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Vampire Knight: Chapter 48 February 21, 2009

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After the mess, the Night Class’s identities became more evident to the Day Class students but refused to have their memories erased.  Yuuki meanwhile went with Kaname leaving Zero behind with such a heavy heart.

This Chapter…

Luca, Cain and Aidou decided to head home while they were wondering where Kaname, Yuuki and Seiren went off to and worrying if they’d be just okay.

The chapter was mostly a continuation of the flashback while the three were just kids and their first encounter with Kaname. The Chibi Kaname as usual is the cutest!

Luca I guess was the most sensible ones at all times and for that I adore her.  She got genuine feelings towards Kaname and she had been willing to sacrifice herself for him.  Cain, however, chose to watch from sides, hurting but maintained that he should at least be happy for her and content himself with that.

Luca too was some sort of a heroine having saved Yuuki unconsciously before.  She had pacified Kaname’s hunger for Yuuki’s blood which could have ruined everything he had worked so hard for!

Babbles… Babbles…

I’m not gonna dig deeper into details.  I’d like everyone to find out how good this chapter is! *~*

I’ve got only three things to say…

I love Kaname. I adore Luca. I’m liking Cain even more!


10 Responses to “Vampire Knight: Chapter 48”

  1. Anon Says:

    I personally liked the chapter as I’m a big fan of Kaname. But I hated that onemanga.com added the genre”tragedy” it kinda spoiled things for me.

  2. madi Says:

    Ah, it’s such a lovely chapter. Chibi-Kaname is adoreable (And also at the ball), Luca is really cute too, I liked it when she had shorter hair actually, and aren’t we lucky that she saved Yuuki from his fangs? XD;
    And Cain, he’s SWEET! O(≧∇≦)O

    Feels like everyone forgot about Aidou, but it’s not like he took a big part in this chapter either. But oh well.

    I love this chapter alot. 83

  3. HappyFace Says:

    Aww, next chapter I think is gonna be released on April 24th.. Soo long.. But.. It’s also my birthday then! Yaay, birthday present. The only thing better is if I can see more Amuto.. :D.

  4. Mimiko ♥ Says:

    I really like this chapter, Cain make a great point here for being my next favorite bishie on VK XD! Chibi Kaname was so adorable~

    Okay, it was funny to see Kaname on drug here, but in the same time. I feel confuse and bad for him. It shows here that Kaname, wasn’t different like Rido when it comes for Yuki’s blood. And Luca really did a great impressiv on this chapter, but the winner here would be the shadow Cain of loving Luca without showing that to her.

    But want to see Ichijo again ahhh… (got to wait for 2 months *cries*)

  5. Kid with a gun Says:

    This was a good chapter for flashbacks cuz of Luca’s feelings for Kaname (not to mention the chibi-kaname once again <3). I feel kinda bad for Cain having to see the woman he loves wanting someone else but at the same time it was nice to see Luca saving Yuuki. Man, that girl gets into a lot of trouble. Oh yeah, with Yuuki Kaname isn’t as different from Rido as he wants to think and biting her would have been bad. Only wish zero was in there. I love him as much as I love Kaname.

  6. i love vampire knight too!

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