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Fairy Tail The Anime Kicks Off! October 12, 2009

A few minutes ago, one of my favorite manga serial’s anime adaptation went on air for the first time, 7:30 pm, Japan Time.  That was so exciting!  I never would have thought I could watch an anime in real time again considering my schedule but I’m so glad I made it!

Fairy Tail TV

This Episode

The premiere episode mostly focused on the manga’s first chapter which gave a little backgrounder about the legendary Fairy Tail as a guild and the introduction of  the two of the main characters in the story Natsu and Lucy.  Well, Happy included but does it count like one?  Thought not, but it plays an important role too! ^^;

It all started with the nauseated Natsu, motion sick caused by traveling from any transportation, in this case train.   He and happy came to a town where he hoped to find Igneel.  He came across Lucy who saved her from the cheap charm casted by the man claiming himself as the Salamander but was a phony as Natsu had confirmed it.

The blonde girl Lucy can into Harjion (?) for it is said to be famous for magical stuff stores but was dismayed to have found only one.  She was kinda insulted that despite flaunting of her natural charm wih the scrawny store keeper, a meager discount is all that she got.

Thanking Natsu, she paid for the food he and happy devoured gratitude.  She also told them of her desire to be a part of Fairy Tail to be lined up among the most famous mages.  The same wish made her accept the offer of the phony Salamander as he claimed to be a member of Fairy Tail and would help Lucy with her passes in.  It turned out that his group thrives on beautiful ladies and selling them as a merchandise for bucks.

Natsu overheard about the claim on Fairy Tail and that he cannot let pass.  He came to the rescue and found Lucy there too.  After a brief  wave of motion sickness again, he taught  the guys their lesson.  Lucy with Happy’s help tried to escape but as the flying transformation magic of the feline wore out, Lucy fell in the water where she found her stellar keys that fake mage had thrown.  She called for snooty Aquarius and she washed the ship onto the shore flushing Lucy and happy along.

Meanwhile, Natsu amazingly displayed his fire eating ability and showed a bit of his dragon slayer moves making a statement not to mess up with Fairy Tail’s name.  He sure saved the captive girls including Lucy, took care of the fake Salamander’s group but he overdid it a little throwing the port into chaos and right there and then the town authorities arrived.   Natsu grabbed Lucy and sped away asking if she want to join Fairy Tail and without a thought Lucy gave  him a resounding yes!

Random Babblings

I can’t totally say about the animation quality because I can only manage an LQ streaming unfortunately but it sure is well written for the first episode.  It captured the fun mostly like in the manga but why is it that I am irritated by Lucy’s voice!  I like Natsu’s!  The seiyuu’s voice fits the role very well!  Happy’s? Erm, just fine, I guess.  Why do I like the ED Theme rather than the opening?

Anyways, this is just the first installment.  Meaning,, we have a lot more episodes to critic on!  Hoping the story would stay loyal in the manga as it is now!

Quick Update

Watch Fairy Tail Episode 1 (Subbed) [ HERE ]


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Shugo Chara!! Doki [72] February 27, 2009


Tadase and Amu met Kairi once again in a school related activity!  It’s so good to see Samurai Soul again! :3

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Amu's Taken By Force!

Ikuto~! T~T

Adorable Chibi Lulu!

Episode 72: T”All Shook Up! The Grandmother Appears!!”

I can’t really write much about this episode for the week. I hardly caught up to it! T~T

Anyways, from what I’ve seen (not heard) Lulu’s granny came to Japan and her father and mother were trying to impress her all they could. Even Lulu was having a hard time putting up with her.

She went to the Royal Garden unexpectedly and the Guardians failed to please her… or maybe she was just lookig for a perfect friend for Lulu?? *not so sure bout this* She then drags Amu out and talked with her at the park reminiscing how Lulu was when she was younger.

Amu found herself at Lulu’s house and they went out together to some place where lots of food stalls could be found.  Takoyaki!!! :3

Okay, Lulu for some reason had this urge to call out the embryo once again. Or maybe her granny doesn’t favor much of her mom so… and she caught up with a girl that’s qualifies as a perfect prey! Didn’t get what the tranformation name is but she has the capactiy to turn everything else into Takoyaki but Amu easily talked her out of it and was returned to normal.

Oh and before that, Ikuto was really in a very sorry situation and the violin at last reacted with the gadget that was in the Easter lab! They possibly could have figured out his location already! Poor guy! T~T

Okay back to granny, she went back from where she came from (France probably) with Lulu and Amu seeing her through the airport.  She was really happy but left Lulu the strangest question ever… “What is your dream?” that, if I wasn’t mistaken. ^^;

Random Babblings…

I was having my voice lessons the moment I was watching this serie! I could hardly make out what was being said! But the next time, Ran, Miki and Suu’s having a misundertanding? What could possibly get them at peace with each other once more??


Shugo Chara!! Doki [69] February 6, 2009

Looking back…

The self-proclaimed idol at Seiyo Gakuen who despises Amu and treats her as her ultimate rival definitely wants to be Amu herself?

This Episode….


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Happy Birthday Rima!

Rima's First Love Confession?

The Joyous Birthday Girl!

Episode 69: First Love? Love Attack!


The episode started with Rima meeting some guy along the way to school and the air smelled fishy for a while. Something’s going on…what could it be?

At school, the Guardians gave Rima the paper works that needs to be taken cared of while they take care of the matters at the Royal Garden first. And so, it was Rima’s birthday and they are preparing a surprise party for her!

Here comes the guy entering the Royal Garden looking for a Guardian and it was soon found out that he gave Rima a loveletter and was anxious enough to know her reaction.  The guardians ended up helping him figure out ways to express his feelings towards Rima personally.

Rima was contemplative of the letter she had received but was determined to finish the paper works as had been asked of her.  The teacher offered her help but Kusukusu shooed him away.

Now the time has come to set up a date between the guy *didn’t get his name…Sushima…whatever! ah, Kirishima! (thanks stranger…was doing something else while watching) * and Rima for the confession to take place but while waiting, he grew more and more anxious that Lulu got to him first and turned him into Heart Dream First Love Dream (I’m exceptionally deaf today, my bad)!  His powers could make everyone blurt out unwillingly their innermost feelings and secrets particularly in love. Nagihiko almost said aloud of him being Nadeshiko if not for Tadase who was struck by the spell too himself!

Amu managed to turn him back with Rima’s help and so the confession took place.  He finally said it but Rima graciously declined. Anyways, he got invited to her bash and everyone’s really happy.

Eru and Iru were present and some signed autograph of Rima’s favorite gag actor made her light up courtesy of Utau and she was delighted most with the boy’s gift!

Random Babblings…

Phew! I thought my Rima-Hiko delusion would be over! Haha!  Poor Nagi I know how hard it is to keep some deeper secret!


Shugo Chara!! Doki [65] January 10, 2009


Amu’s fortune told for the new year is for a meeting like a shooting star to happen.  What can it possibly  mean?  Could it be with Ikuto?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Under the Sheets!

Missing Temari

Hentai Is?

Episode 65 : Snow Days are Full of Secrets?

Freaking out, Amu was so shocked to find Ikuto on her bed, looking totally  helpless. She desperately wakes him up in fear that her parents might find out about him soon! Then, Yoru surfaced and told her about the situation and how come Ikuto ended up there.

While she was beating some sense out of the kitty chara, Amu’s dad came rushing to her room as he heard some commotion.  Thank goodness it was so dark and he didn’t find out. Erm, Amu got caught in Ikuto’s arm as she snuggled beside him to hide!

Morning broke and Ami barged in Amu’s room to her alarm.  Again, it was only Yoru who got spotted!

The surroundings were all white covered in snow and Ami suddenly got excited in creating  a snowman!  Since their backyard isn’t that huge, they ended up going into the academy where all the Guardians met.  Everyone were having fun playing in the snow.

Amu grew worried about Ikuto and devised a plan so going home time could be hastened but twice it failed.  Finally, when dinner time came, everyone reluctantly agreed to part ways though they originally wanted to go visit Amu’s house.   And on  their way home, Ami begged for a taiyaki and Amu was left no choice but to concede.

When they got home, Amu rushed into her r0om only to find Ikuto wasn’t there but when she was about to change her wardrobe, Ikuto went flailing from inside the cabinet when she opened it.  It is possibly where he hid when Amu’s mom did some cleaning earlier.

She handed him the fish taiyaki and Ikuto kept teasing her… about remembering his favorite flavor (chocolate), being worried about him and the hentai part! Is there? Hee.

After eating, Ikuto stood and prepared to leave but Amu was worried about him and hinted that he could stay for a while so he considered in one condition… that she wouldn’t stare at him and grin like crazy while he’s asleep!  Teasing again! ^^

Random Babblings!

I didn’t get to post this after the show.  Gommenasai! T__T

Work should be my priority right?  Just when Doki’s  juiciest episodes are starting to air, I’m really having my hand full!  But I’m glad it got subbed and fast!

Anyways, have you seen the new opening? It seems pretty gay to me! :|

Ah, gotta rush again… I did just sneaked behind my boss to get this up!  I’ll be so free soon…toodles!


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 13 [Fin] December 29, 2008

Looking back…

Shall I say the Vampire Council is no more?  But I hope Takuma is still alive!

On this note, the crumbling of the Council signaled Kaname’s end of mission and that leaves only Zero to take care of the other… preventing Rido from getting his hands on Yuuki on his behalf.

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Final Moments

Consoling Kaname

The Farewell

Episode 13 : Vampire’s Knight

Despite Zero’s attack, Rido had gotten loose.  He tried to escape and fed himself with the lowly vampires to regain his strength but Kaname tracked him with Zero coming after shortly.

The duel began between Kaname and Rido and Zero finishes the evil guy at once.  Coordinated much? But it’s so cool!  Then, it’s good riddance Rido!

After all the trouble, Kaname praised Zero for a job well done but Zero pointed the Bloody Rose at him.  Good thing that Yuuki came in time to stop him!  Kaname left them alone just like in the manga to say their farewells.

I won’t mention less important stuff anymore so let’s get to the juicy part!

Yuuki indeed bit Zero as it was in the rumor! Alright but that was probably the last time they can talk and probably see each other as he declared to kill her the next time.  They hugged and that was that!  Bye Zero!

Now, Kaname was so hurt as he felt what Yuuki has just did and was quite uncertain of what her decision would be.  He got himself ready to leave with a resolve that he’ll respect whatever Yuuki decides.  But Yuuki came to his room already dressed up and my God he had fallen on his knees.  Maybe he felt so relieved that Yuuki has chosen him! :3

The Cross Academy wasn’t totally wrecked as I thought it would be.  It’s good to know Yagari and Kaien were alive, just exhausted from the battle but unscathed.

Aidou managed to joke  now that everything’s over.  That lapis lazuli before is his keepsake and a reminder that he’s friends with Kaname.

Rima and Shiki went to the Vampire Council’s place which already had fallen into ruins as Takuma offered his life for it and only his sword had lived to tell the tale. *sniff* Shiki took it and of course Rima as usual with her pockies! Are they already an item or what?

The Night Class decided to leave the academy and follow Kaname.  But before that the emotional farewell between Kaien and Yuuki took place (but there’s a comedy before, see!).  The day class people were told the situation is over and Yori wasn’t able to bid Yuuki goodbye.

Zero is back to his normal state and resumed his duty as a guardian and while looking at the Moon Dorm’s gate he reminisced the Yuuki he has ever known, the Yuuki he’ll never see again.

Yagari couldn’t believe the damage the school had incurred but then the people from the hunters association came and there goes the help!

The episode ended up with the Night Class, Kaname and Yuuki leaving the academy grounds to where? *tehee* Of course home!

Random Babblings…

Okay, it was thirty minutes late! I was forced to see a bunch of commercials! Grrrr! At least it was finished and it’s really good!

All’s well that ends well.

With the rate the anime has ended, I’ll bet there will not be another sequel to this!

Whatever. I’m so happy with the turn out of events, I thought it’s gonna be Zero’s show and thank heavens it isn’t!  So can we expect similar ending to the manga?

At least Kaname and Yuuki in the end and that what matters to me.  Don’t hate me okay! XD

But my question hasn’t been answered… Who’s the Vampire’s Knight?

Zero, I think…what about you?


Shugo Chara!! Doki [64] December 26, 2008


Coincidence maybe but Lulu and Amu’s parents were acquainted of some sort and the two ended up celebrating Christmas together in a party thrown by Lulu’s parents.  Could this be the start of a blossoming friendship?

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ikuto's Violin

The Guardians

Ikuto on Amu's bed!

Episode 64 : The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?

Okay, I was seven minutes late and I only got to see Ikuto retrieving his violin from where Easter kept it.

He was successful though and didn’t even got caught by the Easter’s security.  However, something’s wrong with his violin and it’s taking a lot of energy from him!  It was an X-egg powered violin now, and that fact was unknown to him!

Lulu was again back to business as she search for something which might bring out the embryo and fast.  She bumped into Amu who’s spending the New Year with the Guardians who were currently helping out two siblings to master their stunt for the presentation at the shrine’s vicinity.

Amu introduced her to everyone.  Lulu seemed to be really good at that Japanese umbrella dance thing while the actual performers slacks off and were getting frustrated.

The failure Director scientist called on her and she just left Amu worried about her.  Lulu was given the information that Ikuto has taken the violin with him which got her so pissed.  Nana sensed an egg nearby and they found Ikuto and Yoru seemed to have drained of his energy.  She told him to back off as she will be the one to get the embryo first.

Later, Lulu found the siblings still trying so hard to perfect their stunt and of course she had them more confused as usual and they turned into the Happy Dreams. They were kinda strong to take.

Amu and the Guardians took care of them and they ended up at least doing the performance better.  The embryo did show up but left before Lulu could even make a move.

At home, Amu prepared herself to bed and did went to bed not until she discovered Ikuto under the sheets which surprised her!

Random Babblings…

Phew! At least, that was that and there’s no major Ikuto  x Amu moments aside from that bed scene.  I’m about to cry, I thought I’d almost missed the series!

Good thing that the cuddling, the hugging and the teasing on bed, Amu and Ikuto per se would be on the next episode! Yes!

Nagi, isn’t he getting any chara nari?  I’m so tired of waiting!


I am glad most people like Shugo Chara Doki as I do, in fact, I’ve seen my not-so-good-screen-caps somewhere. Guys, it’s okay to copy those pics as you wish they’re not mine and it’s Peach-Pit’s.

But when trying to quote a bit of my post, can you not credit me at least or give a link to here? I’d appreciate that! ^^


Vampire Knight Guilty: Episode 12 December 22, 2008

Looking  back…

Zero and Ichiru’s reconciliation may come a bit later but at least and it even paved way for Zero to compose himself and execute what he needs to do.

This Episode…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Kuran Ancestor?

Rido & Yuuki

Morphing Zero

Episode 12 : The End of the World

Could it be the Kuran Ancestor?  But were shown Kaname among the throng of people and with such a long hair.  This led into the flashback when he and Yuuki were still kids.

Yuuki felt responsible for the things Rido has been doing in the academy and decided to let herself in the open and fight him for she’s the target afterall.  The Night Class people backed her up despite the risky decision she had made.

Because of the turn out of events, vampires keep rushing into the academy and they’re too many to handle that even the skilled vampire hunter Yagari was a bit scathed.  Kaien jumped in to the rescue and tore off the academy’s crest to block off the approaching sea of vampires.

It was quite emotional with the Yuuki and Kaien scene when he asked Yuuki not to call him Chairman but father do suffice.  It was an inspiration before going off to a fight.

Rido managed to seize Yuuki and was about to rob her of her powers running in her blood when Yuuki’s Artemis powered up and turned into a scythe.  It injured Rido.  It is unfortunate though that  Rido’s much powerful than all of their powers combined seizing Yuuki once again.

But Zero appeared and fired the Bloody Rose at the perpetrator.  Yuuki had been freed from Rido’s grasp but he was unaffected by the bullets that hit him.

Kaname went to the Vampire Council’s territory vanishing everyone he met along the way.  When he finally targeted Ichiou, Takuma asked him to do the favor in his stead.  He ended up challenging the old man and there goes the end of the Council I suppose.  I hope Ichijou didn’t die as well.

Zero has been feeling terrible with his left hand tending to have some morphing on it.  Unable to stand the scene and at Zero’s request, Yuuki came running towards him and tried to cut the part of his arm where the grotesque bulge could be found.

Rido just laughed himself out but it was another story when Zero picked the Bloody Rose from the ground.  A strong wave of light emanated from it to everyone’s surprise which caused them to fall back squinting.

Kaname returns to the academy and met Kaien along the way and together they saw that strange light nearby….  the thing from the Bloody Rose.

Random Babblings…

Argh! I didn’t get to screencap even a single scene I really forgot!  Damn me and I didn’t even got to see the very first scene of the episode.

Blame that gag show of some sort before VK, it made me feel sleepy! :(

Anyways, haven’t seen Zero’s vines yet.  The morphing hand of his seemed like a lobster claw to me.

I know everyone’s having a hang over still with the latest manga *tehee* the fun’s nowhere closer.