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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ~ The Epilogue October 5, 2009

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A few seconds after the ultimate CLAMP-holic Chibiyuuto posted his broadcast on Twitter, I was given the chance to take a look at the the latest raw scans of the TRC Epilogue.  Thank you!  They’re still in Japanese and I don’t really have that much time to dissect on it.  So I just looked at the pictures and somehow I understood what’s going on.  Also  some familiar Japanese characters I learned a while back proved to be a little helpful.

I didn’t get to write my insights on the final chapter (232) since I honestly was disappointed of how CLAMP  sort of cut the chase short.  Following the series for years was worth it until the last chapters. We all would agree if I’d say that we expect something to turn out real right but to my amazement, the already super complicated manga plot was  made even more perplexed.  I bet that left most of the fans fuming about the lack of concrete explanation from CLAMP… a tragic but happy ending but definitely with issues unsolved till the end.  It felt like taking the plunge and never fully surfacing again.


Anyways, the epilogue somehow explained a few things about Syaoran and Sakura and the rest of the gang, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona.

It goes a little something like this:

Things had turned out almost normally in the Clow country.  The vanishing people vanish no more making the place full of life again.  Syaoran still came to that old home when he was with Fujitaka.  Because of the choices the clones took, they sacrificed themselves and paid the heavy price of having their existence in every dimension erased (probably as I’ve understood it), no wonder why the supposedly Syaoran’s family portrait has only him and the empty chair where Clone Sakura (mom) used to sit and Clone Syaoran (dad) used to stand.  Sad.

Sakura resumed life normally in the palace, back when Touya wasn’t still king and this time Nadeshiko (mom) was still alive and Fujitaka (dad) whom Clow Reed once stood for assumed his rightful role as King and father to Sakura.  Wait, not in the present Clow I presume…?

Syaoran and Sakura met once again and finally settled that thing from before, the word.. I love you that was left unsaid by their other selves.  The group geared up for travel once again through the help of a Mokona earring (was it Modoki’s? I’m lost, but seems like it hopefully) but this time, Sakura wasn’t able to come by choice believing it would be best judging from the dream she had.  Both wanted to meet the other them once more though they have the clones’ memories inside them. And hey, am I just hallucinating or they did just revealed both their names are Tsubasa? And Fai and Kurogane’s just tag-a-longs now.


I hope I have gotten the gist right and hopefully scanlated version would be out soon!  Nonetheless, it was a satisfactory finale for TRC.  Now, I only have hopes for xxxHOLiC (so lackluster nowadays :C ) for some decent answer and I’d wager we’d see more crossovers of them in some CLAMP’s latest and ongoing works.


This article has been synced with FairHOLiC .

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 215 March 4, 2009

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Looking back…

Looks like Fei Wong Reed’s plans is near completion! Will he succeed?

This Chapter…

The two Sakura’s of the different times, the young one preserved within the ruins and the grown up that which traveled with the small group are being merged into one!

Oh no! Yuuko? A failed creation of Clow’s? How could that even be possible?

So… she has the power to send other people in the different dimensions but she can’t just go there herself?! Hmm… I’m speculating on this very early…

Now, were back to that glass capsule once again… what’s next?

Random Babblings…

Continuing.  Are those guy’s efforts in saving Sakura going to be trashed? Sakura hasn’t even came into her senses even a little! T^T That’s really harsh!  Meaning till the very end, Fei Wong Reed has been toying with their very lives and worst!

Now, as to whom he would like to bring back to life… I have a feeling it was Clow. Why? He wasn’t even bothered by Yuuko’s presence despite the powers she could summon.  I found FWR an idiot.  Someone who’s easily threatened by competition and therefore, I guess he’d bring Clow back to prove his worth and throw his success on Clow’s face.  Or maybe he holds special feelings for him!

And what if… FWR isn’t really FWR? What about the possibility of unmasking him totally revealing that it was actually that mage who conquers water back in the Cardcaptor Sakura days?!

Fufufufu~! I’m having weird thoughts all of a sudden! ^^;


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 214 February 24, 2009


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Looking back…

Not one feather should be left out in order to realize Fei Wong Reed’s evil wish… bringing back the dead into life!  The feather in Tokyo has been taken back into Sakura’s body distorting and severing links to the different dimensions!

This Chapter…

Determined not to fail this time, Syaoran desperately reached for Princess Sakura’s hand while Fye and Kurogane protects him against Fei Wong Reed’s attacks.

Thanks to Fye’s magic and Kurogane’s strength that he was able to buy time in order to complete his goal.  However, the evil guy’s powers were a bit stronger than them.  It caused Kurogane came flying to the ground and Fye got really exhausted and scathed.

It has been going that way until Syaoran finally held the princess’ hand! Eventually, he managed to get her out of that black thing which could have swallowed her when FWR least expected it.

But what the heck is happening to Sakura? And it’s affecting Yuuko in the other dimension!!  She grew buttefly wings! O.o

Babbles… Babbles…

What’s gonna happen to Yuuko now? I wanna know so much what’s her connection with Sakura and what kind of worse thing’s gonna happen hereafter.  And Watanuki?

I’m just glad there’s this crossover with xxxHOLliC once again! ^^


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 213 February 11, 2009


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Looking back…

We have just learned of another shocking mystery shrouding the TRC!

The ruins which had sprung from the Clow Country is actually Tokyo’s two towering structures!

This Chapter…

Even the feather that the Princess Sakura purposely left in Tokyo (to protect the only life sustaining water reservoir) caught evil Fei Wong Reed’s attention and is determined to have it at any cost!

That very feather which carries with it the unparalleled power…

Now that his dreams could be fully realized, the chains that have been linking the dimensions has been severed and that would defy the world’s most basic law… that the dead can’t be brought in to life again.


As Kurogane and the rest of the gang can’t move, so is this chapter… just crazy illustrations once again… nothing new. *sigh*

However, I’m so eager to find out what would be the effect of the severed dimension links to each of the characters including Watanuki.

Can Yuuko not do something about it?


Spolier: Tsubasa Shunraiki Trailer February 10, 2009

Hey everyone! Check out this new Tsubasa trailer! It’s really cooooming!!!!

– – –

Vodpod videos no longer available.

– – –

I’m pretty excited! I have been waiting for this for such a long time! Kyaaa! <3


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 212 February 4, 2009


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The small group was strucked with pain at the Syaoran clone’s goodbye!  Now, it’s time to take on the real Fei Wong Reed!

This Chapter…

The evil scheming Fei Wong Reed offered snide comments on the departed clone despite the fact that he benefited from him greatly.

As it has been said in the recent spoiler, the time started to move again to the time when Syaoran should have grasped Sakura’s hand.

I wonder what FWR meant by the fact that he assumed the time he was waiting for has arrived. Did he accomplished what he’d hope for?

The graveness of Syaoran’s wish extends not only in the present but it had began to tear away the past as well… all for saving Princess Sakura’s life.

Mokona felt Sakura’s feather and it wasn’t from Clow Country but from a place where a barren land could be found and which contains two towering pillars!  Tokyo!

Random Babblings…

I so thought it was Clow Reed who was being referred in here.  I have been thinking a lot too… so, it was Clow Country afterall!  At least it’s still Clow! XD


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Chapter 211 January 29, 2009

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Looking back…

Has the Syaoran clone finally bid this world, er, CLAMP Universe, goodbye for good?

This Chapter…

There’s not much to mention about this chapter since it’s all but crazy, illustrations  depicting the various emotions solicited from the beloved clone’s farewell!

All that remained are the shards, fragments of the vanished entity and the bereaved other self and friends…

Fai got his lost eye back and a part of his magic I assume, the one that was gouged out by the clone back in the fight back at the Tokyo Tower.  Kurogane handed the sword of flame to Syaoran, that which was left by the clone.

And as they sent the final blow, the Fei Wong Reed they thought he was, was actually Dr. Kyle in disguise! However, the unmasking of the dummy finally revealed the true FWR holding Sakura’s body with him!

Has the final moment arrived?

Random Babblings…

The evil guy still has many tricks on his sleeves!  Who would have expected the guy in the mirror wasn’t him!  Did the small group finally found him? I mean, the real him?

Dr. Kyle, remember?  I don’t understand why would he risk his life for Fei Wong Reed’s sake?  Is he any relation or something?  I’m so sure he himself got a wish and how great is that wish that he has been willing  sell his soul to the devil?

Fai’s magic is back and his left eye as well!  I thought there’d never be a chance to regain his beautiful face as long as the distorion caused by Syaoran’s wish lingers and I doubt everything would be back to normal again…ever.