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Shugo Chara: Chapter 38 March 4, 2009

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This way to the raws!

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Looking back…

The Humpty Lock was finally opened and the Dumpty Key has been a perfect fit! Confined in bubbles Amu and Tadase continues to journey into little Ikuto’s past.

This Chapter…

Ikuto’s life had been flashed before Amu and Tadase’s eyes from the time when he was small and speeding up into the present. Both couldn’t believe how hard it had been for Ikuto. Amu really felt for him and comprehends him even better now.

With that kind of feeling, she has summoned Amulet Diamond again!  She was enveloped in bursting light taking everyone by shock.

The had been quite a few attacks from Ikuto but Amu managed to block them and the funny thing is, Amu was seen hugging Ikuto?! How cute!<3

Alright, Amu continued holding Ikuto in her arms uttering his name and I really don’t have any idea how did it happened but suddenly she had another transformation!  And it’s not just her… Ikuto too, from Death Rebel to Seven Seas Treasure, a pirate thingy of some sort.  Amu  meanwhile, turned from Amulet Diamond into Amulet Fortune!

Did Dia converge with Ran, Miki and Suu’s powers to come up with a more powerful amulet? That I’m not sure and did the embryo showed itself?  I just like both outfits.  I love pirates and Amu looks so cute in hers! :3

Random Babblings…

I lost track of time and I didn’t realize a new chapter was released! I was so glad with the recent developments! Oh gosh, I’m loving the manga more!

There was this hot hug between Amuto despite the fact that I wanted a kiss!  Tadase must really be so pissed off and depressed! :P  I just wish Dia would just show herself from now on, it would be more fun!


Shugo Chara: Chapter 37 February 3, 2009

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Looking back…

Ikuto under trance caused by the X-energy his violin emits began to attack Amu and Tadase. Yoru on the other hand managed to secure the Dumpty Key and handed it to Amu.

This Chapter…

Yoru urges Amu to now unlock the Humpty Lock by means of the Dumpty Key but a strong wave of light washed over them and Amu and Tadase found themselves inside the bubbles.

It led into revealing Ikuto’s past.

Ikuto’s life has been miserable with his sick mother and missing father with a little sister left in his care.  They were taken in by Tadase’s family but they were treated badly by his mom.

The Superintendent Tsukasa, uncle to Tadase, helped Ikuto search for his father abroad.  The young kid’s notion of how bad his father was had been replaced by acceptance and therefore as the Humpty Lock unlocked, Yoru was born and Ikuto’s history has changed?

Random Babblings…

Wow! Finally a chapter is out, scanlated and fast!

There’s not much to tell about the chapter since it’s all about Ikuto’s past.  Maybe because I’m just sleepy but I just have to post this!

Poor kid, I really sympathize with him and I hope that Humpty Lock soon as it opened altered the saddest moments in Ikuto and Utau’s life for the better.

Does that mean that he was just freed from bondage and from all his obligations to that evil Kazuomi?


Shugo Chara! Extra December 23, 2008

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We have had our tummies aching with laughter when we got to witness Nadeshiko’s return to the academy in one of the earlier episodes of Shugo Chara!! Doki, now as Nagihiko!

Remember he managed to trick Kukkai and Tadase to wear skirts?

This is the very extra chapter which tells it all.  I’m glad this has already been scanlated!

The Story…

Volume 7.  Chapter 27.

Nagi’s secret is out!

It was the first day for the new Jack in office.  Kukkai, the former, orients him of his task and the other secret task a Jack must do…to serve the King in all his biddings!

Nagi explains why he needed to disguise himself as a girl and not tell Kukkai nor Amu about it. It was also explained here how he came to have two eggs.

Skirt.  One of Nagi’s most hated part of cross-dressing.

He expresses his sentiments and claimed his life’s been a joke.  It led the two to pacify him and voila, they were convinced to wear skirts to share his pain!

Alas, but Amu had them busted! XD

Random Babblings…

Don’t you all miss Nadeshiko?  Who would have thought that one hell of a lady is a real guy!  I missed Temari and her character change!  Now, I know why she had to be that fierce! ^^

Rhythm come out in the anime already!


Shugo Chara: Chapter 36 December 4, 2008

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Chapter 37

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Looking back…

The quest to save Ikuto seemed not to be an easy task Amu and the guardians were confronted with a hideous wolf-like beast and Ikuto’s violin has been stuffed with super x-chara energies!  Utau then came to augment!

This Chapter…

Utau showcased her new attack “White Wing” as she came character transformed with Eru while Amu and Tadase moved on assured that both she and Yaya will have to deal with the monster themselves. Iru’s turn came and the Lunatic Charm aimed the butterflies of destruction at the hound.

Yaya added to the monster’s destruction as she let out her duckies now with batting eyelashes!  It was a cue for Utau and switches with Eru’s Seraphic Charm again and purified the monster’s eggs and it turned out to be an ordinary dog!

Kukkai’s name then popped out from nowhere leading Utau to blush.

Meanwhile, Amu and Tadase dashed towards Ikuto’s whereabouts while that Gozen was portrayed to have been monitoring their every moves all this while.

True to its purpose, Ikuto’s violin playing attracted more and more X-eggs and that’s how both Amu and Tadase found him.  It was a shocker that his X-energy powered violin transformed into a scythe!  He began attacking Amu and Tadase meddled with them now with his usual scepter turned into a sword!

Kazuomi was seen enjoying the scene where Ikuto is trying to hurt two of the important people he cared about most while Yoru took the Dumpty Key and handed it to Amu.  Why, but it looked like it would fit the Humpty Lock’s hole perfectly this time!


Could the Humpty Lock be opened?  What would happen next? Will the embryo appear?

Poor Ikuto!  I hope he would come to his senses and fast.  By what exactly? Hmmm…Amu’s kiss perhaps? XD

Curse that Kazuomi!


Shugo Chara: Chapter 35 November 11, 2008

Shugo Chara 35

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Looking back…

With Saeki Nobuko’s help Amu’s group gained access to the transmitter of the remote studio owned by Easter where Ikuto is to be found!  Rima and Nagi encountered three X-charas along the way and successfully beat them by joining forces.  Reaching the tower the other Guardians were greeted by a hideous monster!

This Chapter…

The wolf-like monster threatened to attack Amu, Tadase and Yaya but before the senpais could do anything, she transformed into Dear Baby which made the monster sat there still for a while in awe not until she launched her attack!

Since Yaya’s offense seemed to have not worked, Tadase and Amu took the hint and transformed themselves too with Ran and Kiseki bracing for the action.

The air was filled with violin playing and there’s poor Ikuto somewhere within the area playing his violin without rest as evil Kazuomi forbids.  It seemed to have made the monster stronger and aggressive that even Amu and Tadase combined seemed to have no match for it.

Yaya on the other hand watched worriedly and decided to beg the thing to go no further to Amu and Tadase’s surprise!  It seemed Yaya’s attack made quite a difference this time for just like any animal, the monster chased Yaya’s fancy gears out of curiosity and toyed with it but not when it realized it was for aiming at it!

Just in time or so, Utau appeared!

Random Babblings…

Yaya was really cool at this!  Wow, I’ve never seen her so determined like this before!  What could Amu do to beat the monster?  Is she gonna power-up or something?

What a relief, the monster isn’t Ikuto as it seems but poor him, he’s been worn out from playing.  The sound of his violin is like a power booster to the X-charas including the wolf-like monster which was made from the X energy I suppose.


Shugo Chara: Chapter 34 November 2, 2008

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Looking back…

The Guardians came looking for Ikuto and found him in a remote Easter studio where Kazuomi with his dark intentions are waiting for them too!

This Chapter

Rima finds out about Nagihiko’s secret as she overheard his conversation with Saeki Nobuko who remembered she was once a girl.

For the first time, Nagihiko’s chara nari can be witnessed in here as he transformed into Beat Jumper with his new egg called Rizumu or Rhythm.  Rima seemed to have been amazed by him. There was a need for him to call on Temari and he again tranformed into Yamato Mai Hime (I like this one in the soundtrack) amazing Rima more.  Combining powers with her they defeated three X-Charas using the Queens’ Waltz!

Ikuto, however, was forced by that evil Kazuomi to play and play his violin though it’s as if he can no longer take it.  And while Amu and the guardians finally reached the the top of the transmitter tower, they were greeted by a hideous monster form!

Random Babblings…

Got a preview of the chapter so far but I’m sure I can find the whole bunch of raws soon.

Rima and Nagi do look good together!  Nagi’s amazing too for he is capable of doing chara nari twice!  I thought he wasn’t able to summon Temari in the earlier chapters reason why she hid back in her egg but it was surprising when she came to transform with him into Yamato Mai Hime.

I have a feeling that hideous thing was Ikuto and that maybe is the effect of too much X-egg energy?!


Shugo Chara: Chapter 33

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Looking back…

Ikuto’s painful past was revealed, the matter that Tadase has long kept silent about.

This Chapter…

The Guardians worked their way to find and save Ikuto.  They sought information from the First King and ended up getting nothing but found out that Ikuto had been with him from the time he left Tadase’s home before.

Now with Nikaido sensei, they search through Easter’s properties but to no avail.  Ikuto wasn’t anywhere near but luckily they found him in the last location. Saeki Nobuko saved them from being thrown out of the studio once again after a few attempts to allw passage into the building.  Thanks to her they could now catch up with Ikuto whose presence can be clearly felt by Yoru.

Kazuomi devised Ikuto and his violin so he could gather more and nore X-eggs and plans on using the Guardians as well for only when the eggs are being purified, the embryo shows itself.

Random Babblings…

I haven’t mentioned a while back but I found that maze thing when they went to seek from Tsukasa some clues about Ikuto kind of turn off.  A simple door is enough, hello!  There’s not much to babble in here but I’m quite concerned about Ikuto.  If that pitch-fork like thing would be destroyed, will it save him?  So why not aim for it Guardians?!