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Bride of the Water God: Chapter 54 February 21, 2009

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Looking back…

The plot of leading Hooye away from Nakbin had been quite a cinch! All the townspeople conspired against them but under whose orders? It couldn’t possibly have been Habaek’s?!

This Chapter…

Nakbin had been thrown in prison and was made to believe that the Water God ordered for her ill fate!  Meanwhile, Hooye sensed something different while on the way to where the errand’s supposed to be, so he turned his way back home.

Ju Dong and Habaek had a few exchanges and it revealed a little something of why the Emperor wanted him so bad!  He is the the sole God to determine who will go victorious in the fight against Shin Nong.  He’s interested in his powers and was willing to woo him at his side but the Water God isn’t just up to it and playing neutral.

Hooye however came a little too late.  Nakbin has already been taken and he knew who’s really behind the farce!  There was the Emperor admitting to his crimes and offered help? And what’s this? He was their father? oO.Oo

Random Babblings…

Habaek’s easy-going ways probably had been the very reason why he was put into the current situation he was in.  He might have had declined the Emeperor or anyone else and stick to his decision, therefore, no one if according to the prophecies had been declared the winner.

I’m not a bit surprised if the Emperor is Hooyee and Nakbin’s father the hints had been dropped piece by piece as the volume went. And I am constantly  to the opinion that Nakbin is not just an ordinary human. Probably she might have had felings for Habaek before the incident happened and the false rumor might have had ignited her fury against him and chose to plot with the Emperor and Hooye.

Poor Habaek! T~T


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  1. brisingr Says:

    check out chapter 55. it’s up, translated on mangatoshokan

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