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Vampire Knight Extra: Damage November 5, 2008

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Click here to read!

Click here to read!

Just seen this one uploaded at Mangafox today and it’s Sagakure’s scanlations!

Hmm…this might have been overlooked by scanlators before since it was an extra (second) from Vampire Knight’s Chapter 40 of the 8th volume.

Anyways, a little overview…

The extra was focused on Zero and his twin Ichiru, now enrolled at the Cross Academy.

Given the opposite character of the two, the girls prefer more of the outgoing Ichiru rather than the sullen-faced Zero.

To make the story short…read it and see Zero wearing a skirt! XD


Honestly, I do prefer Ichiru too, he’s cool and approachable except when it comes to Zero, it’s always a different story.

Somehow I understand Ichiru’s stand but his means of getting back at Zero is way beyond comprehension, I guess.

I was really appalled for a minute and then I burst out laughing!

This is extra cool! ^^


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