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Lala All-Star Calendar 2009 January 5, 2009

I chanced to log on at my BillWang account just today. I haven’t been there for a while and again I tripped onto this Lala Calendar for 2009.

I didn’t pay much attention on this last year but this would be a good chance to advertise it since the year has just started!  That, if you’re interested of buying.


Credits: aliceseven@billwang.com

To access the whole of Alice’s scans you will have to register first, though  I’m not so sure if they have already lifted the restraints for new memberships. Well, just try.

Amazing that three of my favorite series were there (obviously, since they’re on-going); Vampire Knight, La Corda D’ Oro and Ouran High School Club!  There are other titles too and some made me curious a lot, so, I’m checking them out!

Vampire Knight’s the same as what Sara sent me last year, the Kuran family, remember?  And it’s interesting to note that the bishies I adore were featured the same, Kaji!, Len…?, Kyouya and Tamaki! They are the covers for the months of January, April and July respectively.

See them for yourselves! ♥