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Fairy Tail: Chapter 125 March 4, 2009

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Luxus in an unexpected point in the fight between him, Natsu and Gazille chose to reveal himself and unleash the power that hides within!  He is a dragon slayer too!

This Chapter…

Evil desires are still engulfing Luxus.  He wants to destroy all of Fairy Tail and rebuild the same from scratch.

Fairy Law.  An attack which holds immense power of destruction was witnessed.  However there’s some glitch on it.  The  same attack which took Gazille’s former Master (or still is) down in a single blow didn’t affect everyone as Luxus had expected.

The activated magic did fathom the depths of his heart and it reflected as a  result.  Luxus do not actually see everyone as an enemy after all.  He just wanted to be recognized for who he is and not just some Guild Master’s grandson!

Despite knowing of his gramp’s condition he remained rock-headed and Natsu’s determined to knock some sense into him more!

Random Babblings…

Things are getting more and more interesting.  I hope the fighting’s gonna be over soon and I wish for some serene and happy times for Fairy Tail too… it’s been quite sometime already! My eyes are bleeding from the all fight splashes now…

I don’t really know if Master Makarov could still last that long but I hope Polyuska can do something about his ailment.  The next option I can see is that… if ever Luxus reunites, forgives or make peace with his gramps, maybe there’s gonna be more than just magic to revive him.

He was pretty convinced he already had surpassed the Master but first he must realize what Fairy Tail really is.  It’s not just about strength and power but the camaraderie between the nakamas comprising it, is what really matters.  I bet if he admits this for himself, maybe Master Makarov coiuld just hand him Fairy Tail without a doubt.  But first he must learn his lesson.


4 Responses to “Fairy Tail: Chapter 125”

  1. Kaede Says:

    I really like the colorisations that you publish about Fairy Tail!
    Where can I find them, who did them?
    Thanks for your answer!

  2. malfeas Says:

    i really want the colorisation, where can i find them, please thank you

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