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Crazy for Kaname-chama! December 31, 2008


Chibi Kaname

“Suki da yo!” little Kaname says as I point the cursor on him!

Moe, suteki, suteki! ♥ I love you too!!

It’s so good to have him on my dektop!

Kaname-chama mascot is supposed to be Sagakure’s Christmas present for every VK fan out there but for me it’s for the New Year since I decided to download the program just now!

He’s so cute, what can I say?

He’s bound to do many cutesy things while making your time surfing the net and other things you may think of doing with your computer worthwhile!

With the different reactions you can generate from him, you will never be bored just looking at him, he does!  He sleeps on you when you haven’t done much activity but when you wake him up he just says I love you all of a sudden!  Hehee!

Why don’t you get to know little Kaname better and I’m sure you’ll gonna ask Sagakure and have her make Zero’s version! ^v^ Oh, it’s in the making! How could I have missed that?

The program’s so easy to install and this won’t take a lot of disk space either!

You’re sooo gonna love it!

Click on the pic and take a peek at my desktop!  Like what you saw? Then…

Grab it here @ Sagakure’s : [ Little Kaname Mascot ]


Elfen Lied Anime: Nyuu!! :3 December 29, 2008

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Done!  I’ve watched it and I loved it! Actually, it was a week or two ago and I did a re-run today!

The Rave…

Indeed, this has the most artistic, symbolic and the most beautiful opening I have ever seen so far!  You wouldn’t really understand it’s relevance if you aren’t gonna look closer and have no idea what the story’s about.

And the music, I can feel it seething through the inner core of me!  Lilium, so mysterious and marvelous, ah…superlatives!  It’s super!

Here, found a creditless opening.  See?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have written in one of my posts earlier that I already have read the manga and I’ve been in love with it.  Here in the anime, the characters were made as an exact replica of what was in the manga.  Only they seemed so alive and in full color!

I was amazed how they were able to fuse the whole 107 chapters of the manga into this series.  Of course, many scenes were taken out and the plots were twisted a bit and some were completely different but just the same it was sewn into one beautiful masterpiece!  Shall I say, the best anime I have ever seen in 2008!

I was glad they didn’t picture Nyuu here as some pervert like she was in the manga! *hehe* Everything were made so subtle so I have no complaints.  In fact, she was so cute in here.

Lucy too is a bit tamer here than in the manga and she had only four vectors while she had multiple in the latter.  Didn’t see Anna here either but there’s just the mention of Eve. Even Lucy’s come back is so different and even the manner in which she died.

Read and watch both that you’ll see what I mean.

If the anime’s ending was so emotional, the manga is a couple of times worse.  But it’s a good thing to have watched the anime first than reading the manga so you’ll be no whiner like me! XD

The Rant…

My sister kept on complaining the first time she watched it with me cause the first seven minutes or more were all about splattering blood, torn body parts and nudity.

I had my ears full of complaints and after a few she just quieted herself up and was engrossed too!  So like the first time I watched it, I was very much like that!

The only thing I’d like to complain about is that the anime’s so short that it lacks the depth I was looking for having read the manga again.  Can’t quit comparing can I?

It was such a waste, the story’s so beautiful that it deserves to be having a sequel or at least they could have made it into a 26-series one and not just some shorties and an OVA! :(


And Yet Again…

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There are many things I should be thankful for this year and I just realized how blessed I was!

I finally kicked-off with my blogging having this account untouched for two years that was in 2006 (not a single word in here) and officially started to scribble things in  just last July.

Gaining readership wasn’t a bit easy and most of the time it was frustrating. But I just  held onto my determination and braced my self for the worst after all  I did this for myself and because I’m passionate about it.

Writing this editorial marks another milestone as we finally have reached a 100,000 play times!  Who would have thought this place has achieved so much? At least it has to me and it’s all thanks to you!

So much has happened and achieving all these before the end of the year feels so great not to mention that another post have been ranked among the WP’s Top 100 Posts!


12/30, 31...

Every backlinks, bookmarks and the positive ratings you all gave and the very nice comments you dropped me meant so much!  The emails of appreciations and the subscriptions, these are what every blogger dream of!

Should I have to mention this?… but also thanks to those people who are fond of copying my posts in whole or in part and didn’t even bother to credit me.  It’s funny but I’m flattered to see my post somewhere but what’s the use of CreativeCommons? But then again, I’d appreciate if you could do me a little favor linking them back here.

Ooopsie, I got a little carried away there! ^^;

On the lighter side, I have made friends, on and offline!  That, I consider the greatest part of this endeavor!  Aquitaine, Springbok, Quinn, Chan-chan are some few among the many! Oh no! I forgot Madi! Love you! ^^

Of course, how can I forget Ryvius whose music influenced me so much!  Check out his awesome covers for random anime tracks here: [ The World of Anime Music ]

Thanks for the early Christmas and New Year presents…the Era albums (a taste of French music) and the Yuki Kajiura DVD concert!  Waiii! I so love them!  Ahem, only a fellow worshipper and Yuki-holic knows! How I adore Kaori in this too!  Really thank you!!

And yet again…

Top Sites for Week 52/2008

Top Sites for Week 52/2008

2008 has been a wild ride, wohoo0!  ^o^


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin]

Looking back…

Shall I say the Vampire Council is no more?  But I hope Takuma is still alive!

On this note, the crumbling of the Council signaled Kaname’s end of mission and that leaves only Zero to take care of the other… preventing Rido from getting his hands on Yuuki on his behalf.

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Final Moments

Consoling Kaname

The Farewell

Episode 13 : Vampire’s Knight

Despite Zero’s attack, Rido had gotten loose.  He tried to escape and fed himself with the lowly vampires to regain his strength but Kaname tracked him with Zero coming after shortly.

The duel began between Kaname and Rido and Zero finishes the evil guy at once.  Coordinated much? But it’s so cool!  Then, it’s good riddance Rido!

After all the trouble, Kaname praised Zero for a job well done but Zero pointed the Bloody Rose at him.  Good thing that Yuuki came in time to stop him!  Kaname left them alone just like in the manga to say their farewells.

I won’t mention less important stuff anymore so let’s get to the juicy part!

Yuuki indeed bit Zero as it was in the rumor! Alright but that was probably the last time they can talk and probably see each other as he declared to kill her the next time.  They hugged and that was that!  Bye Zero!

Now, Kaname was so hurt as he felt what Yuuki has just did and was quite uncertain of what her decision would be.  He got himself ready to leave with a resolve that he’ll respect whatever Yuuki decides.  But Yuuki came to his room already dressed up and my God he had fallen on his knees.  Maybe he felt so relieved that Yuuki has chosen him! :3

The Cross Academy wasn’t totally wrecked as I thought it would be.  It’s good to know Yagari and Kaien were alive, just exhausted from the battle but unscathed.

Aidou managed to joke  now that everything’s over.  That lapis lazuli before is his keepsake and a reminder that he’s friends with Kaname.

Rima and Shiki went to the Vampire Council’s place which already had fallen into ruins as Takuma offered his life for it and only his sword had lived to tell the tale. *sniff* Shiki took it and of course Rima as usual with her pockies! Are they already an item or what?

The Night Class decided to leave the academy and follow Kaname.  But before that the emotional farewell between Kaien and Yuuki took place (but there’s a comedy before, see!).  The day class people were told the situation is over and Yori wasn’t able to bid Yuuki goodbye.

Zero is back to his normal state and resumed his duty as a guardian and while looking at the Moon Dorm’s gate he reminisced the Yuuki he has ever known, the Yuuki he’ll never see again.

Yagari couldn’t believe the damage the school had incurred but then the people from the hunters association came and there goes the help!

The episode ended up with the Night Class, Kaname and Yuuki leaving the academy grounds to where? *tehee* Of course home!

Random Babblings…

Okay, it was thirty minutes late! I was forced to see a bunch of commercials! Grrrr! At least it was finished and it’s really good!

All’s well that ends well.

With the rate the anime has ended, I’ll bet there will not be another sequel to this!

Whatever. I’m so happy with the turn out of events, I thought it’s gonna be Zero’s show and thank heavens it isn’t!  So can we expect similar ending to the manga?

At least Kaname and Yuuki in the end and that what matters to me.  Don’t hate me okay! XD

But my question hasn’t been answered… Who’s the Vampire’s Knight?

Zero, I think…what about you?


A Reason to Celebrate! December 27, 2008

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I can’t believe it!  One minute I was checking on my stats and the next thing I knew is that one of my posts made it to WordPress’  Top 100 posts for today!

Top Posts

The most popular WordPress.com posts are ranked here according to a special formula.

This way to the Top 100 Posts of the Day!

This way to the Top 100 Posts of the Day!

I still can’t get the hang of all these. We all know there are about 89 thousand and counting posts just today and it’s really such an honor for me to even get ranked in there among the pioneers in this line!

I wasn’t that particular with the rankings and I don’t even aspire to compete with those top bloggers who’ve been around for years as I do blogging for fun and not to mention that I’m nothing but a lowly newbie who only started this blog a few months ago.

This thing is so overwhelming and it inspires me even more to do my best. I don’t know if this was the first time ever but surely this is the first time I came across it.

So I’d like to brag a little though I really know it’s all thanks to everyone for having been supportive of me and my blogging. (Wow, I’m not in the Oscar’s yet! teehee!)  This is our victory! (eh, the drama?)

But seriously, I owe you this one people!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cheers to all and I’ll keep doing my best!  This is so rewarding!


I just checked the rankings again and were inching slowly higher at No. 21 now!  Many posts may bump mine out of the Top 100 at anytime but I am so very happy right now, I don’t care!

P. S.

I’ve got 3 excellent positive ratings too over Blogged!

This is way too much! I possibly can’t thank you enough!


Shugo Chara!! Doki [64] December 26, 2008


Coincidence maybe but Lulu and Amu’s parents were acquainted of some sort and the two ended up celebrating Christmas together in a party thrown by Lulu’s parents.  Could this be the start of a blossoming friendship?

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ikuto's Violin

The Guardians

Ikuto on Amu's bed!

Episode 64 : The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?

Okay, I was seven minutes late and I only got to see Ikuto retrieving his violin from where Easter kept it.

He was successful though and didn’t even got caught by the Easter’s security.  However, something’s wrong with his violin and it’s taking a lot of energy from him!  It was an X-egg powered violin now, and that fact was unknown to him!

Lulu was again back to business as she search for something which might bring out the embryo and fast.  She bumped into Amu who’s spending the New Year with the Guardians who were currently helping out two siblings to master their stunt for the presentation at the shrine’s vicinity.

Amu introduced her to everyone.  Lulu seemed to be really good at that Japanese umbrella dance thing while the actual performers slacks off and were getting frustrated.

The failure Director scientist called on her and she just left Amu worried about her.  Lulu was given the information that Ikuto has taken the violin with him which got her so pissed.  Nana sensed an egg nearby and they found Ikuto and Yoru seemed to have drained of his energy.  She told him to back off as she will be the one to get the embryo first.

Later, Lulu found the siblings still trying so hard to perfect their stunt and of course she had them more confused as usual and they turned into the Happy Dreams. They were kinda strong to take.

Amu and the Guardians took care of them and they ended up at least doing the performance better.  The embryo did show up but left before Lulu could even make a move.

At home, Amu prepared herself to bed and did went to bed not until she discovered Ikuto under the sheets which surprised her!

Random Babblings…

Phew! At least, that was that and there’s no major Ikuto  x Amu moments aside from that bed scene.  I’m about to cry, I thought I’d almost missed the series!

Good thing that the cuddling, the hugging and the teasing on bed, Amu and Ikuto per se would be on the next episode! Yes!

Nagi, isn’t he getting any chara nari?  I’m so tired of waiting!


I am glad most people like Shugo Chara Doki as I do, in fact, I’ve seen my not-so-good-screen-caps somewhere. Guys, it’s okay to copy those pics as you wish they’re not mine and it’s Peach-Pit’s.

But when trying to quote a bit of my post, can you not credit me at least or give a link to here? I’d appreciate that! ^^


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 31

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

Looking back…

The first Student Council task had been effortless! Thanks to the ever energetic Daichi and Izumi, the Astronomy Club was saved!

This Chapter…

A yankee is always a yankee.  Who would have thought of making the student council lounge a sleeping lounge to the extent of openly robbing the library of its sofa?  Only Shinagawa does it!

But it seemed that he’s worked up for nothing as Adachi’s already had her’s first and now sleeps soundly on it!

Daichi’s drained of his energy that he needed help from Chiba to return the sofa from where it’s from.

While at it, they witnessed a club representative that was bullied by the 3rd years.  Chiba may look like a gangster but he’s too chickened out leaving only Daichi to intervene.  Maybe the other guy’s still in trauma because of what he has gone through in the earlier chapters.

Looked like the baseball club guy was used as a scapegoat to hoard funds from the SC for reasons unknown.  It might not be a good idea to report the incident to the teachers for it might risk their game and neither it is practical to give in to their demands and increase the club’s funds.

Shinagawa was so pumped up and wanted to teach those older guys a lesson for their untoward behavior and for the first time, Izumi might agree with his plan!

How would they do it without revealing their identity and compromise the Student Council, much less than letting Adachi Hana know about it?

Random Babblings…

It is really so cool of them to do things themselves and not let Adachi worry about it, especially Yankee-kun!

Admit it or not but he’s changed so much since Adachi came to pester his life!  He seemed more like a man to me than he was before and that’s so amazing!

Rivalry would always be there between him and Izumi but there also is a big room for friendship just like what happened between him and Hana.  He kept on disowning her and calls her annoying but he jumps almost instantly to her requests! ^^