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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 215 March 4, 2009

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Looking back…

Looks like Fei Wong Reed’s plans is near completion! Will he succeed?

This Chapter…

The two Sakura’s of the different times, the young one preserved within the ruins and the grown up that which traveled with the small group are being merged into one!

Oh no! Yuuko? A failed creation of Clow’s? How could that even be possible?

So… she has the power to send other people in the different dimensions but she can’t just go there herself?! Hmm… I’m speculating on this very early…

Now, were back to that glass capsule once again… what’s next?

Random Babblings…

Continuing.  Are those guy’s efforts in saving Sakura going to be trashed? Sakura hasn’t even came into her senses even a little! T^T That’s really harsh!  Meaning till the very end, Fei Wong Reed has been toying with their very lives and worst!

Now, as to whom he would like to bring back to life… I have a feeling it was Clow. Why? He wasn’t even bothered by Yuuko’s presence despite the powers she could summon.  I found FWR an idiot.  Someone who’s easily threatened by competition and therefore, I guess he’d bring Clow back to prove his worth and throw his success on Clow’s face.  Or maybe he holds special feelings for him!

And what if… FWR isn’t really FWR? What about the possibility of unmasking him totally revealing that it was actually that mage who conquers water back in the Cardcaptor Sakura days?!

Fufufufu~! I’m having weird thoughts all of a sudden! ^^;


15 Responses to “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 215”

  1. wrdo Says:

    I didn’t get the impression that Yuuko was Clow’s failed creation, although I might have been reading it wrong. It seemed more like she was in the same position as original Sakura- frozen in time at the moment when she was about to die.

    grah! I’m confused!

  2. Ena Says:

    I get a feeling that Yuuko and Watanuki has some sort of similar existance. Yuuko has always been very protective of Watanuki, insisting on him not to disappear, as if she has been in his shoes once. So if Yuuko is some sort of Clow creation, it is not quite failed one, but somewhat a dublicate of someone who come to existance by wounding time as in Watanuki’s case.
    I know my theory is quite far fetched :D and I really hope TRC will begin to reveal long-hidden intentions of fwr

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I don’t really mean to say that Yuuko is one failed creation of Clow’s it’s just that somehow I felt that her current state has really this great connection with whatever she’s wishing. She might indeed be like Sakura but is Clow really that harsh?

      No Ena, you have a point and I agree that we still have to hold on to our seats longer for dear CLAMP to reveal everything! ^______^

  3. Quinn Says:

    Based on that chapter we now know that Yuko was created by Clow. 0_o (I agree with you Fairchild) FWR said himself that Clow had failed when he createdYuko.

    I think Clow failed because he was never able to merge the two seperate parts of Yuko together.

    I don’t think FWR has any special feelings for Clow. Unless a very severe case of competition can be considered one. =)

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Poor Yuuko if that’s really the case. T^T And I wanna know the story behind it too.
      Hehe! I guess it’s the competition kind Quinn-chan, you’re right! :P

  4. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    Is an confusing chapter as it always have been lately. I miss the old days of fun than all those depress faces XD

    Anyway, I don’t think Yuuko was a fail. Maybe Clow didn’t want to try any longer because he might like Yuuko? Okay, that sounds wrong less Yuuko is Sakura’s mother clone ~.~
    (okay, I start to make no sense)

  5. Quinn Says:

    Maybe that’s possible Mimiko. Clow didn’t want Yuko to join her two halves and aborted the procedure. If that IS the case then I wouldn’t consider that a failure.

    Because we already know that Yuko is EXTREMELY powerful and are beginning to find out what will happen when two powerful pieces become one with Sakura.

    Of course CLAMP being CLAMP they are more then likely of pulling a 180 and changing every idea any of us has on the subject. (-_-*)

  6. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    haha… true Quinn. They always surprise us with something so close xP!

    Yuuko is extremly powerful enough to fight against FWR, but she couldn’t do that due to his relate to Clow (since Clow is her creator as now it was clear, take VK for example about Rido and Kaname’s case), if I am not wrong. And her relationship with Watanuki was nothing more than just a protector for Sayoran’s sake and that he is also one of Clow’s related, but I believe Watanuki did look quiet much like Clow more than Sayoran do o.O! That also a great fact that Yuuko might fall for Watanuki for that reason XD

  7. Quinn Says:

    You flatterer Fairchild. ^^

    Mimiko, so you are bascally saying the servant can’t fight against the master. But, hasn’t Yuko been fighting againist FWR the whole time?

    Re:the YukoxWatanuki relationship. I take it you would like it to be intimate? I can’t agree on that one. I am ALL for WatanukixDoumeki.(^-^)

  8. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    For what I mean was she can’t kill her master who created her. That what I was trying to say and forgot to use the word “kill” XD So she rather use someone else to kill him, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be fighting against him. Just not killing him.

    And lol for WatanukixDoumeki.. I wouldn’t be surprise if they become an offical couple later on.. after all is CLAMP :P

  9. wrdo Says:

    Quinn’s probably right. This is CLAMP. the result is going to be something so simple we overlooked it, then we’re going to smack ourselves in the forehead’s and go “grah! It was so obvious!”

  10. Incipient-Phantasm Says:

    M-my head. D; Ugh, this is what I get for not keeping up-to-date with Tsubasa(XXXHolic interests me more).

    So… Pardon the probably stupid question. When was it revealed that Yuuko was Clow’s creation? I definitely can’t remember reading that. >.> The rest of the chapter, I can semi-comprehend. .___.

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