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Spolier: Tsubasa Shunraiki Trailer February 10, 2009

Hey everyone! Check out this new Tsubasa trailer! It’s really cooooming!!!!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I’m pretty excited! I have been waiting for this for such a long time! Kyaaa! <3


Spoiler: TRC 213 February 8, 2009

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

This week’s TRC chapter might prove to be stucked up as there’s not one new a news to it.

It’s just that ol’ Tokyo scene from the what we’ve seen before.

Chapter 213.


Unequaled Strength/Power

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Even the feather that has sunken in the Metropolitan Government Office’s underground will be taken as well.

Fei Wong Reed defies logic, the logic which states the impossibility of reviving the dead.

– – –

Babbles… Babbles…

It still remains a mystery of who Fei Wong Reed needed to recall from the dead to have gone through all these trouble, messing up with time and toying with other peoples lives for the very purpose.

So… this chapter promises to be another uneventful one but I do hope it would be nothing like that.  CLAMP is so fond of surprises so I guess let’s have a wait and see.


Spoiler: TRC 212 February 3, 2009


Spoilers this way!

I have no excuse for posting Fai’s picture but hell this is still Tsubasa we’re talking about! He’s too gorgeous to ignore! Moe! :3

That aside, I hope it isn’t too late for spoilers on the forthcoming chapter!  I wonder why am I too lazy to post anything these past few days… I’m gonna tell you that part later!

In the meantime, a thread in a Chinese forum got this text and it’s all about Chapter 212!


Time began moving again, to the space and time where Sakura had been warped.  The muddy seal had swallowed Sakura once more.  The end point where Mokona felt the power of the feathers isn’t towards Clow but in Tokyo!

Babbles… Babbles…

Whoa! I thought the battle with the real FWR is at hand! Now, why this?

I’m not so sure of the translations but that’s what I understand amidst the hazy output of the translators! :(

One thing is for sure, the Syaoran clone was tasked to gather all the feathers therefore, it is safe to assume that he has accomplished his goal for Sakura and had been true to it.  The only feather that was left was indeed in Tokyo where the clone Sakura purposely left for the people’s protection against the acid rain.

I don’t know how Clow was even mentioned in here but there is a bigger possibility that he’s going to appear very soon.  What if his revival is Yuuko’s only wish just like FWR’s wish to revive somebody we don’t know of yet.  Let’s see where the story leads soon as the chapter comes out!

I was really caught up the fun at the new community I am in! Curious enough? Join us then!

It’s in here : The Ongaku Forums!


Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish?? January 26, 2009

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Yuuko's Wish

While we have a lot of speculations upon Yuuko’s true identity, it made me think a lot of another mystery entailing her existence…

The time and space witch as she had been frequently referred to has the ability to grant other people’s wishes at a price equally corresponding to the weight of the wish itself.  Nothing’s lesser, nothing’s excessive, there always should be balance.

From her own words, the meeting with Watanuki was a ‘hitsuzen,’ a thing that was bound to happen but why?

The old diviner from before dropped some hint of Yuuko’s big change since Watanuki entered her life…because?

What really is Yuuko?  Is she somebody whom we are not expecting her to be? Have we all mistaken about her?  And what is Watanuki’s role in her life?

Wish granted those who are willing got pay the price but Yuuko’s wish, who would have the power to grant it?

Obviously,  with a power like hers, there’d always be limitations and going beyond it is committing a taboo which would reap unwanted results.

If Fei Wang Reed’s desire is to bring somebody back to life, then what is Yuuko’s and it seems Watanuki is a vessel towards realizing it?

If that’s the case, the distortion that was caused by Syaoran’s wish was extremely beneficial for her as well?

Anybody who has the slightest idea?


Spoiler: Vampire Knight 47 January 22, 2009

Yuuki and Kaname

Yuuki and Kaname

<- – – Credits to Mini Frog @ BW.com for the scan!

Lovely chapter I must say but another heartbreaking one.

I’d like to mention some really juicy  points in a way before Sagakure would be out with her English scanlations.

* Chibi Yuuki and Kaname kisses! ^^

* I already smell the Sayori x Aidou possibility!

* Kaname x Yuuki intimate moments!

* More, more , more!

By the way, everyone might have want to read her full coverage summary of the chapter so this way please – – – >[ VK 47 ]

I’ll have to post a summary of my own soon as scanlations are out.  I’m just  so happy this chapter belongs to both Yuuki and Kaname.

It’s also interesting to note that the Day Class were all aware now of the presence of vampires in the academy and Aidou whom they adore so much is one of them!

Mini Frog has another scan containing the page with the kissing Yuuki and Kaname chibis and it’s so cool!  I can’t wait to see the rest of them soon!

Stay tuned for the updates! ♥


Who really is Yuuko? January 12, 2009

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Yuuko's Mystery Identity

It’s just like asking who Fairchild is! :P

Anyways, since the HOLiC’s conclusion is dawning near, I think this is the right time to ponder on this mystery.

Sure, HOLiC as a whole is mysterious but about who Yuuko is, is another issue shrouded in an enigma.  Could we get to uncover things as her real name, nature and origin at the end of the series?

I for one am dying in anticipation!

Whether are we going to be happy about it or get ourselves overly disappointed is CLAMP’s problem. But how about laying our wild guesses in the open right now?

Actually, this post was inspired by a Chinese thread by  湛忆 which opened the topic on guessing Yuuko’s identity.

Among the many possibilities she presented,  I’d like to agree on some and they are as follows:

  • Clow Reed’s distant relative

She and Clow knew each other and is possibly blood-related.  So, she and Syaoran were kins?

  • Clow Reed’s lover or partner

She and Clow made the mokonas together as well as Maru and Moro.  Yet Yuuko openly declares her disgust for the other in contrast to the statement that they haven’t met yet.  So how would she know what kind of person is he if she hadn’t been closely linked with him? Hmm…possibly, who knows?!

  • A mirage, an illusion or soul of a deceased (scary, but could also be)

The usual, a soul with an unfinished business that not until she gets to grant the wish from somebody she’d had contract with, she couldn’t be at peace or could continue to where she definitely is headed.

There were other choices as well.  Check those out using the pic on the right as a portal, then be the judge and tell me what you think!


Spoiler: TRC 209

Spoilers this way!

Spoilers this way!

Wait a moment!  This is getting all confusing!

If the spoiler holds true, then:


Fatally wounded Syaoran tried to stab Fei Wang Reed but the thing is, it didn’t have an effect on him that he ended up stabbing the clone on the latter’s stead!

Babbles… Babbles…

So, Fei Wang Reed isn’t an easy opponent after all!  And just as I suspected that the clone must have told the real Syaoran to play dead to give him a chance to get his hands on FWR might be a cannon!

But why would the clone be stabbed in the evil guy’s place?

I suddenly have the notion that it might be like Vampire Knight curse; the clone can’t kill his master or it would mean his life but it was the real one who’s trying to deliver the blow! Then why?

And the clone isn’t just any voodoo-like material and I wonder how was he conceived?  I might have missed that part but I am in a strong belief that it was with the help of the princess’ feather that FWR honed him from while the real Syaoran is in his custody!