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Fairy Tail The Anime Kicks Off! October 12, 2009

A few minutes ago, one of my favorite manga serial’s anime adaptation went on air for the first time, 7:30 pm, Japan Time.  That was so exciting!  I never would have thought I could watch an anime in real time again considering my schedule but I’m so glad I made it!

Fairy Tail TV

This Episode

The premiere episode mostly focused on the manga’s first chapter which gave a little backgrounder about the legendary Fairy Tail as a guild and the introduction of  the two of the main characters in the story Natsu and Lucy.  Well, Happy included but does it count like one?  Thought not, but it plays an important role too! ^^;

It all started with the nauseated Natsu, motion sick caused by traveling from any transportation, in this case train.   He and happy came to a town where he hoped to find Igneel.  He came across Lucy who saved her from the cheap charm casted by the man claiming himself as the Salamander but was a phony as Natsu had confirmed it.

The blonde girl Lucy can into Harjion (?) for it is said to be famous for magical stuff stores but was dismayed to have found only one.  She was kinda insulted that despite flaunting of her natural charm wih the scrawny store keeper, a meager discount is all that she got.

Thanking Natsu, she paid for the food he and happy devoured gratitude.  She also told them of her desire to be a part of Fairy Tail to be lined up among the most famous mages.  The same wish made her accept the offer of the phony Salamander as he claimed to be a member of Fairy Tail and would help Lucy with her passes in.  It turned out that his group thrives on beautiful ladies and selling them as a merchandise for bucks.

Natsu overheard about the claim on Fairy Tail and that he cannot let pass.  He came to the rescue and found Lucy there too.  After a brief  wave of motion sickness again, he taught  the guys their lesson.  Lucy with Happy’s help tried to escape but as the flying transformation magic of the feline wore out, Lucy fell in the water where she found her stellar keys that fake mage had thrown.  She called for snooty Aquarius and she washed the ship onto the shore flushing Lucy and happy along.

Meanwhile, Natsu amazingly displayed his fire eating ability and showed a bit of his dragon slayer moves making a statement not to mess up with Fairy Tail’s name.  He sure saved the captive girls including Lucy, took care of the fake Salamander’s group but he overdid it a little throwing the port into chaos and right there and then the town authorities arrived.   Natsu grabbed Lucy and sped away asking if she want to join Fairy Tail and without a thought Lucy gave  him a resounding yes!

Random Babblings

I can’t totally say about the animation quality because I can only manage an LQ streaming unfortunately but it sure is well written for the first episode.  It captured the fun mostly like in the manga but why is it that I am irritated by Lucy’s voice!  I like Natsu’s!  The seiyuu’s voice fits the role very well!  Happy’s? Erm, just fine, I guess.  Why do I like the ED Theme rather than the opening?

Anyways, this is just the first installment.  Meaning,, we have a lot more episodes to critic on!  Hoping the story would stay loyal in the manga as it is now!

Quick Update

Watch Fairy Tail Episode 1 (Subbed) [ HERE ]


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Fairy Tail: Mirajane Teaches December 23, 2008


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Mirajane, Fairy Tail’s most in demand cover girl and magazine model.  She was formerly known as “The Demon” and a transformation mage.   An older sister to Elfman and a well respected mage of the guild because of her motherly image.

What happens when she teaches younger mages her magic?

An overview…

Lucy braced herself determined to take on any good paying  jobs at the guild and bagging the pageant so she must learn some new magic.

With her partner Natsu and Happy, didn’t get the specifics but had to train with Mirajane for the transformation magic lesson per se.

For starters, she copied Erza with most her ex-quips and even her ‘look of doom’ cowering Natsu behind Lucy’s back.

Natsu tried transforming into Lucy and he did it except that her bulges were peeking out from his vest and Happy too took his turn!

Poor Lucy, she’s been doomed! So much for Mirajane’s lessons!


This is probably Fairy Tail’s December special, a Christmas treat probably! No, just did a double check but it was published in the Magazine Special 1/10/2009 issue —  Just when when all thought were not gonna get any Fairy Tail chapter this week… yeah this sure is great!

Be sure to check this out!

I wish somebody would have to scanlate this.  It’s so hard to learn Chinese! :P

It’s scanlated! ^^


Fairy Tail: Chapter 109 October 28, 2008

FT 109

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Luxus’ Fight festival began turning Fairy and Fairy against each other!

With Erza and the others’ lives at stake, Natsu and Makarov were trapped in the magic barrier set up by Fried! Oh no! O,O;

This Chapter…

Miss Fairy Tail Contest is open for public voting! (contest still on-going? ^^;) Lucky five voters will be  receiving a signed illustration of the character they voted for with deadline on the 5th of November. So, care to join?

The Raijinshuu are really powerful people taking many against one! Cool!

Reedus got intercepted by Fried before he could seek help from that old witch in the Eastern Forest that Erza and the others could be revived from petrification!  But what’s with Fried taking on against someone who’s weak and I guess not much worth of the time?! Poor Elfman his power couldn’t go up against Evergreen’s stone turning gaze!

Only 41 members are still left standing! (At least that’s what I get.)

Random Babblings…

Evergreen’s and Fried’s powers are magnificent. They don’t sweat it and fights with poise! *-*  Is the battle gonna be with Bixlow and Grey? That’s not what I’m hoping for! :{

Fight matches I want to see:

  • Fried vs. Grey
  • Natsu vs. Luxus
  • Erza vs. Evergreen

I don’t care who Bixlow’s gonna be up against with, he’s not to my liking! :P

But…are Natsu and Makarov really that hopeless and would continue to do nothing? Natsu, come on!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 108 October 22, 2008

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Looking back…

Magnolia Harvest Festival turned into a mess starting off from Evergreen’s seizing the Miss Fairy Tail pageant (she’s not an official contestant I suppose) and turning her competitions into stones!  Luxus and his other minions, the Raijinshuu joined the lady on-stage and declared the commencement of the battle of who’s the strongest at the Fairy Tail Guild!  Natsu got all pumped up but does he stood a chance against Luxus?

This Chapter…

Luxus is turning Fairy Tail upside down flaring up a battle which only means to win is to defeat each other!

In three hours time, the whole guild must fight against four people to save those hostages from turning entirely into sand! Cruel Evergreen! Time to play hide and seek! err, Fighting Festival it is!

Those kekkai was Fried’s restriction spells? Awesome!

Makarov and Natsu could only stand there and watch while others are killing each other! Grey, help!

Random Babblings …

What the heck? Natsu is already 80 years old? The kekkai must have mistaken! ^^; At least chances are he might be a statue not an old man! But just as we all thought he was all revived from his stupor yet he can’t even get near Luxus?! Well, I think he’s just playing around a little but we have seen how determined and unpredictable Natsu’s powers are! Unless he could get himself out of that magic barrier.

Wow and this battle couldn’t be more exciting with Erza in action! I wanna see her against Evergreen!  I don’t know what Fried is capable of aside from his powerful kekkais but I wanted him against Grey and Bixlow against Gazille and of course Natsu against the idiotic Luxus! Maybe his lightning would taste better this time around than the last time they’ve fought!

Happy did get what he’d hoped for! Happy now?


Fairy Tail: Chapter 107 October 16, 2008

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Looking back….

Magnolia Town is having a festival!  Lucy is dying to enter the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant for the huge prize, totally unaware of Luxus and the Raijinshuu’s return to the guild and what ruckus they might bring!

This Chapter…

It is the very day of the festival, everyone was so looking forward to it even Natsu who’s still on a stupor but wants to be stuffed with food?!  Falling behind are Grey, Jubia (Isn’t it Lluvia?) and Lucy enjoying the festive atmosphere.  With the month’s rent in mind, Lucy is determined to win the pageant but Jubia wouldn’t lose to her, of course, because of Grey!

With the people of Magnolia and other neighboring towns present, Miss Fairy Tail Contest commences.  Natsu indeed kept his plan of stuffing himself and wasn’t even paying attention to what Grey was saying.

Candidate No. 1. Cana Alberona, specializing in cards.  She joined the contest to bag the price for alcohol!

Candidate No. 2. Jubia who wields water.  Joined the contest to attract Grey’s attention.

Candidate No. 3. Mira Jane. Uses transformation magic.  She’s a champ at contests like this but her performance is a bit of a shock! Pfft!

Candidate No. 4. Erza Scarlet. The strongest woman in Fairy Tail!  Wow, she had a new ex-quip!  It must be from her armor designer is it not?!

Candidate No. 5. Levi McGarden. Knowledgeable and cute?

Candidate No. 6. Visca Moulin.  The sexy cowgirl.

Candidate No. 7. Lucy H–.  The super rookie!  What’s the issue with her last name? She might not get the prize if people already know she’s rich, that’s why…!

Candidate No. 8? Evergreen!

Oh no, Lucy hasn’t performed yet.  What an ego, a self-proclaiming champ!  So long 500,000 jewels!  But Lucy’s not giving up without a fight.  She tried to confront her totally unaware of Evergreen’s magic only to be turned into stone!  She also did turn the other contestants into stone so definitely she’d be the the only winner as she’s the last one standing!  What’d?  Luxus, Bixlow and Fried now seized the stage as well and taking the contestants as hostages!  Cowardice!

Fairy Tail fight starts!

But just as things started to heat up, Natsu too got pumped up!  Is Luxus all that it takes to get him back in shape?  Whatever.  The next chapter’s gonna be more exciting!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 106 October 9, 2008

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Looking back….

Hiro Mashima’s 105th Fairy Tail Chapter featured the return of Luxus to the guild picking up a fight against Gazille whom he put all the blame on ruining his precuious guild’s reputation.  Now he’s aimed to claim Fairy Tail for his own!  Is he gonna stir up a battle within Fairy Tail itself?  With his gramps?

This Chapter…

Lucy, unaware of Luxus’ return and the danger that he brings along with him is bothered on how to let ends meet even just to pay for the month’s rent.  She couldn’t rely as much to her friends for they all have their businesses to take care of, Grey, Erza, and Natsu who’s still feeling the aftereffects of the aetherion he took back in Gerard’s arc.  Lucy thought she just have to find a job by herself!

With Natsu’s scarf on hand, noticing it was crude, she decided to wash it for him.  Back inher house, she made herself up and went to bed only to find out Natsu had slept with her!  If he’s not that sick and all, Lucy might have kicked him out of bed but it is pointless at his current state.  Happy and Natsu came for the scarf he left, the one Igneel gave him and which hew holds preciuous.

The mention of Luxus being one of the strongest in the guild came about as Happy’s recollection of Natsu’s encounter with him before causing him in a situation  very much alike as the present after eating up Luxus’ lightning.  The thought of having a battle for the strongest at Fairy Tail surfaced but Lucy wouldn’t buy it as she is Miss Congeniality, but she’s determined to enter the the Miss Fairy Tail pageant on the Magnolia Festival for the 500,000 jewels prize!  So much for not competing with friends!

What seems like a jest may become a reality as Fried, Bixlow and Evergreen are on their way back to Fairy Tail!  Luxus bodyguards, the Raijinshuu!

Master Makarov’s festive aura upon knowing of Luxu’s untimely prsence in the guild turned sour.  What really had happened between him and Luxus who’d had a change of heart?

A fairy versus fairy battle is at hand!


Fairy Tail: Chapter 105 October 3, 2008

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The Chapter goes by the title: “This Man: Luxus.”

I was wondering where I’ve seen him before in the early Fairy Tail Chapters and then as I read on, I realized he was that Master Makarov’s grandson and if I’m not mistaken the one to inherit or be the next master of the guild.

Though Luxus wasn’t seen much in battle or maybe he’s just off to do some jobs but it’s kinda refreshing to know that he cares for Fairy Tail a lot and even would go into trouble defending it!  Not to mention, he’s one hell a hot character but I’m in love with Natsu forever! :P  Oozing hot indeed! He can summon lightning from underground!  Very cool!

Meanwhile, Lluvia is serious!  She’s making everything possible to score some points against Lucy from her make believe rivalry towards Grey! Yahaha!

And when did Erza became meticulously fashion conscious? She sure did changed a lot!  But she hasn’t complained with that ill-fitting bunny suit she had had before! XD

Oh no! What happened to my Natsu?  He wouldn’t even eat fire, a post aetherion side effect?  Come on Natsu!

And wait a minute, Gazille, is he seriously taking some jobs for Fairy Tail?  That’s something new and worth looking forward too.  He wasn’t a bad guy after all making every effort to get closer to his new nakamas. Remember him singing Shubidoba?  His own way of saying, I’ve changed!

And what’d F?  Luxus, I was wrong about him!  He’s the pathetic one, that selfish, egoistic asshole!  Could he be the cause of another Fairy Tail Guild downfall? He’s taken on Gazille who I guess has reformed much ever since joining FT and only wanted to get recognized!  He could have given back some blows on Luxus too! Grrr!  No wonder he isn’t Makarov’s favorite grandson! *snickers*