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Shugo Chara!! Doki [71] February 20, 2009


It’s Valentine’s Day and yet another filler about a girl named Yukina and her unrequited feelings towards a boy named Daisuke. Amu managed to create her own chocolates under the instruction of Lulu’s dad who’s a chef.

However, the thing which was supposed to be for Tadase went into the more rightful hands (in my own opinion) which is Ikuto’s! :3

This Episode…

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Episode 71:  The Arduous Path of Truth! Kairi Returns!

I’m not just so sure if it was  a school trip or what but definitely, Nikaido sensei, Tadase and Amu were there.

I did see Kairi sneaking behind Amu and Tadase until Miki made her way to him and Musashi.  He tried to restrain her to let the others know, however it’s too late, he’s found out! They ended up in a cafeteria *?* and talked for a while.

Kairi was responsible for conducting the kids’ training in there and he resolved to do his best confident of his abilities.  It just so happened that it is normal for kids to have this short span of attention and they started to make noise and have gotten restless to Kairi’s dismay. Tadase saw the paper airplane the teacher was holding and it gave him an idea. The Guardian charas rode on the paper planes towards Kairi on stage drawing the kids attention.

Later, while the three were talking, Kairi turned into a sour mood and excused himself. He had this brief talk with Tadase about Amu and Amu heard them alright.  She gave him a little lecture then!

The skies grew dark and the storm seemed to be approaching but a kid in the training camp had gotten lost as he ran after a rabbit!  Amu and the rest came to search for him.  She almost fell in the slope if not for Tadase. But they all were saved by Kairi from the falling logs!

Kyaaaah~! We’ve got to see Samurai Soul again! ^__________^

Fufufufu! Watch for yourselves to know more don’t want it spoiled much!

Babbles… Babbles…

Okay, I was a little late and too busy I was far away from the monitor to hear exactly what was being said… :( I hope I’ve gotten the details sort of.. right? *sigh*

Oh, and it’s about Lulu’s  granny next time! ^^


2 Responses to “Shugo Chara!! Doki [71]”

  1. stranger Says:

    It’s kind of like a conference between the Student Councils from different elementary schools. From Amu’s school, it’s called Guardians.

    I like how the teacher was folding the airplanes and the shugo charas use the opportunity to get the attention to Kairi!

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