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This Page July 23, 2008

Let me see…I actually have this account for long enough *2006* but I wasn’t able to come up with some bright ideas to jumpstart with *and now its 2008*, maybe I have lots and lots but I don’t know where to start — me and my divergent passion is it not? XD

Today, I officially intend to make use of this generous place and see where this blogging thing would lead…maybe through this I can finally figure what I really want to do in this life so I’m tapping my keyboard obviously right here and now actually with nothing in mind but…there’s no backing out!

So a little about myself…

Got a degree of Bachelor in Business Administration with major in Management at Saint Paul University and became part of one of the largest broadcasting company in my country at the age of twenty till now. Though my line of job is purely administrative but my dearest boss gave me a break so I’ve got to experience hands on television appearances, segment hosting and productions, newscasting, writing, editing and so forth — a dream come true. Aside from which, I came into anonymously writing articles for some local papers too.

I have various interests, most are fleeting but I’m consitently hooked with the internet like I can’t live without it and computers, I want to learn so much more on how it works and stuff.

I so love quality animes and mangas and I know how to appreciate great movies when I see one and music, I’m quite flexible as to the genre is concerned.

Current interests includes, vectors, 3D animations and this, blogging and oh yeah, learning Japanese and French languages!

Maybe I could blab some more so you may check this page if you’ve got time.

So as expected the would-be contents of this blog would probably cover a great deal about my interests and even dislikes and what I have in mind the moment I start to write things here…isn’t it too self-serving? I hope not, but I’ll try my very best to make this thingy useful and worth reading!

Excited? I am!



4 Responses to “This Page”

  1. gadgetboi Says:

    hellow, nice blog by the way. man I wish mine were as good as your’s. hehe. by the way how do you keep “blog title” and “this page” like that? is it the theme?

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hi Gadgetboi! Thanks and yeah that goes with the theme. I can’t find any appropriate free themes that could go with my blog and this is the best one for me so I kept it for long and I already know how to manually customize it for my needs. :)

  2. gadgetboi Says:

    hey by any chance you like Beck- mongolian chop squad?

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