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Vampire Knight OST October 13, 2008

It’s been around for a while but I have just brought my own copy and I really want to share these cool tracks from our favorite Vampire Knight Series (These were files I had on my PC for ages!).  So last season? I don’t think so…listen then!

One more thing, you may also click on the snapshot to play and the icon itself to download the track. :D

01 Opening [TV Size]

02 Main Theme

03 Yuuki Cross’ Theme

04 Zero Kiryuu’s Theme

05 Kaname Kuran’s Theme

06 Mystical Night Class

07 Elegant Night Class

08 Yuuki’s Recollection

09 Ordinary Day Class

10 Everyday Affairs

11 Usual Life

12 I Have A Dream

13 Zero’s Memory

14 Hidden Truth

15 Secret

16 Forbidden Act

17 Destined Twins

18 Maria Kurenai’s Theme

19 Hiou Shizuka’s Theme

20 Insecurity

21 Level E

22 Vampire Hunter

23 Unfavorable Incident

24 Intense Nervousness

25 Mysterious Atmosphere26 Solitude

27 Heart-Wrenching Sorrow

28 Social Ball

29 Majestic Vampire

30 Ending [TV Size]


17 Responses to “Vampire Knight OST”

  1. Schubert Says:


    Thanks for sharing the OST. I d/l Yukki and Maria’s theme music.

    In regards to the opening and ending songs:Still Doll ROCKS, but I prefered the first ending. That song fit the credits perfectly IMO.

    I have never seen a video with the twins -both are girly cute-I like both of their opening songs.

  2. Fairchild_13 Says:

    I like the first opening best than the current season’s Rondo!

    Got the PVs of both seasons’ OP & ED themes right here – – > https://fairchildonrage.wordpress.com/2008/10/19/vampire-knightguilty-op-ed-mvs/

  3. velvetsash Says:

    OMG!!!!!! (super-duper-HUGZ) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!!

  4. Fairchild_13 Says:

    Glad I could share! \^0^/

  5. a.girl Says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i search for this yesterday and couldn’t find it.. >< and thank to you i have those theme’s what i search (= oh and sorry for my silly english .

  6. mAnDy Says:

    thanxs for sharin kookie ure wicked cool!!!!!

  7. minamoto12 Says:

    OMG thanks a lot for sharing, I love you teeheehee *hugs god bless you!

  8. Reita Says:

    thanks 4 sharinggg ^_^

  9. Naomi Says:

    Do you have the Vampire Knight Guilty OST?

  10. sae-chan Says:

    thanks a lot for this! ^^

  11. Miko-chan Says:

    Thank you SO SO SO much for posting this! I’ve been looking all over for this music, but I can’t download torrents. So this was perfect! You are a savior! <3

  12. EnchantedbytheCello Says:

    Ah, I adored listening to this! Such a wonderful soundtrack; and anime, for that matter! I cannot thank you enough!

  13. EnchantedbytheCello Says:

    Ah, I adored this so much! This is such a wonderful soundtrack; it fits, for such a wonderful anime, wouldn’t you agree? :-)
    I cannot thank you enough!

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