, OSTs, manga, fanarts and other interesting stuff, name it. You may start a thread and interact with other users who share the same passion as we have. Talks of anything related are all welcome in the forums!

Join us and the community now! ^^


Who really is Yuuko? January 12, 2009

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Yuuko's Mystery Identity

It’s just like asking who Fairchild is! :P

Anyways, since the HOLiC’s conclusion is dawning near, I think this is the right time to ponder on this mystery.

Sure, HOLiC as a whole is mysterious but about who Yuuko is, is another issue shrouded in an enigma.  Could we get to uncover things as her real name, nature and origin at the end of the series?

I for one am dying in anticipation!

Whether are we going to be happy about it or get ourselves overly disappointed is CLAMP’s problem. But how about laying our wild guesses in the open right now?

Actually, this post was inspired by a Chinese thread by  湛忆 which opened the topic on guessing Yuuko’s identity.

Among the many possibilities she presented,  I’d like to agree on some and they are as follows:

  • Clow Reed’s distant relative

She and Clow knew each other and is possibly blood-related.  So, she and Syaoran were kins?

  • Clow Reed’s lover or partner

She and Clow made the mokonas together as well as Maru and Moro.  Yet Yuuko openly declares her disgust for the other in contrast to the statement that they haven’t met yet.  So how would she know what kind of person is he if she hadn’t been closely linked with him? Hmm…possibly, who knows?!

  • A mirage, an illusion or soul of a deceased (scary, but could also be)

The usual, a soul with an unfinished business that not until she gets to grant the wish from somebody she’d had contract with, she couldn’t be at peace or could continue to where she definitely is headed.

There were other choices as well.  Check those out using the pic on the right as a portal, then be the judge and tell me what you think!


Vampire Knight Guilty: The Aftershock January 2, 2009

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, surely I’ll be the first to break them so I’d better not make one.  However, I just can’t leave some issues unresolved for the past year and so I’m making sure I have to settle it now.

But before that, Happy New Year Everyone!

No more putting up with sappy late night gag shows and no longer will I be battling keeping my eyes open while trying to stay awake for the early morning Vampire Knight Guilty show! What a relief!

Wait, did I say it was finally over?

Honestly, I was kinda half-hearted at the last episode but now as I think about it I just realized that I have so much to blab about!  I didn’t feel like it in my last post since I’ve been considering this stuff  as one of those routines I’ve fused into my weekly schedules.  But I was just struck by the realization that Vampire Knight Guilty is no more! *sniff* Delayed reaction much?

The One

The One ♥

It’s not that it’s the best anime I’ve watched recently, in fact, I have to make a fuss about it a couple of times.  I didn’t like one bit of those twists they’ve done desecrating the very essence of the story, how they hastened things up for I don’t know what and the crappy animation is overly a disappointment for me, that, except the 13th.

If not all my disappointments were gone, at least the last episode left me a satisfying feeling, as if it compensated for all those not so laudable things they’ve done in the past.  This time the story was stitched beautifully and I commend this episode to be such a good ending.

Zero. I really felt for Zero, I can feel his pain.  I’ve watched that scene with Yuuki over and over again. I like how his “love confession” was made.  It’s such a rare thing for vampires to say “I love you” literally right, expressing it is  more than that and it’s way deeper that no words could ever define.

Zero’s feelings got through Yuuki by means of his blood.  But wouldn’t that make her a traitor?  Remember she said he only wanted Kaname’s blood and that was one big sin she committed against him I suppose.

Kaname. He wasn’t a bit expecting such turn of events right?  He so thought Yuuki already decided on Zero so he was willing to set his precious one free and let her find her happiness. I was kinda uncertain of it either it left me hanging.

Yuuki. I think she somehow developed some feelings for Zero, though it wasn’t that strong compared to what she felt about Kaname.  They have been together for quite long so there might be some tiny sparks on their relationship and only Yuuki was too absorbed with Kaname to pay even a little notice.

I saw two things why she cried at that last scene with Zero.  One, for the sake of old times, as two friends and almost siblings who could never see each other again and the second  is that because she had finally learned of Zero’s feelings, gentle as she is, felt his pain and was so sorry she couldn’t return it.

I guess those were just the most important parts which defined the story as a whole.  We’ve come to know who the Vampire Knight in the anime  is.  Zero did prove himself at once.  Also it is said to be that this story is a bit much of a tragedy but I guess the tragic part is that Zero’s demise in love and not some other things.  We’ve seen that no one died except the uncertainty of Ichijou’s fate. Did he really died or what?

Season 3? I don’t think so at this point.  The last season had already been wrapped up though we can’t deny the fact that the ending was an open one which gives us a slim chance for a sequel in the future as there’s not enough materials available, now that the anime has gone past the 46th chapter of the manga.  But who knows?