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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 53 January 31, 2009

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Looking back…

Nakbin must perish!  But why?

This Chapter…

Mura came to the Emperor for her own selfish whims!  She has betrayed Habaek to the enemy and Nakbin’s gonna be a medium to that!

Believing in the prophecy she saw in a dream, Mok Rang told the people of the revelation.  Skeptic as they were of such an inhuman prophecy but with just a life to give up for the sake of the many in the village, they soon conceded.

Hooyee came home wounded worrying Nakbin.  But somebody came asking Hooyee a favor again hunting down some ack soo in some place.  He went granting the request but it was a trick to get him away from Nakbin.  The townspeople secured her behind bars.

She learned of the divine revelation that which only her death would suffice to elude the scary fate that would befall the majority and guess from whom would that be?  She was told it was Habaek’s!

Random Babblings…

Poor Habaek, he doesn’t have anything to do with this!  It was the emperor who messed up with Mok Rang’s dream!  The black feathers are evidence enough!

I think Nakbin isn’t that kind of bitch afterall, it’s just that she was triggered to execute her revenge for Habaek because of heresay; a victim of a situation, that is.  Let just see how the story goes from hereon.


Bride of the Water God: Chapter 52

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A young girl named Mok Rang managed to meet the Water God in a dream.  He told her some top secret which could put many lives at stake!

This Chapter…

Growing into a fine young woman, Miss Mok-Rang, had been trusted with prophecies dealing with water having saved the whole village  from devastation a few years back. She hadn’t seen Habaek too since then and how she wanted to see him again.

Meanwhile, Suh Wang Mo visits the Water country to see Habaek. An utterly stunning revelation has been made!  She isn’t Habaek’s real mother! He told Wang Mo about some human who’s going to be his bride, the thing which Mura overheard!

On the other hand, Mok Rang encountered the siblings Nakbin and Hooyee which were rumored to be born from a father that isn’t human.  She recognized Nakbin as Habaek’s favored one.  However,  she received a divine revelation afterwards… that woman should be killed!

Random Babblings…

Had this on draft a few days ago but I’m quite lazy to publish it.  :(

So, Wang Mo isn’t Habaek’s mom so another question arises this time… ” Who really is Habaek?”  Things really are getting more complicated that we thought it already was!


Shugo Chara!! Doki [68] January 30, 2009

Looking back…

Some UFO  fanatic appears! Filling the place with mystery circles which was believed to be UFO made!

This Episode…

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Saaya on the Reel

The Yamabuki Fanclub!

Amulet Clover?

Episode 68: Goodbye, Saaya Yamabuki…

Yamabuki Saaya, such a brat who openly declares his affections for Tadase, considers Amu her ultimate rival!

Then comes her farewell bash as she was going abroad with her dad…  She deemed it is high time to show her worth.

She turned Seiyo’s gym into a party hall, prepared outrageous numbers for everyone and ended up challenging Amu into a one on one match.

Beam balancing, Ikebana, things as such but Amu made it through igniting Saaya’s rage even more.

She bid Amu to arrange some snacks with Tadase at the Royal Garden in which she openly flirts with him.  But Tadase felt nothing about her and got embarrassed instead for her uninvited advances.  She blames Amu for it and soon walked out the place and moped.

Lulu was nearby while Saaya consoles herself and wishes she could be like Amu.  Of course, she had been had!

It was surprising that her biggest frustration is to be really Amu!  Hinamori Dream and so she had been turned!

Amu herself did three chara naris since Saaya could do the same too and even stronger!  Ran, Miki and Suu were no match!  But in the end Amu did pacify her that she went back to normal.

The bad thing is, Saaya’s dad went but she was allowed to stay in the school which means… Amu’s cross has just started once again!

Random Babblings…

Cool filler episode!  But Nagi, how’s it going with you??

And Rima on the next episode has found her new apple of the eye?  What about Nagi?  So much for Rima-Hiko! T~T


Fairy Tail: Chapter 120 January 29, 2009


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Luxus and Mistgun finally has seen each other face to face. Having no choice but to accept Luxus’ challenge, who among them would be hailed the strongest in Fairy Tail?

This Chapter…

The battle between the two guys began, each showed a different kind of magic they haven’t used against each other  till now.

Mistgun’s Matenrou almost had Luxus right there! It had turned the cathedral into nothing but crumbs.  He also did let loose of a humongous reptilian illusion that it’s quite too late for the opponent to notice.

But Luxus is quite a surprising fella too having reacted with speed in that nick of time that he was able to counter the attack putting the other under his spell the same!

Erza and Natsu found them and for  a while, Mistgun was left open so eventually Luxus took his chance, revealing the face behind the heavily clad costume.  Gerard?!

Erza was mesmerized of course that even she had to let down her guard defyng her chances to stood against Luxus.  Mistgun assured her that he isn’t Gerard and apologized for the big reveal at a time like this but who is he?

Now, there’s just Natsu and Luxus left. Are we gonna see Natsu to victory? But Luxus isn’t just taking him seriously!

Random Babblings…

I love this chapter!  The big reveal!  Who would have thought that huge guy in an overly heavy wraparound is somebody who definitely looks like Gerard!  Mistgun is so cool!

Poor Erza, she was taken by awe…smitten by him again?

Yay! Finally it’s Natsu’s turn to fight Luxus!  I’m kinda excited to find out about his new techniques, those that he haven’t used yet!

Wait, what if Luxus is actually Master Jose in disguise?  We still haven’t seen the traitor Gazille nearby!


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 211

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Looking back…

Has the Syaoran clone finally bid this world, er, CLAMP Universe, goodbye for good?

This Chapter…

There’s not much to mention about this chapter since it’s all but crazy, illustrations  depicting the various emotions solicited from the beloved clone’s farewell!

All that remained are the shards, fragments of the vanished entity and the bereaved other self and friends…

Fai got his lost eye back and a part of his magic I assume, the one that was gouged out by the clone back in the fight back at the Tokyo Tower.  Kurogane handed the sword of flame to Syaoran, that which was left by the clone.

And as they sent the final blow, the Fei Wong Reed they thought he was, was actually Dr. Kyle in disguise! However, the unmasking of the dummy finally revealed the true FWR holding Sakura’s body with him!

Has the final moment arrived?

Random Babblings…

The evil guy still has many tricks on his sleeves!  Who would have expected the guy in the mirror wasn’t him!  Did the small group finally found him? I mean, the real him?

Dr. Kyle, remember?  I don’t understand why would he risk his life for Fei Wong Reed’s sake?  Is he any relation or something?  I’m so sure he himself got a wish and how great is that wish that he has been willing  sell his soul to the devil?

Fai’s magic is back and his left eye as well!  I thought there’d never be a chance to regain his beautiful face as long as the distorion caused by Syaoran’s wish lingers and I doubt everything would be back to normal again…ever.


Yankee-kun To Megane-chan: Chapter 34 January 27, 2009

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Adachi wanted the student council to be useful at once.  She came up with an advice forum but with their rough tactics, it failed at first but somehow it has found it’s use… thanks to the SC members themselves!

This Chapter…

Summer holidays are here! Adachi announces only to find the members of the Student Council uninterested!

Chiba and Izumi were comparing their test scores while the yankee, Shinagawa, as usual was lazing around finding comfort in a sofa but later joined the other two and compared results with Adachi as well.

Shinagawa was so looking forward on how to spend his summer that he decided to go straight home and take some refresher ready for the action the next day.  He opened his eyes however to the usual freaking faces of the SC thinking he was dreaming but when he found himself riding in a train, he realizedhi summer’s doomed!  They’re all going to retreat without telling him!

It’s a good thing that the hotel they were staying in both faces the ocean and the mountains which pacified Shinagawa at least!  But they shouldn’t be leaving the room nor start eating to fill their growling stomachs not until they could figure out something of a catchphrase for the school festival to consult with the 3rd year senpais the next day!  Plus, there’s a creepy old grandma welcoming them giving the entire place a horror feel!

Whoa! There were some guys coming to the hotel!  Talk about Mon Shiro… smells trouble isn’t it?

Babbles… Babbles…

Damn me, I just figured out the name of their school! It’s Mon Shiro! T~T

Okay, I just wish they’ll be having a good time.  And a horror plot for the the story would be a blast!  At least some creepy twist just this once! Hehe, I love that!

Got a secret to tell, promise you won’t leak it out?  I hate horror stories, not that I’m afraid of them but I feel like crying whenever I see one!  Shhh!   But I keep watching them to my chagrin! >////<


Yuuko’s Ultimate Wish?? January 26, 2009

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Yuuko's Wish

While we have a lot of speculations upon Yuuko’s true identity, it made me think a lot of another mystery entailing her existence…

The time and space witch as she had been frequently referred to has the ability to grant other people’s wishes at a price equally corresponding to the weight of the wish itself.  Nothing’s lesser, nothing’s excessive, there always should be balance.

From her own words, the meeting with Watanuki was a ‘hitsuzen,’ a thing that was bound to happen but why?

The old diviner from before dropped some hint of Yuuko’s big change since Watanuki entered her life…because?

What really is Yuuko?  Is she somebody whom we are not expecting her to be? Have we all mistaken about her?  And what is Watanuki’s role in her life?

Wish granted those who are willing got pay the price but Yuuko’s wish, who would have the power to grant it?

Obviously,  with a power like hers, there’d always be limitations and going beyond it is committing a taboo which would reap unwanted results.

If Fei Wang Reed’s desire is to bring somebody back to life, then what is Yuuko’s and it seems Watanuki is a vessel towards realizing it?

If that’s the case, the distortion that was caused by Syaoran’s wish was extremely beneficial for her as well?

Anybody who has the slightest idea?