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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 54 February 21, 2009

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Looking back…

The plot of leading Hooye away from Nakbin had been quite a cinch! All the townspeople conspired against them but under whose orders? It couldn’t possibly have been Habaek’s?!

This Chapter…

Nakbin had been thrown in prison and was made to believe that the Water God ordered for her ill fate!  Meanwhile, Hooye sensed something different while on the way to where the errand’s supposed to be, so he turned his way back home.

Ju Dong and Habaek had a few exchanges and it revealed a little something of why the Emperor wanted him so bad!  He is the the sole God to determine who will go victorious in the fight against Shin Nong.  He’s interested in his powers and was willing to woo him at his side but the Water God isn’t just up to it and playing neutral.

Hooye however came a little too late.  Nakbin has already been taken and he knew who’s really behind the farce!  There was the Emperor admitting to his crimes and offered help? And what’s this? He was their father? oO.Oo

Random Babblings…

Habaek’s easy-going ways probably had been the very reason why he was put into the current situation he was in.  He might have had declined the Emeperor or anyone else and stick to his decision, therefore, no one if according to the prophecies had been declared the winner.

I’m not a bit surprised if the Emperor is Hooyee and Nakbin’s father the hints had been dropped piece by piece as the volume went. And I am constantly  to the opinion that Nakbin is not just an ordinary human. Probably she might have had felings for Habaek before the incident happened and the false rumor might have had ignited her fury against him and chose to plot with the Emperor and Hooye.

Poor Habaek! T~T


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 53 January 31, 2009

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Looking back…

Nakbin must perish!  But why?

This Chapter…

Mura came to the Emperor for her own selfish whims!  She has betrayed Habaek to the enemy and Nakbin’s gonna be a medium to that!

Believing in the prophecy she saw in a dream, Mok Rang told the people of the revelation.  Skeptic as they were of such an inhuman prophecy but with just a life to give up for the sake of the many in the village, they soon conceded.

Hooyee came home wounded worrying Nakbin.  But somebody came asking Hooyee a favor again hunting down some ack soo in some place.  He went granting the request but it was a trick to get him away from Nakbin.  The townspeople secured her behind bars.

She learned of the divine revelation that which only her death would suffice to elude the scary fate that would befall the majority and guess from whom would that be?  She was told it was Habaek’s!

Random Babblings…

Poor Habaek, he doesn’t have anything to do with this!  It was the emperor who messed up with Mok Rang’s dream!  The black feathers are evidence enough!

I think Nakbin isn’t that kind of bitch afterall, it’s just that she was triggered to execute her revenge for Habaek because of heresay; a victim of a situation, that is.  Let just see how the story goes from hereon.


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 52

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A young girl named Mok Rang managed to meet the Water God in a dream.  He told her some top secret which could put many lives at stake!

This Chapter…

Growing into a fine young woman, Miss Mok-Rang, had been trusted with prophecies dealing with water having saved the whole village  from devastation a few years back. She hadn’t seen Habaek too since then and how she wanted to see him again.

Meanwhile, Suh Wang Mo visits the Water country to see Habaek. An utterly stunning revelation has been made!  She isn’t Habaek’s real mother! He told Wang Mo about some human who’s going to be his bride, the thing which Mura overheard!

On the other hand, Mok Rang encountered the siblings Nakbin and Hooyee which were rumored to be born from a father that isn’t human.  She recognized Nakbin as Habaek’s favored one.  However,  she received a divine revelation afterwards… that woman should be killed!

Random Babblings…

Had this on draft a few days ago but I’m quite lazy to publish it.  :(

So, Wang Mo isn’t Habaek’s mom so another question arises this time… ” Who really is Habaek?”  Things really are getting more complicated that we thought it already was!


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 51 January 20, 2009


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Looking back….

The Water God Habaek, grew really fond of the earthling Nakbin or so he thought she was and he’s determined to claim her for himself!

This Chapter…

This is the story of a girl named Mok Rang whose father is a fisherman.  She had been visited by rare dreams yet she cannot recall after she awakens.

She had been acting really weird, that aside from the strange dreams she was always talking about.  Her parents were very much worried as if she had incurred some kind of sickness or was possessed by some spirits.  Who in her right mind would climb a tree and forgot about how she got there?

In her dream opens a door leading to the water realm and meeting the Water God himself takes an exceptional ability befitting a shaman and Mok Rang has that. Habaek told her a secret she probably won’t forget all her life!  A storm is coming and her father is out there fishing in the open sea!

Random Babblings…

A shaman who has the control over waters…Mok Rang sure is exeptional.  What role would she play in the story?  Could her ability spare his father’s life?  What would be her significance in Habaek’s life?

Habaek seemed to have the idea that human should all look like Nakbin.  That’s why he found Soah quite plain and fussed about the most beautiful girl the village has to offer as a sacrifice before.

Nakbin, a human? I doubt it!


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 50 December 26, 2008


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A slight touch on the tip of Nakbin’s hair caused an arrow flying through the air… and it was Hooye’s!

This Chapter…

Carrying on, Nakbin made Hooyee reluctantly apolozige to Habaek for his instinctively rude behavior.

Hooye seemed to know him and at the sound of his name, Nakbin went to him and confessed why she wasn’t afraid of him.  She said that it’s because beautiful gods like Habaek could never be evil.

Fool Habaek, he was enamoured by her even more that he sent one of his dragons with her to keep her safe within the forest bounds!

Suh Wang Mo as I suspected was greeted by the Emperor but in her very image!  The guy seemed to be expert in transformation magic that he even made his pass unnoticed into the Water Country.

Wang Mo wasn’t pleased at his flattery and said she wished to speak to the very face of the Emperor.  His request is too great to have him call her like that…to surrender Habaek to him!

Back at the Water Country, Mura greeted Habaek home and discovered that he didn’t go to the Imperial country as planned and instead he wandered about in the human world.

He didn’t heed her warnings of how troublesome could the humans be as he is determined to possess something which held his interest…Nakbin!


I’m really grateful to Kay-chan once again for the update!  I wouldn’t have found this earlier! :D

Remember Bi Ryeom, the god of the West-side forest?  It was the Emperor in disguise and I also suspect that Tae El Jin guy, it also might be him.  He’s so scheming for a god! Curse him!

What does he really want with Habaek? Does this have to do with the severed communication that followed between the water deity and his mother?  And Habaek’s curse?


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 49 December 22, 2008


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It was the first time Habaek met a girl who less fear gods.

Nakbin, is she even human?’

This Chapter…

Having found the girl in such  a dangerous forest, Habaek asked her and told that she was waiting for Hooye.

Who’s Hooyee in Nakbin’s life?

I already mentioned this in the last post that she dared Habaek to show her proof that he’s a  real god.

(I’m in a real mess right now, sorry.)

He bothered to flirt with her a bit by touching the ends of her long hair while asking her if she’s not afraid of him.

Then an arrow came wheezing through the air from nowhere to Habaek’s direction and he managed to dodge it.

There appeared  Hooye  who bid him to get away from the girl.

Nakbin came running to him and submitted herself in Hooye’s arms to the Water God’s surprise! It was even before he could bestow befitting punishment on the rude guy.

Random Babblings…

We’re inching closer to unveil many secrets that this novel holds.

Are we not wondering what kind of special bond Hooye and Nakbin shares?

If Nakbin’s a human does  that mean Hooye’s too?


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 48

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Looking back…

Habaek finally made it to the Emperor’s Country with Nakbin  and was greeted by a lady called Chunhoo.  It seemed that she’s been a former acquaintance of the the Water God’s but to what extent?

This Chapter…

Habaek went down to the human world and was surprised to see such a young girl called Nakbin who isn’t afraid of the Gods.  She even dared him to show some proof that he indeed is one.

Then there was a girl named Mok Rang helping out her father who later learned about the mystery of the dragon cloud.  Should it appear it would bring rain as it symbolizes the Dragon God.

The last part shows Suh Wang Mo, Habaek’s mother visiting a place alone as Habaek’s currently in the human world, where she was greeted I suspect by the Emperor less his mask.


First, I’d like to thank Kay-san for the nudge.  I have been quite busy I didn’t realize that scanlations are already out! ^^

Now, isn’t it suspicious for a normal human to not fear a god?  Well, I suppose they shouldn’t be feared at all but in the setting that was the notion all about the gods, that they were fearsome.

Fishy Nakbin eh?

The chapter was a short one and credits as always to Chiresakura!