Fairchild’s Raging Domain

unleashing the kid in me! ^o^

Fairy Tail: Chapter 123 February 17, 2009


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Looking back…

Joining forces, the Guild Members gave all of the power they got left and took down the thunder lachrymas Luxus did put up.  The very thing that puts everyone in danger.

Thanks to Erza’s chivalry and the rest of the gang were inspired by it!

This Chapter…

Luxus still refuses to give up despite the fact that his very ace had been toppled before his very eyes.  He tried to exude the power he has left and Natsu seemed to be having trouble keeping up with him.

Then came Gazille.  Little did Natsu knew of his very motive but together they’re joining forces against the idiotic Luxus!

Random Babblings…

Will they be able to take down Luxus for good?  What else could possibly happen after?  How long will Gazille’s dark secrets be unfold?

I’m not so good at elaborating fight scenes that much but I definitely love this manga. It has a great feel to it. It’s humorous, warm, fulfilling and I like every twists and turns Mr. Mashima puts up!


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