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Why’s My Post Elsewhere? July 30, 2008

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Great! I was just about surfing for one of my favorite mangas, Vampire Knight and I came across another blog today!

What’s the significance? I can’t believe my eyes while reading my own write up posted by another and carelessly claiming ownership of the same! *astonished*

Its kind of the whole article *word by word* only the links highlighted were changed as well as the photo that goes with the post. I remember uploading the pic I used here so that’s why, maybe! And I can recall posting the same content on my Blogger account too — Fair Obesssions — with a different photo but its still not the same pic either! How cruel that someone else didn’t even care to cite or give acknowledgment to yours truly — though I don’t care either way.

It’s not the first time I encountered this, actually it’s the second time including that of my first post but I didn’t bother. How impolite, but I dare not affix the links here to where those posts are or else I’d be no better than them.

It’s quite good that they’re helping out spreading my article but not to the extent that they’re asserting to be the original source and soliciting comments out of it. All bloggers wanted to increase readership and takes pride as their page ranks climb even higher and that their visibility over the world wide web is guaranteed.

I’m not so new about many mischief done with the internet: spying, hacking, infringing works, et al…the numbers keep on growing each day but I can’t believe even something petty as this? Well, maybe it happened to me two times in a row just this week for the first time ever since I got hooked with the net years ago and I have just finally started my blogging! Just great! *exasperated*

Copyright…I guess doesn’t apply to posts too personal like mine only images and other visuals unless its something of great value such as an online merchandise, whatever…it’s just my view but don’t we have web ethics or just a personal discretion of what’s proper? A little credit is all!

Okay, I poured it all out. Just said what I wanted to, it’s a no big deal, but is it that hard to say “Thank You”? *sigh*


Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.1 July 29, 2008

Yuuki wielding the 'Artemis'

Yuuki wielding the 'Artemis'

To whisk away that dragging feeling as we await for the next Vampire Knight release on September, I decided to publish several posts about the distinct graphic novel itself — an inference of some kind.

Both the Artemis and the Bloody Rose are anti-vampire weapons usually identified with the vampire hunters used alongside their roles as vampire exterminators in order to protect the people from these blood-sucking monsters.

Rightfully, Zero was assigned the Bloody Rose (a pistol) because of his hunter origins while Yuuki I suppose was given the Artemis (a rod-like weapon) by his surrogate father Kaien (previously a formidable vampire hunter too) in order to protect her in her normal human form. But generally, they were given these weapons as guardians and prefects of the Cross Academy.

The Artemis**

I was wondering why Hino sensei named that rod-like weapon of Yuuki’s, the Artemis…the same weapon which transformed itself into a scythe following Yuuki’s awakening. It might be due to her awakened power or Kaname’s which I remember took hold of the other end of the rod from where the newest feature of the Artemis can now be found.

What usually comes into the mind when we speak of Artemis? A Greek goddess of the moon and a ‘hunter’ (usually seen with a bow and arrow and hunting)! Also she is referred to as Astateia by the Amazons as their goddess of war. Seen the connection yet? Hmm…Amazons are defined as, just according to the dictionary:

Amazon –
(Greek mythology) one nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off their right breasts in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)


Artemis (weapon) *a rod-like* = Artemis (hunter goddess) *with an arrow as her primary hunting weapon — usually comes with rods of course!*

Yuuki *free-spirited and brave prefect* = an Amazon *strong and dauntless female*

Scythe *a newly-formed power driven addition to Yuuki’s (dangerous) weapon* = Scythia *formed by powerful women, the Amazons (a fearless nation)*

I maybe wrong but anyway this is my own theory. XD

What I mean is Yuuki symbolizes Artemis or Diana of the Romans who uses a rod-like weapon which is likened to Diana’s arrows.

Artemis itself as a weapon which manifested a sharp scythe could be likened to the brave Amazons (though of female gender possesses the strength more than or equal to that of a man) who finds more effectiveness after their right breasts were taken away. It’s kind of the same thing with Yuuki’s case, she became more stronger after having been given back her memories that from hereon she’ll be seen more in action. Just as the weapon’s master awakened, it showed its true form too…

The ‘Artemis’ in short was made especially for Yuuki to wield as she’s of girl specie and I think Hino sensei came up with the weapon’s name with these facts in consideration… it’s just my own guess! XD

Any comments are welcome! The Bloody Rose and the Chess Master thing will be parsed next, and that would be tomorrow!

I’ll rest it here now…so sleepy! *yawns*

Continued here:

Artemis, the Bloody Rose & the Chess Master 1.2

Artemis, the Bloody Rose &; the Chess Master 1.3


Nani?! No VK Yummies till September? July 28, 2008

Oppsie! I read Sagakure’s journal once more and I did overlook this issue the last time!

Vampire Knight’s next chapter release would be on September, the 24th If I quoted it right! *cries* It’s gonna be a long wait from now… *sob sob*

But…if it’s for Hino sensei then, I’d like to reconsider. She deserves a rest after long months of hardwork… *nod nod*

The great deal is? there’ll be more pages in the next chapter to come! *jumps* Yatta! Maybe this is to make up for a month gap! So shall we expect more amazing Vampire Knight twists? And more of Kaname…? *fingers crossed*

Sensei, thanks for the hardwork! Enjoy your well-earned breather…!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 96 July 27, 2008

Click here to read!

Click here to read!

One of the current mangas I love to read these days — Fairy Tail.

Some say it’s quite similar with One Piece but I can’t find myself reading the latter since it already has been going for so long as well as the animated version…I don’t know why. Maybe I stopped liking longer running works just like what I felt with Naruto. I’d anticipate I would be impoverished by the time series as these would come to an end. I can’t blame the producers or the authors for doing such thing, it’s just simply business and I am one of those who’s supposed to know since I came from the same background. Now, enough!

I came across Fairy Tail thinking it really was a ‘fairy tale’ per se only with some Japanese touch on it. I was wronged but the first time I read it, I grew to love it and am anxious enough to follow that series. It was about 3 or 4 chapters that were already posted, scanlated in one of the famous manga sites and the next releases were really fast. Oh it’s sometime in 2006 — already that long? but I still love it, never mind what I said before!

It was about a guild of magicians trained to explore their potentials and learn how to control the power that lies within themselves. It was a funny, adventurous *unadventurous as well*, nerve-wracking showdown of magic and friendship. Really, cool story! *two thumbs up*

My favorite character is Natsu who wields the dragon fire, then Erza, I finally came to admire her with the latest chapters out, Grey, master of the ice *he’s some kind of pervert, ehehe* but is often found naked either without tops or without nothing at all! Lucy?…what is she? I feel like she’s just an accessory but she’s the most sensitive of them all. Maybe later we could still find out what her true potentials are aside from being a regular stellar mage. She’s got to be since she’s one of the important characters of the story. I just hope it would be animated too sooner.

Wow Natsu’s so cool! in Chapter 96 he battles Seiglen rather Gerard in order to save Erza! Natsu’s always got tricks up his sleeves and he just doesn’t know when to give up *except that of his battle with that certain dumb ass owl, he became a bait! XD Just because of his weakness –the transpo-riding thing* though Gerard now had his power increased after activating the R-system and will soon summon Zeref making Erza his sacrifice, that idiot!

I am positive Natsu will give all he’s got and will win this battle! No matter what!

You should read Fairy Tail too…it’s one of the top rated mangas available by manga artist Hiro Mashima!


Matsuri Hino’s “Vampire Knight” July 24, 2008

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I wonder if there really is a co-existence of both vampires and humans?  I am quite thrilled with the thought…

Like what I said in my recent post, I like vampire themes and unusual story lines, thanks to Hino sensei I’ve decided what my latest manga addiction would be – – *squeals with joy* her latest masterpiece, the Vampire Knight!

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

The title recently and continuously became one of the top picks as I had browsed through several manga sites and video hosting sites as well for the animated version — its first season installment. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by her works?

The characters are lovable particularly Kaname, she made his eyes seem soulful *melts* that sometimes I wish I was in Yuuki’s place! Yuuki indeed is a still doll for me that I thought it wouldn’t matter if she’d be replaced by another character except for the fact that her hidden past is of great value to the story. I like Zero‘s character too but only second to Kaname! Also, the night class *all vampires* are of exceptional beauty! Waaah! *gasps for breath*

Too bad the chapters only has to come out monthly! :(( But I guess it would be a few days from now…yey!

I can’t wait to uncover the deepest secrets the story conceals and I’m so psyched as to whom Yuuki will be ending up with! Let it be Kaname, onegaishimasu Hino sensei! *takes one full vow*

Maybe I’m gonna write reviews on each chapter? I still can catch up I guess…who knows!


Personal Musings on Mangas July 23, 2008

What do I search for in a manga? Obviously, I’m no native Japanese speaker *but I’m learning how to* and I know nothing about the mangaka/s or the author/illustrator of which but I can tell if its quality or not.

As a literary person myself, I’ve got standards which developed through the years like it’s my second nature. If you’re trying to ask me what are those, I honestly don’t know but I just know its the right thing, probably it might be just my instinct, one may think. Oh no! a gut feeling?! Nah, whatever it is!

The Cover

For some the cover itself does not matter but for me its quite a big deal. Some writers can be misleading concealing trash contents behind appealing covers but I beg not to generalize all them. I still believe that an author who cares about its readers may want to put every single detail into consideration including the whole packaging of his or her book particularly if its a graphic novel. Let’s just say, if the author is really satisfied with his/her work that satisfaction reaches out to the readers as well, a personal touch — indirectly.

The Illustrations

Well-illustrated mangas really appeal to me. I have read several ones but not all that has great story lines are drawn pleasing to the eye. I like to read mangas which are comfortable to the eyes and detest chaotic drawings which sometimes I dont really comprehend what it is trying to say, it’s more like too much exaggeration on the part of the artist or has he joined the ‘conserve mother nature advocates’ by making all edge of the pages inked? In order to convey feelings of each characters in the manga a good illustration is a must, it’s more than watching an anime sometimes — our imaginations make it more wild!

The Storyline

Are Japanese people men of few words? Definitely not! But I dare to say that they are awesome writers but they choose to be easygoing and they are so creative that they draw instead writing chapters and chapters of boring texts… Did I say boring? but I like books too as such!

I have read storylines which were great like they have taken you in one wild ride and you want some more but others may just have been browsed for the sake of curiousity since you’ve got to see an animated version of it. I want to read stories which I haven’t heard before or something similar not the one that you know of how the story goes and its ending is typical and so predictable. I like mysteries, surprises, magic, vampires, wholesome ones and if possible no flesh!

The only thing I have observed is that mangakas made an incest just as simple as living everyday life! Though it’s really unacceptable to most cultures but they wrote and drew their books as if it’s nothing at all and I wonder why I too feel so normal about it?

The Authors/Illustrators

Wild, wild imagination, crafty hands and expressive people, those may just be the qualities I am looking for from the mangakas. They are the ones who could make those simple illustrations alive and it seems that they were there to say that words aren’t necesary the only tool to communicate.

So far, works of CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic), Hatori Bisco (Ouran High School Host Club), Hiro Mashima (FairyTail) and kyaa! Matsuri Hino’s (Vampire Knight) made me so happy! They’re amazing and in fact, I got some great collection of their works!

My expensive passion I guess, huhu! But it was really worth buying them.

I do have the right to go moe sometimes right? So please excuse my manners, manga ohtaku-ness –really!