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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 56 March 4, 2009

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Looking back…

If walking home together can be considered as a date, then Len and Kahoko just had one! Meanwhile, Ryou finally discloses his feelings for Kaho with Len!

This Chapter…

Oh hell! I don’t really understand Chinese! I have so much time against me I can’t do it manually!  I’ll just have to say a bit I guess… so, anyone please help!

After the confession Ryou had, he’s headed straight home acting really strange!  He’d slam his door shut so hard making everyone in the house wonder.

It’s also a refreshing scene to see Yunoki that dazzling and cute Shimizu-kun startling  Hino at practice… uhm well, reading the sheets.  Hihara finally meets with Kaji in between a basketball match with Ryou, the two guys seem to get along pretty well.

Then there comes a scene where Ryou and Kaho were talking at school when Len butted in.  It was such a shame that she easily went with him.  Ryou tried to stop her by clinging on to her hand but she definitely is the insensitive one having no idea what that meant! *sigh* Then some talks about the “hand” probably Ryou’s came up and unexpectedly Len held his too adjacent Kaho’s making her blush so much. I wonder what exactly was being said…

The chapter ended with Yunoki’s granny enraged.  Might it be that he has finally chosen to violate her orders?  It’s a good thing for me at least! ^^

Random Babblings…

This has been uploaded last month but I only had the chance to write about this today. I really can’t say anything for the chapter except that they were all blushing at the same time.

Wow, Kaho really is envious with all the beautiful guys flaunting about her.  But what the heck is with her? Is she really just unaware or just chose to ignore those passes which is really absurd.  She should at least had the idea of how those guys might have felt.  Maybe she’s only is aware of Len and sees only him as a man.

Oh well chances are, Mr. Perfect, Kaji-kun will definitely be mine! Fufufufu~!


La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 55 January 26, 2009

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Looking back…

Suddenly, Kaho got interested to be getting tutorials from the newly arrived music teacher.  She did everything she can to win the favor and she got it with Len’s help, the fact that was unknown to her.

This Chapter…

Oooh! Something’s happening between Len and Kaho!

Probably making up for the fact that he’s leaving very soon, he takes some effort of spending quality time with her in a subtle manner.  After the practice, he’d walk her home and we’ve got to see Len like we’ve never seen him before!

If eating some buns together on their way home counts as having their first date, then so be it.  Kaho was very much affected thereafter, blushing everytime and even Len!

I don’t have any idea why the girl in the training camp shows up and obviously it was some business with Len but she had let the cat out of the bag unexpectedly surprising and confusing Kaho about the guy’s plans of going abroad.

Ryoutarou then came and there was a big revelation!  I’m not just clear about the conversation as a whole but it seemed like he’s admitted his feelings towards Kaho, letting Tsukimori know about it, leaving the other guy in awe!

Kaho went home ahead still letting the sudden news sink in.

Random Babblings…

Probably, I got tired of manually translating Chinese all of a sudden, it’s kinda exasperating you know… It’ll take me forever with a crappy knowledge like mine! :(

However, I can’t just let this long awaited chapter to pass right? So I’m just dropping some kind of a primer until somebody could generously translate the whole thing for us!

I especially like that the cover of the recent Lala mag features Kaji and Kaho!! It would be  such a waste to just keep it to myself right?  Hee!

Kaho looks so cute in those pig tails! ^0^


La Corda D’Oro: Extra v.12 January 6, 2009


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This time, it’s Len’s story.  I’m sorry Len fans but I’m not much into him and I’d rather prefer Ryou if Kaji hadn’t been in the picture.

The whole chapter is a flashback of Tsukimori’s past.  We’ve got to see his connection with that come backing sensei, Hino had been pestering before to take violin lessons from.

There also is this horrible truth behind his overly concern the time when Hino’s hand was almost injured due to the broken vase in the anime.  So much for butting into someone else’s fight!

Len’s greatest gift and frustration is the fact that his parents were both excelling in their craft in the world of music.

He may have inherited their talents and he should have been thankful but this kind of thing also made Len struggle for his own achievement that if there’s one thing he’d like to correct and battle against, it is the fact that he’d been under his parent’s shadows and was never recognized as a talented entity as well.  He also wanted others to be able to tell the difference between his music from them.

I would understand why he could have fallen for Hino since she’s just as persistent as him towards a goal that’s yet uncertain.  For him to create his own name without being compared to his parents and Hino to be a skilled violinist despite the fact that she’s starting from scratch.  They may be compatible determination-wise!

Honestly, I learned to appreciate more of Len’s character in the manga since I now understand his innermost ordeal and why the ice-cold attitude!  But still, that doesn’t convince me to dote for him as well! :P


La Corda D’Oro: Omake v.12


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Yosha! Finally, I’ve got to feature my most favorite La Corda bishounen!  Kaji Aoi! >///<

This also has something to do with the primer for La Corda’s season 2, since Kaji’s appearing in it as one of the new male protagonists!

Now, let’s get to know him better shall we?

Aoi No Mongatari (Aoi’s Tale)…

All the gifts of the earth must have been graciously bundled for him as he is exceptionally handsome and almost good at everything!

He excels in the academics and in sports, simply got charm and everyone adores him!  He’s got wealth and power and talent yet he’s remained rooted to the ground!  So perfect!

He was a music enthusiast having appreciated Hino’s craft.  He also played the violin before but now opted to switch into viola for reasons unknown.  I guess it has something to do with his mom.  It might have been a tragic occurrence for him and the memories were too painful to face just yet.  Let’s leave it at that for now.

The greatest part of him is how devoted he is.  He’d been smitten by Hino the very first time and he’s resorted into some mischief in his pursuit of her!  Kaji has just proven that he could actually be a natural jester!  He’s so cool in that teddy bear mascot suit!

We all knew that he’s taken a big leap by transferring at Seiso! Yet he treated Hino with utmost respect and never pushes himself towards her at least, not on an intimate scale just yet. Though he’s been trying so hard to reach for her but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her! He’s just making her feel so ever special everytime!  So sweet, Kaji-kun!

Kaho, you idiot!  He’s just a perfect match for you!

Wake up or he’s mine! ^ω^


La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 54 December 10, 2008

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Looking back…

Kaho and Kaji on their way home run into Yunoki’s sister Miyabi at the school entrance and got dragged shopping!

This Chapter…

Len’s victory over a music competition with college students as his opponents became the buzz of the whole school that day.  Having met all expectations, this was his best performance yet.

The talks brought about a premise for Ousaki to discuss with Kaho his own venture of joining in a music competition in Europe.   He apologized with Kaho for leaving her midway in their lessons but she insisted that she should be the one apologizing for having been such a bother to him.

They met Len along the way and Ousaki was about disclose Len’s plans at Kaho’s presence but Tsukimori stopped him just in time.

Kaho barged in at Kanazawa’s office and was appalled to find out that Director Kira was there.  She asked about the rumored new teacher from Germany and asked if Kanazawa sensei could arrange him to teach her.  It seemed that the same teacher had been giving Tsukimori his lesssons before.

Kanazawa said it would be a slim chance for her to be accepted by him not to mention that she’s from the Gen  Ed Department but since Kaho’s so determined, she was asked to solicit the new teacher’s permission that on her first attempt, she easily got rejected.

Len asked the teacher himself, a favor for Hino.  Thank goodness the teacher might be considering it since his old student has high respects for her music and with the compromise to win the forthcoming music competition.

Success!  Hino’s determination and persistence had the new teacher decide to spare time and tutor her!  Thanks to Len.

Random Babblings…

I really admire Hino’s persistence.  I wouldn’t have lasted if I were in her place or maybe I should’ve looked for another teacher but she’s one of a kind!  Len… how kind of him!   Everyone’s gona be leaving soon.  Azuma, Len and now Ousaki! ~.~


La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 53

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Looking back…

Kaho and Ryoutarou were tasked to present an ensemble in the school’s meeting summit and Len has revealed his intention to study abroad!

This Chapter…

Hino’s schoolmates were starting to get jealous of her having unintentionally monopolized Kaji’s attention.  He’d eat lunch with her, walk her home and praise her everytime he’s  got a chance.

It has been like that even after the concours, all eyes were on her and that girl from the Gen Ed Department was the talk of the campus!

Kaji Aoi. A transfer student at Seiso, believed to have come after Hino, which is the truth but only Ryou knows.  He openly declares his enthusiasm in her music, hangs constantly around her, praises her whenever and turns down confessions because of her as he claims he’s dedicated only to the girl.  Aside from his good looks and charm, he’s equally splendid at sports and seemed to have a keen appreciation of music himself.  It can’t be helped but be compared with Yunoki and Yunoki’s guards were making such a big fuss about it.

Speak of the devil but he and Kaho found Yunoki’s sister waiting at the front gate of the academy.  She was told his brother had an emergency and therefore would have to be a little late.  She ended up inviting both whom she had mistaken as a couple, the thing which they graciously denied and off they went.

At the mall, Miyabi apologized for the ‘fiance fiasco’ Yunoki’s dragged her into before and asked if her brother has been acting strange at school.  Kaho enumerated his slight misunderstanding with Hihara and his giving up from the selection camp.  With that, Miyabi was about to say something but stopped midway cause of the cake thingy and Kaji’s sort of flirting with Kaho.  She excused herself for being an interruption to the both of them.

Then came Yunoki at last.  Speeding things up, he and Kaji were introduced the first time and  Kaho learned that his father  was a Senator!

A chance  came to be alone with Yunoki.  He spoke ruthlessly at Kaho about her music and about chasing her dream.  Maybe Kaho already knew the dark side of him somehow that she chose to be positive, declared that she’ll be doing her best and will never give up.

The chapter ended up with Azuma going back to the academy and accidentally overheard Len’s conversation with Kanazawa sensei of his plans for studying abroad.


No matter how I really like Yunoki’s face he’s an evil!  :P  Poor Kaho, I would have punched him right away.

Ah, Kaji… he really is handsome! *swoons*


La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 52 December 7, 2008


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I came to love this anime  out of curiosity.  It has been randomly mentioned and recommended in many forums to be really good and it is good!

Little did I know that it has an ongoing manga no wonder I was left hanging at the end of the season.  It opened a whole new perspective in me, came to admire Yuki Kure’s art and even got more attracted to the story. I also came to love the new plot and the new characters too, Kaji…!

So from hereon, I’d be keeping updates of the manga releases and worry not, I’ll have some flashbacks included closer from where the anime left off.  Alright, I’m all set!

This Chapter…

Kaho and Ryou were summoned by Seiso Academy’s Board of Trustees’ Director, Kira and were requested to present  a piece for the upcoming summit.  It would make such a great impact to convey to the Counsel and the PTA  the fact that even students who’re not specializing in music also receive a well-rounded education if they could witness both from the Gen Ed Department who could also play well.

Kaho seemed to be looking forward to it and revealed that she had been working on a piece under Len’s instructions to Tschiura’s disbelief!  It’s kinda rare for him to agree to agree on such setup.

While deciding on what their ensemble would be Hino felt melancholic for a moment remembering how long has it already been after the concours.  She blushingly admitted how she’s overwhelmed to be able to play with Ryou once more.  He gave her his assurance to be always there for her making her happy and fired up to do her best as not to let Tschiura’s accompaniment go down the drain.

It was Ryou’s turn to space out this time remembering what Kaji told him and his feelings for Kaho.   He was at a park then and coincidentally Len’s nearby rehearsing with his violin but was mobbed by little kids who capriciously made him play a piece for them.  Ryou approached him and a conversation started with topics as change of environment and Kaho’s playing.  Suddenly Len revealed he was leaving soon for a study overseas.  He indirectly hinted at Ryou to look after Kaho by telling him his decision.

Hino snapped Ryotarou back to the present.  The next conversations revolved on Hino’s violin playing and how she liked Len’s  and how she’s chasing to be like him.  Ryou was about to reveal Len’s secret but stopped midway.  He told her instead that he isn’t giving it up; concerning music, that’s what Kaho thought but it was actually her whom Tschiura won’t be giving up. Finally, they were able to perform well in the summit and everybody felt elated.

Random Babblings…

One should take differently was what seen in the anime than what’s read in the manga, for me they are two different entities but then direction of the story is towards a single goal. Ah, I mean, the presentation is quite different.  Sorry I must be talking Greek here!

Music appreciation is the vantage the anime has since you’ve got to hear the scores being played rather than just being mentioned in the manga. You could really internalize what a councour is.

The richness of the story however could be attributed to the manga.  Each character were given importance, the plot treated differently and there really is a strong inclination to the ‘violin romance” which the anime hasn’t given much emphasis.  Yeah, yeah as I’ve said another season would be best.