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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 200 September 29, 2008

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This is the actual happening during Sakura’s 7th birthday but on the same day something bad really did happen… Nadeshiko died trying to protect Sakura because her powers can’t handle the strength of Fei Wang’s curse.  What a pity. *sob sob*

Sakura-hime’s so pretty in this chapter, even I wouldn’t hesitate to gamble my life in order to save her from the impending doom!

But what the heck?  Why is Fei Wang Reed the one to fulfill Syaoran’s wish?

Might it be the reason why Syaoran was held captive in that tube for a long time?  Was he not actually kidnapped at all and Fei Wang forcibly made a clone out him?

I so thought he went back at Yuuko’s shop for the second time in exchange of his freedom. But instead… Left me puzzled much?!

CLAMP is taking a break after this and I couldn’t find any specific date of the next release.  But I heard that the next chapter will include lots of shiny colored pages in tribute to the 200th chapter that was released recently.That’s something to look forward to! :)


Google Translation Flags Widget for my WP! September 27, 2008

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Finally there’s one for my WP blog!

It’s been so hard to embed scripts on WordPress but just today I stumbled upon Blogger Accessories‘ page and at the same time found over via search engine a similar forum post.

Here’s the WP forum post with Ishmailimail’s codes:

Translate your blog into different languages.

Now after doing some tweaks, I came up with this codes.

translation-widget (English to other languages)

Now, I do have my own translator widget on my blog’s sidebars!

Yey, thanks to both!

Check on the UPDATED post HERE.


Fairy Tail: Chapter 104 September 26, 2008

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The whole Fairy Tail Guild is on the ruckus!

The Weekly Sorcerer’s reporter, Jason is in the house!

Oh la la!  That bunny suit I mentioned Erza had before is actually part of her ex-quip!  And to think it has become her favorite among the hundreds of them!  Cool indeed! XD

But wait, no matter what Lucy does, seems like her charm won’t work, the reporter wouldn’t even look at her!  This chapter is sure hilarious! Hahaha! My tummy really aches!

Every famous Fairy Tail personality was paid notice, the most controversial ones like Erza as the Titania, Grey the pervert? And the renowned Natsu, always on the headlines maybe!  And the peace loving and gentle Lucy?  She’s making every move for the reporter to mind her but totally ignored!

The song of the Year was discovered here too — Shubidoba! And Lucy finally made it to the front page because of that! XD

She owe her thanks to Gazille for letting her dance to his crooked tune on a bunny costume!

This was the day supposedly why Fairy Tail was put into great shape!  But instead, here’s the latest release featuring Fairy Tail!

So wild!

But who’s that mysterious guy?  Is it Lucy’s father gone poor or in disguise?


Meru Puri: Another Matsuri Hino Genius!

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Meru Puri. The Marchen Prince.

Heard of it?

I really am in love with this series!  The artwork is gorgeously incredible and the story line is perfect!  This 4-volume manga series precedes Mastsuri Hino’s popular Vampire Knight series though unfortunately it wasn’t made into anime.

Find out more of the series here.

The story revolves around Hoshina Airi and the love of my life Aram, Astelle A Daimonia Aram!  So cute and so handsome!  Falling into a romance, fantasy and comedy genre, surely it is heart-warming and you just can’t erase the smile on your face.

As for my part, I’ve read it thrice, everything of it just in one day! An oh, did I mention that this series has concluded?  I’m expecting my order to arrive very soon and I’m so excited about it…the newest addition to my manga collection! *__*

This has really increased my admiration towards Hino sensei, such a beautiful mind and a crafty hand!  No wonder, she toppled CLAMP from the first spot of my favorite mangakas!

The series’ artwork is quite distinct from her other works especially Aram, he’s like no other! Every tip of the hair tell some story and the fingers are drawn extraordinarily!  Find that out why too.

I love the suspense and just expect the unexpected.  This isn’t your regular fairy tale, it’s more than it.

But do you know that Kaname and Zero could be found here too?  heh! Read on and spot them yourself! XD It’s here!

Gotcha! Not necessarily Zero and Kaname per se but just look at Lei and Razu!  Can you relate?

This series is the very reason why I’m not really into animation at the moment.  I am busy cooking something up for this lovable series and would be posting that if its ready. :P

Remember the Bride of the Water God?  A manhwa with a similar plot but not too similar, too different in a sense.  But they’re a must read titles, both of them!

I don’t recommend something lesser to read and this sure passed my quality control! *hehe*

So, I recommend it, for the love of my prince! *Moe!*


xxxHOLiC: Chapter 166 September 25, 2008

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So, Watanuki’s lady client has a very complicated case indeed!  She can cook exactly like a pro and any recipe for that matter but she doesn’t want to eat what she cooked!  She found it disgusting!

If that’s the case, there’s no need for Watanuki to coach her to cook and that made him worry.  He could not help her at all.

Troubled, he thought of drinking sake and ended at at Doumeki’s place.  How nice, they do look like very good friends!  They haven’t been rude to each other, I mean the usual bickering until the end of the chapter! :)

Doumeki revealed what he has felt upon eating that food which the woman had cooked the last time.  He sensed nothing from that cooking and could barely identify the nature of  whomever made it.  Is it whether the cook was human or not?

I was wondering why Watanuki did go to Doumeki’s temple when he easily confides directly to Yuuko about these stuff and besides, it was Yuuko who had accepted the client for him.  But most certainly, Doumeki give Watanuki some wisdom to ponder upon.  Something about senses and feelings.

Mokona reminded Watanuki about how not remembering does not totally erase the memories of a person. The mind might forget but the body always remembers. In his case, he can’t taste food for he can’t really describe it as he had forgotten how to but his body, his senses still lingers and he hasn’t one bit lost his expertise when it comes to taste.  Poor Watanuki.

Maybe the thought did moved him to decide and help that woman to get to eat her own cooking.  But the question is would he succeed?

What if that woman isn’t really human?  This isn’t a typical case indeed.

And Watanuki moving forward? To where? For what?


Vampire Knight: Chapter 43 September 21, 2008

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That was absolutely amazing!  Hah! I’m so out of breath really!

As promised, this chapter is much longer than the usual with about 50 pages with lots of shiny colored extras.  Domo arigato, Hino sensei! *-*

Shiawase da wa! XD

At the start of the chapter, my Pureblood fantasy has showcased a bit of his real powers and showed the Vampire Council whose supreme and he can do transformations!  A bat!  With one flick of his fingers, he had turned those scheming council members into ashes!

Kaname wasn’t the bad guy some thought he was!  He’s on the good side and maybe he wanted to cleanse the whole vampire race from those rotten some only for Yuuki!  He knew he had to do this sooner or later but because he might have sensed something such as Rido’s revival that he considered letting it be a little longer just the same…for Yuuki!  How sweet! :3

The battle with Rido was further elaborated in here and the supposedly serious mood we expected was lightened by Yuuki and Aidou’s comic which I found so cool!  Even vampires have their playtime huh?!

Kain & Ruka as well as Shiki and Rima were also featured here a bit.

And what could have Shiki felt when he saw his father on battle with Zero?  Pity, despise? Or could it be that he’s already expecting it would end up with this?  I’m no mind reader but he’s a useless father anyway and if I were him I’d be glad so I wouldn’t be called Rido’s puppet now!

We are also amazed with the Kaname-Takuma friendship when Kaname’s about to crush Ichiou!  Kind-hearted Takuma-kun deserves real friendship and trust from Kaname-sama!  But does he plan to perish with his grandfather?  I hope not or many Day Class girls would go out wild!

Just a thought, the Council is not so powerful after all! They, Ichiou especially had Rido then as their hidden weapon that we all thought they were like untouchables posing a threat to Kaname but they’re all useless chickens on the long run! ;)

This could be the end of the Rido arc just like Sagakure had mentioned in her LJ.

Is Rido no more?

But something else has just started stirring up!

Zero vs. Yuuki? O.o


Fairy Tail: Chapter 103 September 20, 2008

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Fairy Tail has a new home!

Err, looks like an academy to me!  But it really is impressive!

It’s some kind of uplifting to come home and be greeted by something new.  Natsu, Erza, Grey and Lucy really felt a new beginning.  A short-lived bliss?

Check out the Guild’s newest members!  Lluvia of the Phantoms and Gazille who was once one of Master Jose’s minions!

Cool new features were added to the once wrecked guild structure.  A shop selling miniatures, with removable clothes!  Hmm… Mr. Mashima is kinda like a pervy guy! Hehehe

There’s more to expect from now on with these new stuff and all, thing’s just got exciting!

Read Chapter 103 and see.