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Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish?? January 26, 2009

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Yuuko's Wish

While we have a lot of speculations upon Yuuko’s true identity, it made me think a lot of another mystery entailing her existence…

The time and space witch as she had been frequently referred to has the ability to grant other people’s wishes at a price equally corresponding to the weight of the wish itself.  Nothing’s lesser, nothing’s excessive, there always should be balance.

From her own words, the meeting with Watanuki was a ‘hitsuzen,’ a thing that was bound to happen but why?

The old diviner from before dropped some hint of Yuuko’s big change since Watanuki entered her life…because?

What really is Yuuko?  Is she somebody whom we are not expecting her to be? Have we all mistaken about her?  And what is Watanuki’s role in her life?

Wish granted those who are willing got pay the price but Yuuko’s wish, who would have the power to grant it?

Obviously,  with a power like hers, there’d always be limitations and going beyond it is committing a taboo which would reap unwanted results.

If Fei Wang Reed’s desire is to bring somebody back to life, then what is Yuuko’s and it seems Watanuki is a vessel towards realizing it?

If that’s the case, the distortion that was caused by Syaoran’s wish was extremely beneficial for her as well?

Anybody who has the slightest idea?


9 Responses to “Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish??”

  1. Quinn Says:

    I believe her wish is also to bring someone back from the dead (rewind time) but she doesn’t want to pay the price.

    I always thought that she wanted to bring back Clow.

  2. Quinn Says:

    You changed your avatar! I think your new pick sums up Yuko perfectly.

  3. Spaceman Says:

    Yuuko’s wish…That’s hard to guess…I don’t think she can have her own wishes accomplished. I think the price she has to pay to get her whis granted is to give her powers away in order to someone else get her wishes granted. And maybe that person is Watanuki and that’s why she’s giving him ‘missions’ so he in a near future can be as great as her.
    I think Yuuko’s wish is to die.

    • sarah Says:

      i think her wish is to die as well. she wants to see clow again, but not by bringing him back, but by her dying. have you not read the manga? she is supposed to be dead,but…well iwont ruin it then.

  4. ury-chan Says:

    i think her wish is to be dead !! like CC in Code Geass .. is she immortal ??

  5. Kaliie Says:

    I would also like to know yuuko’s wish. but all what has been said is pretty interesting though. I thinks yuuko’s wish is to find happines whitin love, because she’s sorrounded by love, and she may want to be part of the experience, but how? maybe with clow, or even watanuki.hahahahha

  6. arvin Says:

    Yuuko’s last wish is for watanuki to keep living, and watanuki wish for to meet yuuko again someday, then later it turned out watanuki became the owner of yuukos shop w/ yuuko’s pipe thhen now also drink sake/ and somehow also has that intuition like yuuko but not as powerful as she was. doumeki entered and he is already a university teacher and it’s been 10 years, and also kohane and they have this mystery request, and Himawari is also married(how sad that it’s not watanuki or doumeki), husband is not showned it’s just a telephone call, in the end a video from the last girl they helped in this last episode said “I’m back Watanuki” w/ yuuko’s voice in the body of that girl. Well I just finished the last ova xxxholic rou final you can check it out if you want full details though as usual it’s kinda sad just like the other good animes I have watched and it’s always have this down uneasy feeling left and I will only manage to move on if I watch new anime or movie, but I haven’t seen the manga so I’ll start reading it right away and It is still up right now and the anime’s ending is probably just like a fast forward or probably a director’s cut and needs a good ending, the manga’s still fresh and I’m not satisfied I wan’t more of holic.^^,

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