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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 34 January 27, 2009

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Adachi wanted the student council to be useful at once.  She came up with an advice forum but with their rough tactics, it failed at first but somehow it has found it’s use… thanks to the SC members themselves!

This Chapter…

Summer holidays are here! Adachi announces only to find the members of the Student Council uninterested!

Chiba and Izumi were comparing their test scores while the yankee, Shinagawa, as usual was lazing around finding comfort in a sofa but later joined the other two and compared results with Adachi as well.

Shinagawa was so looking forward on how to spend his summer that he decided to go straight home and take some refresher ready for the action the next day.  He opened his eyes however to the usual freaking faces of the SC thinking he was dreaming but when he found himself riding in a train, he realizedhi summer’s doomed!  They’re all going to retreat without telling him!

It’s a good thing that the hotel they were staying in both faces the ocean and the mountains which pacified Shinagawa at least!  But they shouldn’t be leaving the room nor start eating to fill their growling stomachs not until they could figure out something of a catchphrase for the school festival to consult with the 3rd year senpais the next day!  Plus, there’s a creepy old grandma welcoming them giving the entire place a horror feel!

Whoa! There were some guys coming to the hotel!  Talk about Mon Shiro… smells trouble isn’t it?

Babbles… Babbles…

Damn me, I just figured out the name of their school! It’s Mon Shiro! T~T

Okay, I just wish they’ll be having a good time.  And a horror plot for the the story would be a blast!  At least some creepy twist just this once! Hehe, I love that!

Got a secret to tell, promise you won’t leak it out?  I hate horror stories, not that I’m afraid of them but I feel like crying whenever I see one!  Shhh!   But I keep watching them to my chagrin! >////<


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 33 January 4, 2009


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Looking back…

Glasses thief!  Shinagawa?!

This Chapter…

It’s another boring day at the Student Council’s lounge having nothing to do. ..

To break the monotony, Adachi decided to think of something that would keep them busy and that their talents be put in good use for the school.

An advice forum, why not?

It was such a horrifying idea if the four others were to be asked.  Who would be foolish enough to reveal their sob stories vis a vis?  And what kind of advice could be expected from the riot bunch of Student Council Officers? But Adachi’s the type to walk her talk and so, posters were set up and flyers were given out for the project.

As expected, nobody got interested but instead were amused of Adachi’s signature caricatures of the SC but it was mistaken to be Shinagawa’s to his fury (really bad drawing!).

While eavesdropping, they heard rumors about them of how they were delinquent, this and that, except Adachi and Izumi.  Shinagawa’s a bad influence and Chiba’s just a mistaken identity…poor him!

Therefore, Strategy 1. Failed!

Strategy 2.  An advice box.  It was a shabby box that it doesn’t look like it was made by humans!

This time it was said to be anti-social Izumi’s idea and was made by clumsy Hemeji and it’s unexpected that the students think that it’s rather cute.  But with Adachi sitting beside the box, who would want to drop their sheets?

To make the story short, Daichi dropped his at the box in the hope to make Adachi happy that finally somebody did respond.  But he was shocked the next day when he found there were four!  Little did he knew the other three dropped theirs too!

Random Babblings…

The really care for Adachi that much, lucky her!

It’s just wasn’t clear if she had figured out who dropped them but I guess she’s just playing dumb.  Each of the four really knew whose problem is which since it’s too obvious and she’s too clever not to know.  She must have or else she already did gave a proper advice!

At least something had been done that’s a student council-like thing!


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Dog Days

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Introducing the wonder dog Kouki!!

Remember him from Chiba’s house before?  Of course he is Chiba’s eight-year old dog!

Kouki is very much a part of Chiba’s everyday life and this side story reveals that very part which we failed to see through.

However, the protagonist of the story is Kouki and his daily routines! Find out how this affects Chiba’s too!

The wonder dog was featured in a various manner; his daily duties at Chiba’s house, his favorites past times and his heroic acts.

Who says only parents have the right discipline their kids? Even Kouki  manages to give parental guidance to his master!  He’s more like a nanny I should say and he’s just a perfect dog for him!

When Shinagawa and Adachi were coaxing him to come to school before, he was lent an ecchi themed DVD and still he wasn’t able to see it.  Kouki’s greatness showed when it came to the most juicy part, he turned the monitor off as if saying, “That’s it were done!”

So much for Chiba’s excitement! *hehe*


I found this brief side story so cute that though this was still a part of the 32nd chapter, I chose to put up a separate post on this.

If I were to choose I’d like a dog like Kouki to myself.  But the problem is, I don’t like getting near dogs a bit!  Sure I’d like to look at them from afar and adore how cute they were but I usually prefer cats! ^^


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 32


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Looking back…

A scapegoat, that was what Shinagawa discovered from the baseball club representative and the 3rd year senpais were the reason behind his persistent demands from the Student Council to increase their club’s allotment of funds.

Determined to  iron things all at once, the Yankee thought of coming up with a plan.  Whatever it is, will it work just fine?

This Chapter…

The baseball guy, Noda was bullied again by the 3rd years having failed his mission to negotiate for fund increase intended for the baseball club.  The other team mates were held unable to fight against them in fear that they might end up into the disadvantage.

The notorious juniors might have done something terrible to the freshman if not for the threesome group who blocked their way and asked to join the team!

No matter how Noda looked at it, the three were composed of Shinagawa, Izumi and Chiba from the Student Council engaged in some funny cosplay, trying hard to cover up their identity so as not to disgrace the Student Council (and let Adachi worry about it).  The 3rd years were horrified by the scene and and treated them as a bad joke.

Funny but Izumi and and Shinagawa started to bicker among themselves, triggered by the glasses the yankee was wearing (wonder who’s glasses was it?). Chiba might look really scary but it’s only in the exterior, in truth, he’s the type to get clammy balls when it comes to situations like this.

Shinagawa introduced themselves as the “Special Warriors” contacted by the school to maintain harmony within it.  He boasted that he was the red warrior, Nagawa Masaru and was cut short by Izumi who wanted to be the red warrior too!  Nobody’s taking the black warrior position and among all colors to choose from, they chose pink for Chiba!  What the heck? Now, it irritated the the other guys more!

At the SC lounge, Adachi finally surfaced from her journey from the dreamland!  When she noticed the guys were missing,  she suddenly bolted out the room before Hemeji could stop her.  Oh no, the boys are about to be busted!

While Izumi and Shinagawa were beating the sense out of the 3rd years, Adachi came rushing towards them threatening to the surprise of the three.  Her appearance also made the opponent vow not to meddle with the funds ever again but her signature kick went flying towards Shinagawa!  What? She couldn’t care less about the fight and seemed to have no idea what’s going on but she has issues for herself and the glass thief!

Oh well, but surely the first years are sure freed from the tyranny those absurd third years had been imposing for so long!

Random Babblings…

Finally, I got this up! (^0^;)

I still got hang-over from the New Year! Though I wasn’t able to go anywhere special but the following days were a bunch of partying, I am exhausted to the max! I was barely able to see to this blog!  I’m glad I’m finally back on track but I still wanna sleep!*yawns*

Alright, back to business.  This was one of the first laughs I’ve had thhis year.  Shinagawa so rocks!  I can’t believe that cosplaying were their idea of masking themselves!  Nothing less for the brilliant mind of the yankee!

Izumi’s attire was the best I suppose.  He was in disguise yet his arm band has his name clearly written on it! Isn’t that just great?! XD


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 31 December 26, 2008

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Looking back…

The first Student Council task had been effortless! Thanks to the ever energetic Daichi and Izumi, the Astronomy Club was saved!

This Chapter…

A yankee is always a yankee.  Who would have thought of making the student council lounge a sleeping lounge to the extent of openly robbing the library of its sofa?  Only Shinagawa does it!

But it seemed that he’s worked up for nothing as Adachi’s already had her’s first and now sleeps soundly on it!

Daichi’s drained of his energy that he needed help from Chiba to return the sofa from where it’s from.

While at it, they witnessed a club representative that was bullied by the 3rd years.  Chiba may look like a gangster but he’s too chickened out leaving only Daichi to intervene.  Maybe the other guy’s still in trauma because of what he has gone through in the earlier chapters.

Looked like the baseball club guy was used as a scapegoat to hoard funds from the SC for reasons unknown.  It might not be a good idea to report the incident to the teachers for it might risk their game and neither it is practical to give in to their demands and increase the club’s funds.

Shinagawa was so pumped up and wanted to teach those older guys a lesson for their untoward behavior and for the first time, Izumi might agree with his plan!

How would they do it without revealing their identity and compromise the Student Council, much less than letting Adachi Hana know about it?

Random Babblings…

It is really so cool of them to do things themselves and not let Adachi worry about it, especially Yankee-kun!

Admit it or not but he’s changed so much since Adachi came to pester his life!  He seemed more like a man to me than he was before and that’s so amazing!

Rivalry would always be there between him and Izumi but there also is a big room for friendship just like what happened between him and Hana.  He kept on disowning her and calls her annoying but he jumps almost instantly to her requests! ^^


Yankee-kun To Megane-Chan: Chapter 30


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Looking back…

The five rascals made it to the Student Council!  With two elected Vice Presidents would the student body be alright?

This Chapter…

A new Student Council lounge greeted the new set of officers but it seemed more organized than the people who’re gonna use it! ~__*

For the first task, representatives for the different clubs were called to settle the concern about disbanding the Astronomy Club, the very reason why Hana decided to go for the SC.

But before that, there are things that needs taking care of such as drawing out a seat plan for the meeting of the clubs, some calculations regarding the finances of each clubs and setting up the room, chairs, tables and all ready for the meeting.

Shinagawa and Izumi both found this an opportunity to find out who’s gonna be under who, so this ended up into a competition with the most number of points be declared the winner.  But alas, they ended up in a tie!

In the process, they did the secretary’s and the treasurer’s job and even did things in a blink of an eye!  Everything’s amazingly ready far before the end of lunch break!

At the meeting, it seemed that there’s no hope for the Astronomy Club to continue and even Adachi was kinda speechless.  Shinagawa came to the rescue, his brilliance showed unknowingly and Izumi did butt in too.

They were so absorbed at bickering with each other that they haven’t noticed that they prevented the club in question from getting disbanded!  Hana was so glad and gives all credit to them both but they didn’t even mind!


How do I put this? Umm… I really am terrible, my post isn’t a bit funny at all!  TToTT

Anyways, leave it be.

Izumi and Shinagawa’s tandem sure is a riot!  And Adachi’s looking really good, she might really live up to her being a good class president and a council president now! *hehe*

Seemed like Chiba and Hemeji are kinda useless officers with them around!


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 29


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Alright, I guess I’ve been looking forward to blog about Yankee-kun and Megane-chan’s misadventures.  I have been like this since the Fairy+Glass collab from senseis Hiro Mashima and Miki Yoshikawa!

I was so down-spirited to know  that the series has been going on and were up in most of the Chinese manhua sites to my dismay.

But hey, it’s finally inching forward (the English scanlations) so I’m really, really thankful that somebody’s heard me!  I’m so happy and was just saved from drooling over those Chinese releases of this masterpiece.  I love you Mahou-X, whoever you are, you made me so elated! \o/ Eh?


Adachi came up with a brilliant solution to solve the club problem since everyone were idling a bit.  Go for the Student Council!

Shinagawa found the idea ridiculous but upon knowing the glasses girl’s ulterior motive, he finally agreed to vie for Vice President! But wait, somebody’s going head-on against Adachi?  Will she have a chance for the presidency?

This Chapter…

Shinagawa finally met Adachi’s  mystery rival and for some weird reason his candidacy for president has some crooked motives too.  He wants to be number one in all aspects, intellectually and in notoriety?!

He boasts of his edge over Adachi academically and the last thing to take care of is Shinagawa as he’s reputed to be the most notorious in the academy and he’d like to take lead in that aspect too!  And the time to settle the scores is right now!

Megane-chan’s so busy coming up with posters  for the campaign.  Her drawing is so horrible and she even kept on misspelling Shinagawa’s name to Chiba’s horror but her classmates were so generous in praising her that she wanted to let the Yankee see her masterpiece  right away despite being in the men’s room!

Shinagawa wasn’t expecting this Izumi guy’s a match for him as he deflected his offenses.  He was almost done for if not for Adachi who shamelessly entered the toilet as she usually do and took care of the person blocking the yankees view of the poster she has made.

She sent Izumi her signature kick and was blocked! Shinagawa couldn’t believe somebody could ever do that but then Megane-chan’s not quite serious about it but she dropped her glasses and didn’t even care to know that she defeated the opponent!

Whatever, but the result is quite good.  Izumi dropped off of the presidential race and chose to run against Shinagawa for Vice President instead! The caucus is just too perfect, one of the best ever! (Hee!)

In short, they all made it to the Student Council!

Random Babblings…

I’m not really good at making zesty posts especially on topics which concerns about comedy but I love this one!  Gags are a snore to me except a few and it almost made me miss the last VK episode so I’m pissed!

I just realized, I am so hooked with Shinagawa-kun (didn’t know I’ve got that hots for yankees!) he’s so addicting…

But with the rate it is going and the fact that he couldn’t deny Adachi of her biddings, could it be that he has something special for her? ^o^