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Kobato ~ The Premiere Episode October 6, 2009

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I thought I wouldn’t have time to write about Kobato’s first episode which finally came in today after a long wait!  It took me three hours trying to wrap up my classes as fast as I could and so here are my thoughts.

Check out the episode here!

Check out the episode here!

A little overview:

The anime started with Kobato’s arrival on what appeared to be a park’s playground where Ioryogi, her mystical buddy stuffed in a blue canine toy, gave her a  pep talk pertaining the mission they are about to carry out.  Innocently airhead Kobato seemed to anger her usually cranky partner and always ends  up receiving the wrath and a blow of fire from the fellow.

As the day went on, she met different kinds of people under various circumstances: a lady on the run who missed out one of her garbage bags from a collision with Kobato, a situation which made her qualify for a flock of raven as prey.  Easily deceived by kind words, she almost got into trouble with two guys whom Iroyogi perceived to have an ill intention against her.  Fujimoto came in to her rescue, thus, the first informal meeting.

Fate must have really been at work since our heroine came to work at the very same food stand Fujimoto’s working at.  It so happened that she broke something from the  stand while trying to help out the kids get their  ball back.  She is awesomely clumsy!  The funny thing which happened next was that she was asked by a customer to do the nabe (hot pot dish) for them.  She had it all wrong and hey is chocolate even an option for the recipe?  Despite having been horrified by the way she made the dish, the customers and even her boss thought she had just created something that tastes out of the ordinary, thank goodness.

Her last encounter for the day is with an old lady sitting for a wailing baby.  Kobato tried to help but scared the baby even more until she gave out a very soothing song  fit for a baby’s lullaby.  On the process, people gathered to hear her sing.  And on a detour, Ioryogi finally gave her a winged bottle for her to use as vessel for the mission.

For the first time, I felt nostalgic thinking about Cardcaptor Sakura since this is a Madhouse production.  Cuteness is inevitable! True to their word,  CLAMP aided the anime to at least look much similar to what was being illustrated in the manga, though of course minor flaws are observed  from time to time, Kobato’s noticeably ragged and bristly hair for example.  Ohkawa is on the script if I’m not mistaken, so, Yay!.

Kobato’s voice suits the role perfectly in contrast with Fujmoto’s which is kind of unexpected.   I so  love Ioryogi’s best!  Kurogane? Haha, magnificent!

Kobato as an anime is really refreshing!  It has a balanced theme of comedy and the episode doesn’t have dull moments and considering the many events taking place in a matter of 20 minutes or so.  Nice!  I’ll try to watch it on real time if I could because I sense hope in this anime considering the not so great ending of both xxxHoliC Kei and Tsubasa Chronicle most especially.  Hopefully, the momentum could be kept.

Lastly, Maya Sakamoto really rocks!  I  love the Opening theme though it could have been better as I hoped but it matches Kobato’s character in a sense.  The ending is kinda slow, not that notable.


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Kobato: Drop 12-B February 11, 2009

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Our adorable Kobato meddled in the heated conversation which took place between Sayaka’s ex-husband Okiura and Fujimoto-kun.

This Chapter…

Okiura implied Kobato as interesting but up to what extent is unknown. He even dropped the moment for her sake. But Fujimoto told him never to come back and got warned instead to flee if he doesn’t want to come across him again.

Kobato picked up the still lighted cigarette Okiura had thrown and Fujimoto snatched it away from her, fumbled on it and ended up getting hurt.  Kobato said something about Fujimoto being hurt (not physically, I suppose) and he took it as overreacting.

In her room, Kobato recalled her encounters with Fujimoto and she came into a realization…! She then sang  a sad tune which had reached Ioryogi and the Old Bear’s bird. A song that expresses just how she felt at the moment.  

Random Babblings…

Okay, I’ve been really busy idling and I haven’t taken care of this place for a while… gomen! But I’ll try my best to update the site with new articles hopefully.

Now, while waiting for the scanlated version, do check out StarLady’s translations [ here ] and thanks to Undini for the treat!

Kobato is really so cute! And I like how she had come to realize that something’s totally different with her affections towards Fujimoto! Could it be that she’s in love with him? But how can she cure him?  It’d be a taboo!


Kobato: Drop 12 January 20, 2009

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Ioryogi went missing and Kobato went home ahead only to find Mr. Okiura along the way.  Now that Fujimoto-san showed up that very instant, what would happen next?

This Chapter…

It was the first time we would be hearing Ioryogi  say “please” when he usually is so mean and bossy!  He handed Usyagi-chan his fire, a message included perhaps.  But when Genko’s bird made fun of him, he had him toasted!

Now, the confrontation began with Okiura and Fujimoto heating things up which lead into a wrestle.

Kobato clung onto the other man to avoid hurting the younger guy.  Words just came blurting out her mouth in defense of Fujimoto and managed to separate them both.

But when the topic drifted back to Sayaka again, Kiyokazu launched another offensive however, Kobato meddled and said that hurting the Okiura guy would mean hurting himself too.

There was something else she’s gonna say, something interesting which caught Fujimoto’s interest but she dissmissed the thing prematurely.

Random Babblings…

Could it be that she has grown to love Fujimoto?  With that special sparkle in her eyes and judging the guy’s reaction could there be some possibilty sometime soon?

Kobato never really ceased to amaze me and she is really cute but the chapter’s so short it ain’t cute! :(


Kobato: Drop 11 December 14, 2008

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The old bear Genko’s bird messenger came to the Nursery where Ioryogi and Kobato’s at.  At the stuffed being’s request, the feathered messenger spilled out the secrets of the Yomogi Nursery School!  Kobato then after taking a nap with the kids noticed Ioryogi’s gone!

This Chapter…

Mystical being Ioryogi gave Genko’s messenger a hard time carrying him back to the nursery after he’d heard what the old bear has found out.  He was so heavy for a stuffed toy, worsened by the approaching black hawk giving the carrier a fright that pooof … Ioryogi’s fallen from his grasp…er, beak!

Goodness gracious!  It was a good thing cute Usyagi came from nowhere to his rescue! With a sunflower on the other hand, the bunny with wings had delivered Ioryogi a message, something about the flask Kobato has among others!

Speaking of Kobato, she had turned every nook and crannies upside-down in search of  Ioryogi but he’s nowhere to be found!  She headed for home dejectedly instead and was surprised to see Okiura along the way near the school. Was he there for the payback already?  Fujimoto then came!  Would there be a clash?

Random Babblings…

Phew!  This has been my first post since a few days ago.  I have had my hands full with work and some personal things plus my home PC gave up on me! Waah! =_= Well, it’s rather good to get rid of the dual-boot system but at the cost of my bookmarks and I’m still stucked with Vista! Sayonara, my favorite ones!

Anyways, I’m back on track, so welcome back, Me! XD

Yey, another crossover!  Usyagi-chan, one of the CLAMP’s Wish mystical beings.  I haven’t really finished reading the manga yet since I still got a long list  of must-reads and must-watchs.  As far as I know, the thing was kinda some sort of a messenger between the recipients and the gods.  The message it usually brings is embodied in a flower-like form magic that when dissolved, it means the message had been successfully received.

Now back with Kobato, I now realize that somehow, Fujimoto had a special something for Sayaka remembering what he said about that Okiura guy taking her away.  It’s a good thing that he’s starting to loosen up with Kobato around and he has changed perceptively.  Kobato, so cute in here! ^o^