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Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 69 February 23, 2009

Chapter 69

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The rally has finally ended and as a result, Tamaki finally realizes and embraced the whole fact that he loves Haruhi even before and didn’t just know how to figure it out.

This Chapter…

Just some spoilers! ^^

The chapter started with Tamaki waking up into reminiscing the talk that has happened between him and Hikaru.  Suddenly he felt really great, blushing and exuded a breezy atmosphere leaving Antoinette, his dog and the servants shivering from the cold and shocked!

Why wouldn’t he be? It’s his birthday (technically, Tamaki’s rebirth) and he’s in love! :3

He went to school in a stand up scooter and saw his friends particularly the already flustered Haruhi, grabbed her face towards him and… oops!

He also said something egoistic again (the usual King Tamaki way) which led Hikaru flaring in intense rage (just an exaggz) and the rest of the Host Club appalled while Haruhi stormed off ahead of them first!

Alright then, it’s party time! Tamaki had for himself a birthday cake, so much to Hunny’s delight!  It was such a wonder how fast did Tamaki has gotten over from being a lackluster for sometime… now, he’s overly dazzling and hyper! He’s in love!!

Haruhi seemed to get along with Megumi very well accompanied her to the library and soon as she gets to the Music Room, she found everyone else on a party mood. Tamaki sudenly froze and hid himself at Haruhi’s presence.  He would have wanted to give Haruhi some cake too but Hunny did it first. Okay, jealous much and trying to impress her probably, he added some more cake on Haruhi’s plate! Hee!

The clash between him and Hikaru flared up again and oh, Kyouya got a phone call! Who could that possibly be? And what’s it all about? Sounds fishy! ^^;

Babbles… Babbles…

Kyaaaah~! Finally, the chapter is out and it’s sooo good!  All I can say is that Tamaki’s back to his old self and the fun continues!


Updates on Ouran Chapter 70 and so forth can be found at my new site:



69 Responses to “Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 69”

  1. Quinn Says:

    Big announcement? Please oh please tell me it involves Holic in some way! ;3

    I like your opening song is this the open/ending from the TRC OVA? Or did you stray from the CLAMP world of music? ^_^

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @ Quinn. Won’t tell yet! I’ll PM you if it’s ready! XD
      Oh and the music, it’s the ending song of Erementar Gerad “Yakusoku” (Promise) XD
      Found it cute for the moment!

  2. danielle Says:

    big announcement in this chapter…if not what chapter,,,,godddddd im dying to see it…*-*…i hope u finish ur summary soon…i always luv them..

  3. danielle Says:

    fairchild.thank you sooo much…ill be waiting take as much time as you need..=)

  4. danielle Says:

    yeah i dont mind chinese..i cant read japanese anyway….lol

  5. janice Says:

    mind telling me what time will you be done with the summary?
    i keep refreshing heh its better to have a time.

  6. janice Says:

    hm so whats the big announcement? :)
    thx fairchild!!

  7. danielle Says:

    ok..im curiouse about this senence

    “He went to went to school in a stand up scooter and saw his friends particularly the already flustered Haruhi, grabbed her face towards him and… oops!”

    whats the oops lol..is it something good??!!!..

    oh and what do u mean by this i dont get it
    “Just would like spark your interest on this chapter so I won’t go very detailed as usual! Hahah!”

    thanx…and arigato for the sumary..=))))))))

  8. danielle Says:

    oh never mind about this sentence
    Just would like spark your interest on this chapter so I won’t go very detailed as usual! Hahah!
    i get it..never mind…lo….awww i wish u could detail it..oh well..thanks anyways..much luv,,,

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Nope ^^ The chapter’s really interesting I don’t wanna spoil everything yet. I’ll have the links for the scans soon hopefully! By then you will find out! And that oops thing is… hehe it was… wasn’t materialized! ^^; The kiss I was hoping for… T~T

  9. danielle Says:

    oh so didnt happen..thats what i was hoping for when u wrote oops..i would had a party of my own in my house..lol…i would be bouncing off my walls.there my fave anime couple..*-*

  10. danielle Says:

    and arigato for everything..

  11. alison Says:

    Ok I am confused. I thought Tamaki’s b-day was April 8th? Did Bisco forget or did she change it? Or is this several months after the previous chapters? But wasn’t Mori and Hunny suppose to be graduating in March? I am really lost here…

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Sorry, I did ask it wasn’t his real birthday! A rebirth as he proclaims it for himself. You know, the shift from being the serious Tamaki and the Tamaki now! ^^ Did some editing on that part…

  12. alison Says:

    ah ok thanks that makes much more sense. Definately something that Tamaki would do. :D

  13. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    i’m so excited for the new chapter! i’ve been dying to find out what might happen next! i’ll be tremendously happy if i can see the raw scans…i don’t care if i don’t understand. actions speak louder than words as they say…

    you did mention that tamaki’s birthday in this chapter is some sort of rebirth for him (a change from his old self to his newer one). that had cleared my speculation about tamaki’s birthday. i know that it’s neither this month or next month so i was confused when you mentioned about his birthday. thank you for that clarification.

    curious though, i don’t understand a bit about tamaki riding on a stand up scooter then meeting his friends. i didn’t know he owns such a thing! hmm…i really need to see the scans to clear my head of all these questions…hehehe^^ but i really appreciate that you really update us readers for the new chapters of the ouran manga…thanks a lot!!!^^

  14. danielle Says:

    lmao…scooter..yeah when i saw the word scooter i couldnt stop laughing..lol…cant wait to see this in the scans..XD

  15. Rachael Says:

    Ooh, I cant wait for the subs,
    Although , I cant use the link you posted , it doesnt seem to work.It just says page load error

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @Rachel. I’m sorry that’s just the available link I could give you right now… but it works really fine however think you need to register or something. But I’ll post a better one whenever I can find. ^^

  16. danielle Says:

    no u dont need to register downloaded it with out registering..thanx soo much for the link

  17. […] Ouran High School Host Club: Chapter 69 Previously… The rally has finally ended and as a result, Tamaki finally realizes and embraced the whole fact that […] […]

  18. danielle Says:

    i know i right alot on this pg..but the chapter was sooooooooooooo funny and i cant even read it..lolcant wait for english…*3*

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      Hehe! You’re always welcome to post here Danielle and feel free to correct me if anything alright? I would appreciate it the most! ^_____^ I enjoy reading your comments! Makes me fangirl too! Hahah!

  19. Omni Says:


  20. Julia Says:

    Hi, Thanks a lot for the link, i love Tamaki and Haruhi together ^^
    PS: This is my first post here :D
    Thanks again

  21. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    i came again to check if the link for the raw scans are already here. and they are! i’m really happy! tamaki’s kind of silly…too silly…was that really the new him? hahaha! kind of weird…hehe…can’t blame him…he’s in love!

    when i saw that stand up scooter i realized, that was the scooter that i really wanted to have for a long time! too bad it’s very expensive…and rather saving up to buy that scooter, i’d rather buy a motorcycle or a car…hehehe…

    and i was surprised to see kyouya laugh…i mean really laugh for real…there wasn’t any hint of mockery or grim there…just a pure honest laugh…i went *kyaa* mode all over him…it’s quite rare for me to see such a reaction from him…but i’m really curious…who’s the person in the other line and called him? though i don’t understand a word they’re saying (except for the happy birthday part) so i’ll be patient enough for the translated scans…i’m already happy that i got to see the raw…even more when i can read the translated version…^^

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I think Tamaki’s grandma and Kyouya has been plotting something all along and I think the phone call is kinda related to that. Maybe she’s just testing Tamaki and all! ^^

  22. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    ooh…that’ll be interesting if that happens!!!

  23. Rachael Says:

    @fairchild: Its fine. Im reading it now.
    Also , the scooter tamaki is on is a segway ;3

  24. Ninha Says:

    Thank you Soo Much Fairchild !!!
    I know i can always count with your summarys !! =DD

    This chapter seems great !!! Tamaki’s So Kawaii !!! I’m really glad he’s back to his old self !!
    But now I’m curious ….. What was said in the phone call !!? Is it bad ??

    Thaks once more !!!!!! =D

    Ps: (Sorry for any english mistakes xD)

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @ Ninha. No big! I’m that that really good either hehe, but at least I tried and I’ll do my best with the updates! I have no idea bout that phone call yet but it seems like a good news? Probably have something to do with Tamaki moving into the main residence finally??? I do hope so… ^______^

  25. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    Rachel: yes, tamaki’s scooter is a segway…i’ve been wanting to have one ever since it was introduced to the public! hehehe…^^

    but on a side note, i think it’s kind of surprising to see tamaki riding on something other than his car, on land…it’s actually a first…i think…hehehe^^ but it’s cool though^^

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @ BornOnTheBreakofDawn. Yes it’s a segway. I have been thinking of the right word to use so i said scooter to be safe. And now you see how refreshing the chapter is? Now, if we could just have someone to scanlate soon! ^^

  26. danielle Says:

    ypu know fairchild about the grandma and kyouya plotting together is very smart of u..i think i kinda also agree…..if thats true the i wont hate his grandma anymore…lol but ill still be a bit mad for her being sooo cruel to him..

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      @ Danielle. I really think she was only after Tamaki’s welfare and testing him to the extent if he really is worth of her trust. If it so happens that Kyouya was an accomplice then definitely we are given the wrong impression that the granny is an ass! XD I hope Tamaki would be really happy soon! :3

  27. pris Says:

    i hope the subs will be out soon one one manga… usually where is the fastest? and how to i join that chinese forum. it seems i cant find the register page :( link for registration pls thanks!

  28. nande0nande Says:

    Omigah!!!! I so wanna know what page 9 saya OHIGAH OMIGAH!!!

  29. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    @Fairchild_13: yeah, it sure is refreshing! i also hope that it’ll be scanlated soon…i keep on checking with onemanga or other manga reading sites (and also here) if the scans have finally been posted! i can’t wait to read it!

  30. AnnK Says:

    OMG!!!! I can’t wait!!! When it’s this going to be in One Manga?!?!?! OmG OmG OmG! *hyperventilates*

  31. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    i’m starting to get impatient here…how come the scans are taking so long to get posted? it’s kinda getting on my nerves…

    • Fairchild_13 Says:

      I have no idea but I think there’s only one active scanlation group working on Ouran now but usually it takes a month for them to officially set their releases in public. So we just need to be patient for now. :)

  32. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    oh really? that’s taking so long! i’m really getting impatient here…huhuhuhu… :'(

  33. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    @fairchild: i know you can be trusted…i’m counting on you!hehe^^

  34. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    @fairchild: you’re welcome! and i know that you’ll do your best…keep up the good work!^^

  35. Evil gus Says:

    If musicroom3 don’t finish translating chapter 69 soon I’m going to bite my hands off.

  36. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    @Evil gus: i know you’re impatient (like i am) but all we have to do for now with this matter is wait…fairchild here can update us if ever the scanlated chapter has been uploaded or something…until then, just calm down, wait and please don’t bite your hands off (^^)

  37. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    weee!!! i’ve read the scanlated chapter and it’s so good! hahaha! i’m glad that tamaki’s back to his old self…oh scratch that, he’s got a new image, more hyped up than before…and that’s because he realized his feelings! weee! hehehehe^^ i had so much fun in reading it…thanks for the update fairchild!^^ i know that i can trust you on this matter…^^

  38. BornOnTheBreakOfDawn Says:

    i had more comments on the other blogsite…hehehe^^ but i just wanted to write something here too…^^

  39. danielle Says:

    yay i just saw chapter 70…i hope u put up a summary soon.=)

  40. danielle Says:

    heres u can download chapter 70

  41. angelica Says:

    hmmm…. i click on the link to your new website but it says that it cant find it and unknown…..
    do you have an alternative link instead?

  42. oh! i love ouran too!

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