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Fairy Tail The Anime Kicks Off! October 12, 2009

A few minutes ago, one of my favorite manga serial’s anime adaptation went on air for the first time, 7:30 pm, Japan Time.  That was so exciting!  I never would have thought I could watch an anime in real time again considering my schedule but I’m so glad I made it!

Fairy Tail TV

This Episode

The premiere episode mostly focused on the manga’s first chapter which gave a little backgrounder about the legendary Fairy Tail as a guild and the introduction of  the two of the main characters in the story Natsu and Lucy.  Well, Happy included but does it count like one?  Thought not, but it plays an important role too! ^^;

It all started with the nauseated Natsu, motion sick caused by traveling from any transportation, in this case train.   He and happy came to a town where he hoped to find Igneel.  He came across Lucy who saved her from the cheap charm casted by the man claiming himself as the Salamander but was a phony as Natsu had confirmed it.

The blonde girl Lucy can into Harjion (?) for it is said to be famous for magical stuff stores but was dismayed to have found only one.  She was kinda insulted that despite flaunting of her natural charm wih the scrawny store keeper, a meager discount is all that she got.

Thanking Natsu, she paid for the food he and happy devoured gratitude.  She also told them of her desire to be a part of Fairy Tail to be lined up among the most famous mages.  The same wish made her accept the offer of the phony Salamander as he claimed to be a member of Fairy Tail and would help Lucy with her passes in.  It turned out that his group thrives on beautiful ladies and selling them as a merchandise for bucks.

Natsu overheard about the claim on Fairy Tail and that he cannot let pass.  He came to the rescue and found Lucy there too.  After a brief  wave of motion sickness again, he taught  the guys their lesson.  Lucy with Happy’s help tried to escape but as the flying transformation magic of the feline wore out, Lucy fell in the water where she found her stellar keys that fake mage had thrown.  She called for snooty Aquarius and she washed the ship onto the shore flushing Lucy and happy along.

Meanwhile, Natsu amazingly displayed his fire eating ability and showed a bit of his dragon slayer moves making a statement not to mess up with Fairy Tail’s name.  He sure saved the captive girls including Lucy, took care of the fake Salamander’s group but he overdid it a little throwing the port into chaos and right there and then the town authorities arrived.   Natsu grabbed Lucy and sped away asking if she want to join Fairy Tail and without a thought Lucy gave  him a resounding yes!

Random Babblings

I can’t totally say about the animation quality because I can only manage an LQ streaming unfortunately but it sure is well written for the first episode.  It captured the fun mostly like in the manga but why is it that I am irritated by Lucy’s voice!  I like Natsu’s!  The seiyuu’s voice fits the role very well!  Happy’s? Erm, just fine, I guess.  Why do I like the ED Theme rather than the opening?

Anyways, this is just the first installment.  Meaning,, we have a lot more episodes to critic on!  Hoping the story would stay loyal in the manga as it is now!

Quick Update

Watch Fairy Tail Episode 1 (Subbed) [ HERE ]


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Fairy Tail: Chapter 125 March 4, 2009

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Luxus in an unexpected point in the fight between him, Natsu and Gazille chose to reveal himself and unleash the power that hides within!  He is a dragon slayer too!

This Chapter…

Evil desires are still engulfing Luxus.  He wants to destroy all of Fairy Tail and rebuild the same from scratch.

Fairy Law.  An attack which holds immense power of destruction was witnessed.  However there’s some glitch on it.  The  same attack which took Gazille’s former Master (or still is) down in a single blow didn’t affect everyone as Luxus had expected.

The activated magic did fathom the depths of his heart and it reflected as a  result.  Luxus do not actually see everyone as an enemy after all.  He just wanted to be recognized for who he is and not just some Guild Master’s grandson!

Despite knowing of his gramp’s condition he remained rock-headed and Natsu’s determined to knock some sense into him more!

Random Babblings…

Things are getting more and more interesting.  I hope the fighting’s gonna be over soon and I wish for some serene and happy times for Fairy Tail too… it’s been quite sometime already! My eyes are bleeding from the all fight splashes now…

I don’t really know if Master Makarov could still last that long but I hope Polyuska can do something about his ailment.  The next option I can see is that… if ever Luxus reunites, forgives or make peace with his gramps, maybe there’s gonna be more than just magic to revive him.

He was pretty convinced he already had surpassed the Master but first he must realize what Fairy Tail really is.  It’s not just about strength and power but the camaraderie between the nakamas comprising it, is what really matters.  I bet if he admits this for himself, maybe Master Makarov coiuld just hand him Fairy Tail without a doubt.  But first he must learn his lesson.


Fairy Tail: Chapter 124 February 24, 2009

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Gazille and Natsu were teaming up against Luxus! Are they gonna make it?

This Chapter…

Theres not much to talk about this chapter, at least for me. I really am terrible when it comes to fight scenes, I’ve nothing much to say… T~T

So… the two dragon slayers attacked Luxus alternately giving their best putting Luxus on the edge…

However, he manifested into his real self.  That very magic he was told to keep a secret!  He’s a dragon slayer too himself! And what a monstrous power!

Now that he’s out to exterminate everyone… does Fairy Tail stood a chance>

Random Babblings…

I am very much eager to know of what Gazille’s true motives are. And could they still do something to keep Luxus sane before it’s too late for Master Makarov?

But the next chapter looks promising! I’m keeping track! ^^


Fairy Tail: Chapter 123 February 17, 2009


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Looking back…

Joining forces, the Guild Members gave all of the power they got left and took down the thunder lachrymas Luxus did put up.  The very thing that puts everyone in danger.

Thanks to Erza’s chivalry and the rest of the gang were inspired by it!

This Chapter…

Luxus still refuses to give up despite the fact that his very ace had been toppled before his very eyes.  He tried to exude the power he has left and Natsu seemed to be having trouble keeping up with him.

Then came Gazille.  Little did Natsu knew of his very motive but together they’re joining forces against the idiotic Luxus!

Random Babblings…

Will they be able to take down Luxus for good?  What else could possibly happen after?  How long will Gazille’s dark secrets be unfold?

I’m not so good at elaborating fight scenes that much but I definitely love this manga. It has a great feel to it. It’s humorous, warm, fulfilling and I like every twists and turns Mr. Mashima puts up!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 122 February 10, 2009

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Looking back…

In the match between Natsu and Luxus whose powers have grown mature since their very unmemorable encounter, who do you think would go victorious? Could they even meet each other halfway? Natsu at least?

This Chapter…

With all her might, Erza targeted the thunder lachrymas, that in spite of the consequences of the attacks turning against her. She was really so cool!

The other fallen Fairy Tail Members were starting to get back on their feet too, thanks to Warren and his telepathic ability.  Everyone helped out taking down each of the lachrymas to Luxus horror!

Meanwhile, the townspeople, unaware of what’s going on thought that the Guild has prepared something explicit again for the festival!  If they only knew…

With Luxus’ luck running out, does he still have an extra something to spare for the match?

Random Babblings…

Surely, Erza’s the strongest female mage at the Fairy Tail! She’s soo adorable!  And how nice, camaraderie really showed despite the odds that has happened not too long ago..fighting each other…


Fairy Tail: Chapter 121 February 3, 2009


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Looking back…

Mistgun is Gerard?? The untimely and shocking revelation made Erza and himself lost their chances finish off Luxus!  Now, it’s our Natsu’s turn!

This Chapter…

Okay, I thought it’s already over for Erza but she’s still able to fight!

Natsu on the other hand started to take offensive against Luxus!  But the older guy isn’t a bit intimidated by some brat who have never beaten him in a fight.

Erza was informed of the dangers the Hall of Thunder might bring not only to them but to the townspeople as well and that there’s very little time left.  She had several ex-quips and but her new Lightning Emperor Armour rocks!!  But will she be able to stop the thing just in time?

Natsu at least managed to exchange some blows with Luxus and is still locked in a huddle with him yet he bid Erza well before she left and to Erza, she’s not going to waste the life he had saved back then.

It’s was supposed to be emotional! Darnit, that’s what I get from having lack of sleep!

Random Babblings…

Erza!! Omigosh, Erza has new ex-quips?? Not just the usual ex-quips but really awesome ex-quips!  Maybe she left Natsu the battle and run after Mistgun?  Coolest!

Come on Natsu, show us your best!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 120 January 29, 2009


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Luxus and Mistgun finally has seen each other face to face. Having no choice but to accept Luxus’ challenge, who among them would be hailed the strongest in Fairy Tail?

This Chapter…

The battle between the two guys began, each showed a different kind of magic they haven’t used against each other  till now.

Mistgun’s Matenrou almost had Luxus right there! It had turned the cathedral into nothing but crumbs.  He also did let loose of a humongous reptilian illusion that it’s quite too late for the opponent to notice.

But Luxus is quite a surprising fella too having reacted with speed in that nick of time that he was able to counter the attack putting the other under his spell the same!

Erza and Natsu found them and for  a while, Mistgun was left open so eventually Luxus took his chance, revealing the face behind the heavily clad costume.  Gerard?!

Erza was mesmerized of course that even she had to let down her guard defyng her chances to stood against Luxus.  Mistgun assured her that he isn’t Gerard and apologized for the big reveal at a time like this but who is he?

Now, there’s just Natsu and Luxus left. Are we gonna see Natsu to victory? But Luxus isn’t just taking him seriously!

Random Babblings…

I love this chapter!  The big reveal!  Who would have thought that huge guy in an overly heavy wraparound is somebody who definitely looks like Gerard!  Mistgun is so cool!

Poor Erza, she was taken by awe…smitten by him again?

Yay! Finally it’s Natsu’s turn to fight Luxus!  I’m kinda excited to find out about his new techniques, those that he haven’t used yet!

Wait, what if Luxus is actually Master Jose in disguise?  We still haven’t seen the traitor Gazille nearby!