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Taking Obsession to New Heights! March 11, 2009

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It’s been about eight months since I started this blog and it has been a blast for me every time!  I have had nothing but happy memories in here so I feel really blessed.

What’s supposed to be a personal blog became a medium for meeting various people from different parts of the world!  I have loved the interactions which had taken place in here, the many unexpected commendations, they sure are heart-warming.  This place has made for itself a mark somehow, the ever growing readership, the honors achieved, the positive reviews, the backlinks, they’re what every blogger wishes for!

I haven’t thought of all those when I started scribbling in  here but you made me feel so very special! Therefore, I want to thank all the more than 185 thousand and counting followers, readers and visitors who made their way to this site.  I owe you all so much!

Honestly, I feel guilty about not writing any posts lately but I really feel reluctant when I know the next article I’m going to post in here would be the last one…

But! Remember I’ve been dropping hints about the “great move”? This is supposed to be a happy news, isn’t it?  I’m going self-hosted with WordPress still as the platform! I feel I could customize my blog in any way I want!  And besides, a good friend Sena-kun generously offered this dedicated site for me:


Yes, you can find me there from now on!

And speaking of friends, that is the most amazing thing this endeavor has brought! Meeting cool people and great friends! Lord Ryvius of the Ongaku, Madi-chan of MadiZor, Link-san of the Healing Touch, Sena-kun of Senakunes.com of course! How can I forget Chan-chan, Minnie and more… It’ll take forever if I am to mention them all! ^^; And oh, MrB and the very special Kay-kun…

Dearest Quinn-chan will be joining me in there as well as Taka-san as fellow authors. That means, we’ll have to cover much more stuff than I can handle alone.  The new site still has some glitch here and there from the move but it’ll be fixed in no time.  Overall, I’m pretty excited!

Thank you so much everyone for the trust I’ll try my hardest to still live up to that and I do hope to see you all there!  <3

I remain



14 Responses to “Taking Obsession to New Heights!”

  1. madi Says:

    Wow, what a speach! I’m so glad that you finally moved, the new site looks great.
    And thank you so much for naming me in the post, I’m really honoured ^_____^

    Have fun in your new home, Fair-hime!

  2. Ena Says:

    It’s always good to have self-hosted domain and wordpress with its new interface is more of a darling now :D Congratulations and best of luck at your new home ^_^

  3. Quinn Says:

    Me too! You never steal other peoples ideas and always give credit where it is due.You truly are a kind person Fairchild-chan! (^-^*)

  4. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    oh, so this is the big news you talked about before…i’m happy for you that you’ve got a new site…and a great one to boot. keep up the good work fairchild! i continue to support and trust you all the way! congratulations!^^

  5. Minnie Says:

    OMG you moved before we did! Good luck! Does that mean your new blog is a team blog now? That’s such a drastic, yet probably rewarding change. :) I’m going to go visit your new site right now to check it out. I can’t wait to read new blog entries from you and your friends. ^^

  6. mitayashi Says:

    great! keep it up! ^^

  7. evie Says:

    hi it seems that your new site does not work?..

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