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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 69 February 23, 2009

Chapter 69

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The rally has finally ended and as a result, Tamaki finally realizes and embraced the whole fact that he loves Haruhi even before and didn’t just know how to figure it out.

This Chapter…

Just some spoilers! ^^

The chapter started with Tamaki waking up into reminiscing the talk that has happened between him and Hikaru.  Suddenly he felt really great, blushing and exuded a breezy atmosphere leaving Antoinette, his dog and the servants shivering from the cold and shocked!

Why wouldn’t he be? It’s his birthday (technically, Tamaki’s rebirth) and he’s in love! :3

He went to school in a stand up scooter and saw his friends particularly the already flustered Haruhi, grabbed her face towards him and… oops!

He also said something egoistic again (the usual King Tamaki way) which led Hikaru flaring in intense rage (just an exaggz) and the rest of the Host Club appalled while Haruhi stormed off ahead of them first!

Alright then, it’s party time! Tamaki had for himself a birthday cake, so much to Hunny’s delight!  It was such a wonder how fast did Tamaki has gotten over from being a lackluster for sometime… now, he’s overly dazzling and hyper! He’s in love!!

Haruhi seemed to get along with Megumi very well accompanied her to the library and soon as she gets to the Music Room, she found everyone else on a party mood. Tamaki sudenly froze and hid himself at Haruhi’s presence.  He would have wanted to give Haruhi some cake too but Hunny did it first. Okay, jealous much and trying to impress her probably, he added some more cake on Haruhi’s plate! Hee!

The clash between him and Hikaru flared up again and oh, Kyouya got a phone call! Who could that possibly be? And what’s it all about? Sounds fishy! ^^;

Babbles… Babbles…

Kyaaaah~! Finally, the chapter is out and it’s sooo good!  All I can say is that Tamaki’s back to his old self and the fun continues!


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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 68 January 22, 2009

Chapter 68

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Looking back…

Tamaki finally realizes his inner feelings and got honest with Megumi about some girl he had been having intimate regard all along!

This Chapter…

Tamaki recalls risking Haruhi’s life for issues concerning his family’s business.  The kidnapping remember?

The troubled guy had been contemplating of how could he have acted foolishly towards Haruhi and that Host Club “family” thing.  He realizes, that because of his personal trauma, he wanted to keep things just like that in fear of losing something precious and feel bad about it.

After Mori senpai’s disaster challenge, it’s about time for curry making.  It’s a surprise that Megumi now tells Tamaki which ingredients to choose.  Kyoya revealed that it was Haruhi’s idea making it easy for him and Kanoya since her father is a cook.  They’ve got to answer some puzzles and the next stop is some kind of a lie-detector-test-like challenge… a mouth of truth booth…sort of.

The mechanics are simple.  Answer as accurately and honestly as possible that the hand which is placed in the in the mouth will not be eaten.  However, Megumi hadn’t been honest when it comes to her father so her hand got pulled in.

Haruhi declined Tamaki’s request to stop the challenge as it is hurting Megumi.  She among the others worked hard and came up with the idea to make him realize that it isn’t only him who would want the friendship of the Host Club to last, and that everyone wanted to stick together too and he need not isolate himself in a corner and get all depressed by himself!  They too wanted him to be honest with himself.

Tamaki soon calls Hikaru as he earned himself some confidence to settle his issues. He loves Haruhi from the start!  Those worrying about her and being  happy around her, he’s got no doubt about his feelings now!

Random Babblings…

What beautiful friendship the Host Club is having!  They have stood beside Tamaki to help him confront his issues in a subtle way and Haruhi’s so brillant second to Kyoya that is, for having thought of the whole thing!

The best thing is, Tamaki’s slowly opening up and really now sure about his feelings towards Haruhi and that’s great!  Poor Hikaru, but I know he understands more than anyone else.


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 67 December 23, 2008

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Looking back…

Pertaining to the Megumi situation, the Host Club has finally come up with something that’s ought to help her?

This Chapter…

As much as I wanted to make my summary a little longer but time I have naught.  We’re preparing for the big bash later and there’s so much stuff to do and everything’s really crazy! Anyways, here goes…

It looked like the Host Club’s setting up a sort of rally which only will not involve them but most of the students at the Ouran Academy.

The said rally will be divided into different segments such as cooking a dish (?) wonder what it is?  Smells like curry, hmm… The winner must have to complete all  them and he can play king for the day and will have the authority to enslave somebody from the Host Club according to his gusto.

Everyone were so psyched about it and even Tamaki who has a vague idea of what’s going on counted himself in the race.

I can see the self-proclaimed manager of the Host Club Renge, the scary Kasanoda-kun who was enamoured by Haruhi and even the golden-haired Prince lurking in the dim, Nekozawa senpai and other people not worth mentioning were joining in too.  Looks like an all-star chapter to me! :)

Approaching the end part of the rally which is the cooking segment, Tamaki got a serious talk with Megumi as she started the topic about Haruhi.  It was possibly the time when he figured out that it was Haruhi’s idea afterall to hold such event.  It was later confirmed as he was told by Hunny-senpai.

Tamaki further opened up to Megumi about some major realization…what was it?  He finally admitted that he indeed like a certain girl and that he must have loved her ever since! ♥


I found a rough translation of the part of Tamaki and Megumi’s conversation courtesy of Miyuchan at an ouran forum… this is a major OMG! >/////<  Thanks to her were so spoiled!

I copied that part and it read…

Tamaki: You know Kanoya-san, I was  shocked because there is this girl who I realized I have strong feelings for…and  I’ve been told by others that she is very similar to you  but…I don’t think you two are  similar at all. You and her are different and  she is different from me…

Megumi: Do you love this girl?

Tamaki: Probably I’ve always been in love with her

Random Babblings…

OMG! Just when I’m about to go out I found this over Mangafox!

Thanks to xotamagirl25xo for the link to the raws! ^^

Sorry I have to post the summaries later when I get back. I just want to perk up everyone’s Christmas with this!

Finally for heaven’s sake, Tamaki has come to his senses!  The only thing left is for him to tell Haruhi what he really felt for her.  This is so intense!

Kyaa! *badump*


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 66 November 22, 2008

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Big shocker!  The damsel in distress confessed to her knight in shinning armor, Tamaki!  Will he take her or not, that is the question. ^^

This Chapter…

We’re greeted with Chibi Tama-chan’s early childhood memories building blocks with no playmates and only his Teddies around. *sob*

Back in reality, Tamaki must have stayed after Megumi begged him in the last chapter.  It seemed like he declined her of her confession before, yet she chose to be with him. (Not sure, the translations are hazy, can’t figure exactly).  The other hosts went spying on them, Haruhi included but obviously she can’t bear to look *jealous?* but eventually, Tamaki noticed them hiding behind the bush.

As usual, Megumi brought a box of something to eat. *Does she ever believe that good cooking is the best way to a man’s heart? Duh…!*  She already got rejected but she still kept coming.  She must have found comfort in Tamaki’s presence and it didn’t seem she actually loved him. Maybe because they have gone through similar experiences, that’s why.

It looked like she invited Kyouya to come over too but he refused her invitation and got Tamaki to go with him leaving her slumped to the ground *literally* down-spirited. *over-acting much?*

Switching to Chibi-Tama’s memory lane, it seemed that his only childhood consolation is his father’s attention and frequent visits.  Its a good thing that his sensei was there for him at those times to fill in probably his father’s absence since they couldn’t be together as his grandma forbids.  His longing for a solid family was shown by the way he build blocks.  He was blessed by the Host Club with warm friends in it and no wonder why he really treated them as family not until he realized something strange in him.

Eyaah! Haruhi couldn’t help herself thinking about that Megumi girl and stared longingly at the ootoro ring! She was summoned back to the Host Club and the guys were cooking something up!  Haruhi hasn’t stopped blushing then!  What could it be?


How dare Megumi act like she’s the Host Club’s first lady?  Well she doesn’t know Haruhi’s a girl, for one. Maybe she’s getting the club to sympathize with her and her snacks might have poison-potions on it! :P

I really pity Tamaki and his sad childhood memories.  He couldn’t be happier than he’s with the club, treating them all like a real family, so I can understand his confusion in so many things.  It doesn’t look like he’s returning that girl’s feelings but stayed with her as he’s a gentleman.

What I’m most happy about is that Haruhi’s feelings are getting more intense that she couldn’t stop blushing and couldn’t let go of things concerning Tamaki.  Why on earth would you keep such thing as cheap as an ootoro ring and sigh dreamily over it if its nothing important?


I’ve change the pic  here with Lala’s November 22 edition cover featuring pretty and feminine Haruhi! You could buy a copy at Amazon.jp as well as the succeeding editions. (Not advertising or anything.)


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 65 October 25, 2008

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Looking back…

Due to mistaken identity Haruhi was kidnapped by a bunch of idiot guys who worked for a closed down laundromat formerly affiliated with the Suoh’s Company. Hikaru’s provocation for Tamaki to realize his feelings towards Haruhi seemed to have been working really well and its radiating through our little heroine by means of the ootoro ring!  Because of that kidnapping incident, Tamaki’s chances of moving in to the main residence with his grandma looks very promising!

This Chapter…

Tamaki’s chivalry continues as he saves a lady schoolmate called Megumi from being trampled upon by a whining horse during the club activity’s horseback riding lessons at the cost of his own body.  Grateful, the lady did as much as she can to return the favor and eventually found herself falling for him.

Tamaki trying to figure out his feelings seemed to be lost in his deep thoughts casting the zesty character of him aside.  He started out giving attention to that damsel in distress making Haruhi unawarely jealous!  Cute!^^

Random Babblings…

That girl! She looks like Haruhi, the female version though!  Maybe that’s why Tamaki felt comfortable with her in the first place and nothing more!  She just keep pushing herself to him though it’s impossible.  I like the recent developments in this chapter since Haruhi is gradually realizing her own feelings towards Tamaki as well.

For someone in love, it hurts to hear from that special someone that you are different from each other though it’s only meant as a meaningless remark and I guess that probably what Haruhi felt when Tamaki did that.

And that girl, what a nerve to have confessed like that? As if Tamaki would buy it…b-but what if he does when she’s the Haruhi of his dreams?  Poor (real) Haruhi! *huhu*


Ouran Cosplay @ Kron’s Flickr Collections! October 20, 2008

Just thought I’d share this!^^

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Missing Ouran….!


Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 64 September 11, 2008

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Kyaaa!!  I’ve been wating for this, I know we all are!

What we feared the last time that Haruhi was kidnapped was really true!  Haruhi was kidnapped!

But wait a moment, a mistaken identity? No, kidnapped unintentionally!

It’s really amazing how the Host Club jumped in right away to save her.  Kyouya as usual is in display of his influence bringing along body guards and stuff to the chase!

And Tamaki!  I have never seen him so worried like that, he just left blindedly to go after Haruhi!  My Tama-chan hero, sugoi!

Funny thing is, Hikaru won’t lose either!  They really are going nuts about Haruhi.  So sweet, I like Hikaru but I do like Tamaki best for Haruhi.  *sorry!*

Obviously, Haruhi is one penniless being, well not totally but at least her family has just enough to feed for themselves and not that suitable as a kidnapping target but at least we knew it was a huge mistake.

It’s just the culprits’ way to get the Suoh family’s attention ~~ business related.  They went out of laundry business blaming the Suohs but they should have taken all these in a proper forum, just as Tamaki had said.  So, they really aren’t pro kidnappers!  Thank goodness!

How emotional Tamaki was!  Maybe now he had finally an idea of his true feelings towards Haruhi and to think Haruhi has somehow hinted about her feelings towards him as well!

Ah I’ll really thank you ootoro!!!

Poor Hikaru, he’s really aching but no matter how much I wanted Haruhi to be his but with Tamaki around he has not a chance!  Wouldn’t he consider me instead, I wonder? *hihi!*

Finally, that suspicious Suoh lawyer Kousaka, I thought she was responsible for the kidnapping but however, it showed that she has more motive following Tamaki around!

OMG!  Could it be?  She talks about Tamaki, what had happened that day and something about moving the rich kid into the main mansion?!!

Maybe Tamaki’s grandma was spying on him all aloing wanting to see him grow up, prove himself and be capable to be called one of the Suohs and that she actually have accepted him in the end!!  I really hope so…!

For Tamaki, please let it be!  I want to see him happy.