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La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 56 March 4, 2009

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Looking back…

If walking home together can be considered as a date, then Len and Kahoko just had one! Meanwhile, Ryou finally discloses his feelings for Kaho with Len!

This Chapter…

Oh hell! I don’t really understand Chinese! I have so much time against me I can’t do it manually!  I’ll just have to say a bit I guess… so, anyone please help!

After the confession Ryou had, he’s headed straight home acting really strange!  He’d slam his door shut so hard making everyone in the house wonder.

It’s also a refreshing scene to see Yunoki that dazzling and cute Shimizu-kun startling  Hino at practice… uhm well, reading the sheets.  Hihara finally meets with Kaji in between a basketball match with Ryou, the two guys seem to get along pretty well.

Then there comes a scene where Ryou and Kaho were talking at school when Len butted in.  It was such a shame that she easily went with him.  Ryou tried to stop her by clinging on to her hand but she definitely is the insensitive one having no idea what that meant! *sigh* Then some talks about the “hand” probably Ryou’s came up and unexpectedly Len held his too adjacent Kaho’s making her blush so much. I wonder what exactly was being said…

The chapter ended with Yunoki’s granny enraged.  Might it be that he has finally chosen to violate her orders?  It’s a good thing for me at least! ^^

Random Babblings…

This has been uploaded last month but I only had the chance to write about this today. I really can’t say anything for the chapter except that they were all blushing at the same time.

Wow, Kaho really is envious with all the beautiful guys flaunting about her.  But what the heck is with her? Is she really just unaware or just chose to ignore those passes which is really absurd.  She should at least had the idea of how those guys might have felt.  Maybe she’s only is aware of Len and sees only him as a man.

Oh well chances are, Mr. Perfect, Kaji-kun will definitely be mine! Fufufufu~!


12 Responses to “La Corda D’Oro: Chapter 56”

  1. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    Well, Len and Kahoko was ment for each other. That why Kahoko only notice Len’s feeling XP

    And lol at your comment for Kaji XD! (Thought I still cheer for him with Kahoko, but that never happen ~.~)

  2. AnimeAngel4eva Says:

    Yep, Hino is really dense – but maybe that may be a good thing…then again maybe not. I think whoever makes it through her dense brain will be the one that she would “naturally” fall in love or grow a crush on.

    I always knew that Hihara and Kaji would get along just fine. XD
    It’s just funny seeing Tschuira’s reaction – despite the fact I have no idea what they saying. ^_^* I can’t wait for the translations to come out. :^_^

  3. ever_lyn12 Says:

    when and where will i read the translations in chapter 56? crap.. im so excited..

    why is that, famous manga sites are out-dated.. grrrr..

  4. ever_lyn12 Says:

    im so excited about the anime to be released on last week of march!!^^

    Len and Kahoko are so cute together..

  5. Haruka Says:

    ha. If only we can read chinese ;D
    Thanks for the link :)

  6. Kawaii-ne16 Says:

    omg….whoa. WHAT HAPPENED?!! I mean, the Hihara and Kaji part was kinda funny, how Tsuchiura got angry and stuffs. Tho, i hav no idea what’s being said..=.=;;

    well, anyways, i was wondering wat Yunoki did. omg, did Yunoki’s grandma just slapped him or something??

    LenxKaho!! But, the scene where Tsuchiura grabbed Kaho’s hand was like so sweet! I’m just like, awww, if Kaho goes with Len, then Tsuchiura will be sad…T_T I rly can’t decide if it should be LenxKaho or TsuchiuraxKaho. HiharaxKaho is rly cute too!!i lov Hihara’s energy and hyperness! so cute!!

    :) I hope they hav actual translations soon!!

  7. lein Says:

    haiyah… i’ve waited so much for this chapter but it’s only in chineese…. some plz translate this chap. it seems interesting, from what i read above.

    and yeah, len x kahoko for sure. others, just go away :P *runs*

  8. Jenny Says:

    ch56 released in English by Kaito Zero

    keke Kaho blushes the most with Len ~
    But I feel bad for Hihara & Ryo
    I’m glad someone is scanlating the missing chapters and future chapters, but I don’t know who this Kaito Zero is >:

  9. pocky Says:

    try searc mangafox, u can go there to read the translation^^ thx to bbluebabies…

  10. nancy Says:

    i leave you the link of these chap 56 in english ok http://www.mangatoshokan.com/read/lacordadoro/565/56/2 just coperate with other fans, hope next issue come soon

  11. Isn’t that Miyabi?? Are you sure it’s Hino??

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