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Shugo Chara: Chapter 38 March 4, 2009

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This way to the raws!

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Looking back…

The Humpty Lock was finally opened and the Dumpty Key has been a perfect fit! Confined in bubbles Amu and Tadase continues to journey into little Ikuto’s past.

This Chapter…

Ikuto’s life had been flashed before Amu and Tadase’s eyes from the time when he was small and speeding up into the present. Both couldn’t believe how hard it had been for Ikuto. Amu really felt for him and comprehends him even better now.

With that kind of feeling, she has summoned Amulet Diamond again!  She was enveloped in bursting light taking everyone by shock.

The had been quite a few attacks from Ikuto but Amu managed to block them and the funny thing is, Amu was seen hugging Ikuto?! How cute!<3

Alright, Amu continued holding Ikuto in her arms uttering his name and I really don’t have any idea how did it happened but suddenly she had another transformation!  And it’s not just her… Ikuto too, from Death Rebel to Seven Seas Treasure, a pirate thingy of some sort.  Amu  meanwhile, turned from Amulet Diamond into Amulet Fortune!

Did Dia converge with Ran, Miki and Suu’s powers to come up with a more powerful amulet? That I’m not sure and did the embryo showed itself?  I just like both outfits.  I love pirates and Amu looks so cute in hers! :3

Random Babblings…

I lost track of time and I didn’t realize a new chapter was released! I was so glad with the recent developments! Oh gosh, I’m loving the manga more!

There was this hot hug between Amuto despite the fact that I wanted a kiss!  Tadase must really be so pissed off and depressed! :P  I just wish Dia would just show herself from now on, it would be more fun!


6 Responses to “Shugo Chara: Chapter 38”

  1. Ena Says:

    I’m sorry for Tadase too but I can’t help being a Ikuto fan nevertheless. I have a feeling that Amu will end up with Ikuto eventually :P To me, Tadase is just an annoying brat. Ikuto’s past and continuing struggles gives more depth to his character and makes Tadase seem more and more brat in comparison.

    New transformation is something interesting, are all charas merged with Amu at once? If is that so, I wonder if it is possible to make different pairs of chara merges and new Amulet somethings…

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Yeeesh! I love Amuto too! <33 And you’re definitely right, I’m sorry Tadase fans but he’s just some brat to my taste! Hehe!

      About the new transformations, yes that really is very possible. Amu have done a lot in the past like what he did with Eru and Iru! what I am really looking forward to now is how powerful could she become if all her charas converge together! That if it’s even possible but who knows? Oh but I guess, if I had it right, the Amulet Fortune is already a convergence! XD

  2. danielle Says:

    i agree i wanted a kiss..imagine she embraced him and kissed him at that same moment…8*-*..i would have melted…but its very posible for them to kiss in the near future……well at least i hope so…^^”

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Or maybe she just did? Their faces were a little hmm… obscured so there’s a slim possibility. Just like you, I wanna see eeet! Hehe! That would make me very happy! :3

  3. Incipient-Phantasm Says:

    Oh gosh. The flying hug tackle glomp was amazing. <3 Nice one Amu.

    Asdfghjkhfgj joint transformation. *o*

    Wow, just, wow. :O

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