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Fairy Tail The Anime Kicks Off! October 12, 2009

A few minutes ago, one of my favorite manga serial’s anime adaptation went on air for the first time, 7:30 pm, Japan Time.  That was so exciting!  I never would have thought I could watch an anime in real time again considering my schedule but I’m so glad I made it!

Fairy Tail TV

This Episode

The premiere episode mostly focused on the manga’s first chapter which gave a little backgrounder about the legendary Fairy Tail as a guild and the introduction of  the two of the main characters in the story Natsu and Lucy.  Well, Happy included but does it count like one?  Thought not, but it plays an important role too! ^^;

It all started with the nauseated Natsu, motion sick caused by traveling from any transportation, in this case train.   He and happy came to a town where he hoped to find Igneel.  He came across Lucy who saved her from the cheap charm casted by the man claiming himself as the Salamander but was a phony as Natsu had confirmed it.

The blonde girl Lucy can into Harjion (?) for it is said to be famous for magical stuff stores but was dismayed to have found only one.  She was kinda insulted that despite flaunting of her natural charm wih the scrawny store keeper, a meager discount is all that she got.

Thanking Natsu, she paid for the food he and happy devoured gratitude.  She also told them of her desire to be a part of Fairy Tail to be lined up among the most famous mages.  The same wish made her accept the offer of the phony Salamander as he claimed to be a member of Fairy Tail and would help Lucy with her passes in.  It turned out that his group thrives on beautiful ladies and selling them as a merchandise for bucks.

Natsu overheard about the claim on Fairy Tail and that he cannot let pass.  He came to the rescue and found Lucy there too.  After a brief  wave of motion sickness again, he taught  the guys their lesson.  Lucy with Happy’s help tried to escape but as the flying transformation magic of the feline wore out, Lucy fell in the water where she found her stellar keys that fake mage had thrown.  She called for snooty Aquarius and she washed the ship onto the shore flushing Lucy and happy along.

Meanwhile, Natsu amazingly displayed his fire eating ability and showed a bit of his dragon slayer moves making a statement not to mess up with Fairy Tail’s name.  He sure saved the captive girls including Lucy, took care of the fake Salamander’s group but he overdid it a little throwing the port into chaos and right there and then the town authorities arrived.   Natsu grabbed Lucy and sped away asking if she want to join Fairy Tail and without a thought Lucy gave  him a resounding yes!

Random Babblings

I can’t totally say about the animation quality because I can only manage an LQ streaming unfortunately but it sure is well written for the first episode.  It captured the fun mostly like in the manga but why is it that I am irritated by Lucy’s voice!  I like Natsu’s!  The seiyuu’s voice fits the role very well!  Happy’s? Erm, just fine, I guess.  Why do I like the ED Theme rather than the opening?

Anyways, this is just the first installment.  Meaning,, we have a lot more episodes to critic on!  Hoping the story would stay loyal in the manga as it is now!

Quick Update

Watch Fairy Tail Episode 1 (Subbed) [ HERE ]


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Kobato ~ The Premiere Episode October 6, 2009

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I thought I wouldn’t have time to write about Kobato’s first episode which finally came in today after a long wait!  It took me three hours trying to wrap up my classes as fast as I could and so here are my thoughts.

Check out the episode here!

Check out the episode here!

A little overview:

The anime started with Kobato’s arrival on what appeared to be a park’s playground where Ioryogi, her mystical buddy stuffed in a blue canine toy, gave her a  pep talk pertaining the mission they are about to carry out.  Innocently airhead Kobato seemed to anger her usually cranky partner and always ends  up receiving the wrath and a blow of fire from the fellow.

As the day went on, she met different kinds of people under various circumstances: a lady on the run who missed out one of her garbage bags from a collision with Kobato, a situation which made her qualify for a flock of raven as prey.  Easily deceived by kind words, she almost got into trouble with two guys whom Iroyogi perceived to have an ill intention against her.  Fujimoto came in to her rescue, thus, the first informal meeting.

Fate must have really been at work since our heroine came to work at the very same food stand Fujimoto’s working at.  It so happened that she broke something from the  stand while trying to help out the kids get their  ball back.  She is awesomely clumsy!  The funny thing which happened next was that she was asked by a customer to do the nabe (hot pot dish) for them.  She had it all wrong and hey is chocolate even an option for the recipe?  Despite having been horrified by the way she made the dish, the customers and even her boss thought she had just created something that tastes out of the ordinary, thank goodness.

Her last encounter for the day is with an old lady sitting for a wailing baby.  Kobato tried to help but scared the baby even more until she gave out a very soothing song  fit for a baby’s lullaby.  On the process, people gathered to hear her sing.  And on a detour, Ioryogi finally gave her a winged bottle for her to use as vessel for the mission.

For the first time, I felt nostalgic thinking about Cardcaptor Sakura since this is a Madhouse production.  Cuteness is inevitable! True to their word,  CLAMP aided the anime to at least look much similar to what was being illustrated in the manga, though of course minor flaws are observed  from time to time, Kobato’s noticeably ragged and bristly hair for example.  Ohkawa is on the script if I’m not mistaken, so, Yay!.

Kobato’s voice suits the role perfectly in contrast with Fujmoto’s which is kind of unexpected.   I so  love Ioryogi’s best!  Kurogane? Haha, magnificent!

Kobato as an anime is really refreshing!  It has a balanced theme of comedy and the episode doesn’t have dull moments and considering the many events taking place in a matter of 20 minutes or so.  Nice!  I’ll try to watch it on real time if I could because I sense hope in this anime considering the not so great ending of both xxxHoliC Kei and Tsubasa Chronicle most especially.  Hopefully, the momentum could be kept.

Lastly, Maya Sakamoto really rocks!  I  love the Opening theme though it could have been better as I hoped but it matches Kobato’s character in a sense.  The ending is kinda slow, not that notable.


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Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 1 October 9, 2008

A Retrospect…

Vampire Knight Season 1 is a presentation of facts giving us a general picture of the life at Cross Academy; the Day and Night Class’. The characters were also established particularly Zero’s yet the real score between Yuuki and Kaname is still in question. It was then wrapped up by the Hiou Shizuka arc. Shizuka was the one responsible for Kiryuu’s ill-fate, becoming a vampire who almost have fallen into Level E if not for Kaname’s jumping to the rescue, maybe Yuuki’s generosity of feeding him blood could not compensate against the real hunger he must have felt. The series left a cliffhanger of what’s became of Zero not to mention that he is the prime suspect of killing a pure blood and will he be saved from totally going insane?

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Episode 1: The Sinners of Fate ~Guilty~

This season, creator Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight is dubbed as “Guilty.” And since this is the premiere episode, may I just ponder on the Opening and the Ending Themes used.

The Opening…

ON/OFF’s “Rondo” was the theme nicely picked for the opening of the series. Aimless Yuuki is portrayed twirling and wandering in the dead woods with a book on her grasp. In the manga, that book for sure was the one that contains the secrets of the Kuran but which burns whenever somebody would try to read it. Take for example the Night Class people who’re trying to dig up the clan’s history for the purpose of helping out Kaname. Then appeared a bat with eyes of different colors; Rido, this arc’s nemesis. Both Kaien and Ichiru are expected to have bigger roles this season and both have noticeable gestures: Kaien had his hair loose and Ichiru had his tied up! Lastly, Yuuki is caught in indecision between the two hotties, Kaname and Zero but is shown at the endmost part to have grown her hair long and holding on to the Artemis with a torn white cloth attached to it. It could probably be a sneak peek at the future occurrence where she has already manifested into her true nature, a vampire and that tarnished white cloth symbolizing her freedom from innocence!

The Ending…

“Suna No Oshiro” or Castle of Sand literally by Wakeshima Kanon was a perfect match to the second series’ ending. The theme almost speak of Yuuki’s metamorphosis likened to a butterfly which was kept securely in a cocoon until it becomes a full grown. Yuuki’s however is that, she was caged in a make-believe golden fortress without her memories and until she could have a grasp once again of her bloody past depicted in form of those sand-like fragments will she be able to gain full control of herself. That spider thing whose web caught Yuuki on may symbolize Rido’s greed wanting to take Yuuki’s powers as the last pureblood princess of the Kurans now that she has fully manifested.

This Episode…

The usual scene of yapping Day Class girls greeted the opening of the Moon Dorms signifying the change of class shifts. Pushing, those uncontrollable ladies almost shoved Prefect Yuuki forward who would have fallen flat to the ground if not for the hands that held her back. She automatically apologized thinking it was Kaname who saved her again but to her dismay it was Zero who she thought was struggling in pain not so long ago.

Yagari and the Chairman caught some hint that Kaname might have snucked in to help Zero back in shape by letting him drink his blood; a pureblood’s. Zero too, bothered by Yuuki’s reaction thought that she could have felt Kaname’s aura in him as his blood now flows in his veins. I could read he had a mixed reaction himself, spiteful as he hate vampires much more the purebloods and grateful for he now owe his life to Kaname having saved him from falling into Level E.

Kaname’s immense power has shown as the whole Night Class reaffirmed their loyalty to him on some favor he’d asked. Notice how his features improved greatly compared to the first season, his eyes, his hair, marvelous!

Torn, Yuuki ponders on how she’s always protected by both Kaname and Zero wanted to do something herself to return the favor. She tried offering Zero her nape for she thought he might have been very hungry following his recent ordeal, if that’s the least she can do for him.

Heating things up, Maria, a kin whose body was used by Shizuka now conscious, hinted Zero of the real account following the tragedy between Shizuka and his family and for once he had seen a flash of an impending doom! A crest tied up in chains, might be an embodiment of Kaname’s.

It was made worse when the Vampire Council’s puppets were sent to finish Zero off for committing a taboo. Kaname along with the Night Class meddled and warned the rest of the errands to stay out Cross Academy’s business and leave everything in his care. Yuuki on the other hand, confronted Kaname and insisted Zero’s innocence but Kaname’s nonchalant response made Yuuki spat at him and vowed never to see him again until he proves Kiryuu’s innocent. Ichijou, after a funny remark seeing how Kaname often let his guard down when it comes to Yuuki was almost hit by Kaname’s outburst which in turn left a hole in the tree bark just inches from his head! Oopsie!

Zero confronted Kaname of the Hiou murder. Kaname denied nothing but admitted none as well but Zero knew it was for him to decipher. Kaname pointed out the very reason why he’d let him live…to protect Yuuki in his stead.

A little later, Zero had a dream of Shizuka and Yuuki dying from his hands. He woke up finding Yuuki at the foot of the couch. He flung to her almost bursting into tears and the famous kiss…almost…happened here! XD

The scene of Cross Academy’s Chairman, Kaien and Yagari inspecting the hole Kaname had caused the night before as well as the presentation of the Hunters Association’s job for Zero signaled the conclusion of the episode.